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VoIP Trends and Innovations to Embrace in 2021

VoIP phone systems have become a business necessity in recent years, and the number of companies implementing VoIP to achieve the benefits of a reliable, flexible communication system is now growing more quickly as many companies explore the option of operating remotely for the foreseeable future.

In fact, according to Grandview Research, the VoIP industry reached a market size of $69.3 Billion in 2020. VoIP is expected to grow to an impressive 20.4% CAGR, reaching $145.8 Billion by 2024.

5 Best Tools for Minimizing Chaos While Doing Conference Calls at Home

In just the past few months, much has changed in the business realm and more employees than ever are now working from home in the midst of the pandemic. This means that many employees are adjusting to remote work for the first time and finding their new normal while adding work as an element of their home life.

The good news is that, thanks to cloud-based VoIP systems and mobile video conferencing systems, working from home is not just possible, but easier than ever before due to the robust features offerings available in the cloud or via mobile devices.

Cloud Software Must-Haves for SMBs

Cloud software solutions boast an array of small business benefits. But how do you know which solutions will have the most impact on your small company, and which ones should you embrace first for the best results?

Our cloud-based software toolkit contains a series of 3 infographics that outline the cloud software systems recommended most for small comapnies: VoIP and Unified Communications (UC), Contact Center, and CRM.

VoIP vs. UCaaS

In the midst of a global pandemic, communication is more valuable than ever. With many businesses forced to transition to remote work, the need for systems beyond the basic phone line has increased. This has led many businesses to consider Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems and unified communications ...

VoIP has been around for decades and is a popular replacement for traditional phone systems in businesses of all sizes–and for good reason. VoIP allows businesses to make calls over WiFi, which means that it has far more flexibility than physical phone lines. For instance, you can add and remove lines almost i...

How the Cloud Protects Businesses in Times of Global Crisis

Cloud-based business software and systems offer many advantages, such as cost-savings, modern online features, and overall business mobility. Cloud systems can also provide your company flexibility and stability in times of crises and give you the mobile access, tools, and adaptability that your business needs to ac...

With the COVID-19 virus sweeping the world and drastically impacting how life and business function, cloud-based software and systems are sustaining companies who had to make the quick decision to transition to remote work. 

A Quick Move to the Cloud Could Save Your Business

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic impacting people and businesses worldwide, many companies are in a state of uncertainty and flux. The companies that can feasibly move to fully remote operations have begun taking the steps necessary to stay connected and keep business channels flowing as smoothly as possible dur...

This is a sudden and unplanned move for many companies, and businesses are doing the best they can to implement and adjust to the systems they need to keep their companies up and running while maintaining the recommended social distancing protocols recommended by the CDC to limit the spread of the virus. 

Mental Health Checklist for Businesses Living Through Coronavirus

Stress levels tend to rise during times of crisis, and you’re probably starting to feel the strain that the fears and worry over the rapid spread of COVID-19 are causing within your teams and your overall business as well.

It’s very easy to get overcome with panic or internalize worries during a time that is very emotionally charged, so it’s important that you take care of yourself, make sure that your employees are caring for themselves to the best of their ability, and get your business systems in shape to weather the un...

VoIP Security Tips

Growing business adoption of cloud-based software systems is driving the need for more enhanced and sophisticated security measures to protect company communications, data, and systems that a growing majority of businesses choose to operate in the cloud.

And VoIP is certainly no exception.

5G Is Going Mainstream in 2020

5G has created a big buzz in the mobile and business communities over the past couple of years, leaning on the messaging that previously unheard of network speed, downloads, and streaming are coming soon. In 2019, several major mobile carriers began rolling out 5G in test markets, and now that 2020 has arrived, we&r...

5G will boast network speeds upwards of twenty times faster than the current 4G technology. Bandwidth will also see a huge boost (allowing for 1,000 devices per meter on a connection).

Business Communication Disruptors in 2020

Excellent communication is (and has always been) a critical component to establishing and growing a lucrative company. Industry-leading VoIP software providers are embracing this huge business need and are undoubtedly ramping up for an especially innovative year ahead in 2020, offering more tools and features than e...

Cloud-based voice and video software has already revolutionized how businesses communicate and, in turn, how commerce happens around the world. In 2020, new technology and trends will act as major disruptive agents in the cloud communications industry – to the benefit of companies from SMB to enterprise. 

The Changing Landscape of Business Communications

Like a grapevine supported by a stout tree, the growth of business relies heavily on the advancement of technology, with the strongest branches being the innovation of new methods of communication. From pen and paper, to telegraphic messages, to today’s cellular and digital messages, each progression serves to...

With the advent of the internet, professional communication became much faster, with most messages being sent by email. However, email did not completely replace the landline,, which was necessary whenever immediate response was necessary. In this modern age, landlines are sorely outdated. Most domestic landlines ha...

VoIP Tips and Upgrades for Your Busy Holiday Sales Season

If your business experiences a huge rise in sales during the holidays, then you know that thoroughly preparing for this time (which may account for a large portion of your annual sales) is critical to serving an increased number of customers with hopes of creating loyal ambassadors of your brand year-round.

Ensuring that your VoIP system, equipment, and tools are all functioning optimally prior to the holiday rush will help your make sure your business is ready for a new wave of customers.

8 VoIP Tools that Benefit Mid-Sized Companies

Business adoption of VoIP solutions is growing quickly, making VoIP the new standard in business phone communications. VoIP can bring a mid-sized business immense benefits, such as cost-savings, mobility, productivity, and leading communication tools and capabilities for a price that fits nicely into your budget.&nb...

The tools and features offered by VoIP (and how you implement them into your business communications and growth strategies) can be instrumental in creating business benefits and driving growth. Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite enterprise-caliber VoIP tools for mid-sized businesses.

Enterprise Phone Systems: VoIP Vs. IP-PBX

An enterprise company has complex communication needs, and when you’re looking for a solution to power all your big business collaborations, you need to make sure that the system will fully support your business and all your teams. 

But, which type of phone system, VoIP or IP-PBX, will best power your enterprise corporation and give you all the tools and capabilities you need?

7 Ways VoIP Helps Small Businesses Grow

VoIP phone technology is now the most popular business communication system, particularly for small businesses who can reap all the benefits of a robust phone system for a price that fits into a SMB budget.

In addition to being affordable, VoIP also provides small businesses some unique growth opportunities that historically would have only been available for larger companies that could afford elaborate communication services set up on-site. 

How Does VoIP Impact Your Daily Business Workflow?

To support your teams, you must have a communication system in place that meets all your business needs and seamlessly facilitates all the collaboration that takes place to foster success in your business.

Business communication technology has evolved tremendously in recent years, and leverages the connective power of the internet to provide companies with robust communication services that are key to business growth. As a result, many companies are switching from their legacy landline phone system to the more conveni...

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