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Top 5 Fleet Management Software Providers

Being in the right place at the right time is arguably one of the most important aspects of running a business of any kind. If you can’t provide your products and services to consumers when and where they want them, success of any type will be tough to come by—and you can kiss a competitive edge goodbye, if your rivals are performing better in that regard.

While this is an important aspect across the board, it’s even more critical for organizations and businesses with their own fleet to dispatch—that’s where fleet management software comes in.

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Find the Best Fleet GPS for Office Use

Using a Fleet GPS tracking system can do wonders for your business. You’ll know where your vehicles are at any instance in time, allowing you to eliminate wasted time. The best routes to desired destinations can be determined instantly, saving you the fuel costs involved with drivers going out of their way or getting lost. Vehicle expenses will go down as well, as you’ll know what your vehicles are being used for and exactly when they’re being used. All of these things are of great benefit, but finding the right company to provide you with the GPS solution right for you can be a challenge. This article will examine some simple steps that will help you to find the provider who is right for your company.

Start your search by looking at your own business. Identify your own needs, and organize them so that vendors can provide as accurate a quote as possible for you. As you analyze your company, focus on questions like these:

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Evaluating Fleet GPS Vendors

Fleet GPS can offer numerous benefits to a growing business. You can use it to track hundreds of vehicles at the same time, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce unnecessary overtime. It also tends to be a substantial investment, so it’s important to choose the best vendor for your company.

The vendor’s website should provide you the system specifications and other information that you need. If it doesn’t, you may have to contact the vendor directly, though you might not want to bother—a bad website reflects poorly on a company.

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How to Select Your Perfect Fleet GPS Vendor

Many small businesses that decide to purchase a fleet GPS system have difficulty choosing a vendor. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to find the best match for your company.

How many vehicles are in your fleet?
Do you want to keep drivers away from specific areas?
How frequently do you want a driver’s location reported?
Do you need to a historical record of where the driver has been?
Do you want the fleet GPS system to be hidden?

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How to Adjust Drivers to Fleet GPS

If you’re installing a Fleet Global Positioning System (GPS) on the vehicles your business owns, dealing with your drivers is going to be a challenge. They’re going to need to adjust to the Fleet GPS system, and you’re going to need to help them.

Your drivers are probably going to feel threatened by the GPS system, and your job as a manager will be to sell the system to them as a benefit rather than a threat. The truth is that your good drivers have nothing to be worried about. Your bad drivers, on the other hand, will be weeded out by the Fleet GPS. That’s not a bad thing, as they’re costing you the reasons the GPS system will be a benefit: time, money, and new business.

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Soft Dollar Savings of Fleet GPS

If a company is going to invest in a Fleet GPS system, there will be interest in the soft dollars saved as a result of the investment. If the figures make sense, the investment is a good one. If the numbers don’t add up, then the investment should be avoided. So, what kind of soft dollar savings can a company expect as a result of installing a Fleet GPS system?

Before that question is answered, it’s helpful to know exactly what is meant by soft dollar savings. This is money that is saved as the result of either not spending at all, or by saving time. With that definition in mind, let’s talk about how a Fleet GPS system can affect a company’s soft dollar savings. While it will be impossible in this article to give an exact dollar figure, it is possible to examine the areas where savings will be realized and then for a company to extrapolate a dollar figure from there.

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Fleet GPS Vendor Selection Checklist

The process of choosing the vendor from which to purchase your Fleet GPS system is perhaps the most difficult part of the process. As a prospective customer, you’ve looked at several vendors and collected notes and information from all of them. Each vendor has its pluses and minuses. The trick is to pull all of the information, good and bad, into a format that allows you to grade each vendor based on what is important to your company. Having a checklist of key points to use in the vendor selection process will go a long way in helping you to determine which vendor to go with.

Let’s take a look at some items that you can include on a checklist. For each vendor, assign a grade to each item. If the checklist works as planned, the vendor that grades out the best is the vendor you would want to give your business to.

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Why You Need Fleet GPS

Fleet GPS has been adopted by small businesses at a rapid rate over the last few years. They use the technology to track the locations of their vehicles in real time and find the fastest route to a destination. These are not the only reasons you need a fleet GPS system, however.

One of the main benefits of fleet GPS is that it will help to keep your fleet of vehicles safe. If a vehicle’s ignition should start without permission, a message alert will be sent to your dispatch team. If the vehicle should then be stolen, you have a tracking device that will show where it is being driven to. The police can use this information to recover your property and bring the thief to justice.

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Do I need GPRS or GPS Tracking?

Maintaining the operation of a fleet of vehicles is a challenging business task. For ease of driving and navigation, as well as monitoring vehicle operations, many businesses employ either GPS or GPRS tracking devices in their vehicles. Both have advantages in terms of functionality, but there are key differences separating the two. If your business is looking to acquire GPS or GPRS tracking devices, consider the points in this article before making your final selection.

GPS (“global positioning system”) is a navigation technology reliant on a satellite system based in space. GPS technology can pinpoint any position or address on Earth. Though it requires multiple satellites (typically three or more) to operate, it can be used practically anywhere around the world, making it extremely accessible and advantageous to businesses with many different geographic locations.

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