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The Pros and Cons of Implementing a New Accounting System in Q4

Accounting software solutions are rising in popularity for companies (of all types and sizes) who want the flexibility and mobility of a cloud-based system with all the features and functionality they need to make sure that business financials and tax details are being properly handled and tracked.

The features offered by accounting software providers are the tools that will help enhance your company’s processes. While your business needs, users, and budget will all work together to help you choose the best system for your business, there are a list of core features offered by most Accounting Software pr...

3 Ways to Maximize Deductions and Make Tax Season Less Stressful for Your SMB

Tax season is here, which can usher in a wave of stress for small business owners. Disorganization and unpreparedness are some of the key reasons that reasons that tax season becomes so stressful and chaotic for small companies. Much of this may not be intentional, but is more a result of the learning curve of runni...

Approximately 93% of small companies overpay their taxes, year after year.

Why Accounting Data is a Great Starting Point for Citizen Data Scientists

Citizen Data Scientists are free to explore any data pathway, as long as it leads to findings that are worthwhile. However, why is it advantageous to begin with Accounting data? Here are 3 reasons why.

De-Skilling In The Accounting Industry: How To Cope?

Ever since the advent of a new form of technology, overheads have been replaced with sophisticated gadgets to reduce costs and time. With every business today relying on some form of automation or digitization, it’s only normal to presume that professionals are tech-savvy, at least to a basic level.

However, the Accounting industry at large is still susceptible to under-skilled workers, or companies that haven’t embraced the maximum potential that the latest Accounting technology can offer. This can negatively impact all the entities that Accountants liaise with, causing a number of issues such as duplica...

Top 5 Business Finance Trends

While everyone is straining for signs of hope in the current economic morass, the fact is that we're in a slump worse than any seen since the Great Depression. It's not hopeless, of course, but there's no use kidding ourselves that things are getting better right now. As Max Gunther wrote in The Zurich A...

Now is the time to see things as they really are, not as you wish they were. So here are the important business trends we see at work right now, without any varnish or sugarcoating.

10 Essential Accounting Software Features

At first glance, it might appear that all accounting software is pretty much the same, offering accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, billing and a variety of other standard components. Yet beyond these core attributes lie dozens of other features, covering a vast array of functions and services. So...

1. Reporting and analysis: Information is power in today's challenging business environment. That's why any accounting program you evaluate must have robust reporting and analysis capabilities. Besides helping users gain insight into crucial financial activities, reporting and analysis functions help compan...