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Top Tips for Enjoying the Holiday Without Putting Your Business On Hold

Small-business owners, when was the last time you took a vacation? If you scoff at the very thought, if even the idea of setting your phone on silent to spend the day with your family for a holiday makes you anxious, this list is for you. You don’t have to live and breathe your business 24/7/365… with t...

But before we get into how you can take a step back to enjoy the holidays, let’s underline why. Burn out is a very real phenomenon. If you’re not balancing work and family, you’re not balancing your work and your life—you yourself are becoming imbalanced. And that doesn’t sound like an ...

Tops Trends in Social Media Marketing in 2017

Online, social networks have quickly amassed rabid users of their convenient, enjoyable platforms delivering social networking and entertainment. However, social media continues to evolve rapidly and, apart from its social connectivity roots, has recently transformed into a digital marketing force with great potenti...

Here are some of the social media and online marketing trends taking shape in 2017 that you should consider to keep your social media marketing strategy fresh and effective this year.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Companies

As the digital marketing field matures, new tools and new strategies are constantly emerging. Social media is more important than ever for online marketing, and your social media marketing strategy should be as streamlined and efficient as possible to keep up with the Joneses.

Of course, there are more digital marketing solutions, from agencies to analytics, available than ever before. We’re not going to talk agencies today. We’re going to talk about the tools you can put to work for your company to up your online marketing oomph.

The Pros and Cons of Automated Agents

Automating your business processes can have a substantial, positive impact on your company’s productivity and profits. The time you save with fewer manual systems can help your company scale much more quickly, but only if you’re timing is right for making the switch to automated business software and ser...

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are rapidly gaining popularity among businesses who service customers through a call center or contact center environment. An IVR system can be easily integrated with your call center software and other business applications to streamline your operations and help boost your c...

[Infographic] Social Media Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Social media marketing isn’t just the future—it’s an important part of successfully representing your organization now. Social media marketing is a vital element when it comes to building your brand, communicating your organization’s purpose and mission, and improving CRM (customer relationsh...

At this point, whether or not to implement a social media marketing strategy isn’t up for debate—what is, however, is how to go bout it. In the early days of social media marketing, a shotgun approach was favored: try a bit of everything and see what hits. Today, with more advanced analytics and experien...

Social Media in 2017 and Beyond

Social media marketing is still evolving. There’s no such thing as a rut when it comes to marketing on social media… which has a lot of marketers scrambling to figure out what trends are peaking and trying to anticipate which are about to pop.

We can’t possibly predict everything that social media marketing in 2017 will usher in, but there are already some noticeable shifts, and some trends that are visibly gaining momentum.

Marketing Automation Software: The Basics

Marketing success depends upon many factors, but no matter how appealing a campaign may be conceptually, it must be efficient or be at risk of failure. Marketing automation software can increase your marketing strategy’s efficiency significantly, and make it more cost effective in the process.

While many marketing experts understand this, the use of automated marketing software remains fairly low, due to business owners’ unfamiliarity with products and the benefits and advantages they offer.

How to Drive Innovation Through Automation

Just a few decades ago, consumers and companies alike were focusing on hardware: which new phone, which brand of computer, which car would be the best? But that’s not necessarily the case today, in large part simply because the exponential advances in hardware capabilities that helped to make the information a...

We have the storage, the speed, and the networks to accomplish our goals. But innovation doesn’t sleep. If it’s not the hardware that’s fueling it today, what is it? The answer is software. This is a particularly noticeable phenomenon in marketing, right now. It’s no longer about what print a...

High and Low Cost of Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is no longer the new kid on the block when it comes to helping your company maintain a competitive edge. If you intend on keeping that edge honed, you’re probably already dabbling in marketing automation software solutions, or you should be.

Marketing software solutions vary from vendor to vendor in many significant ways:

Changes to Marketing Automation Software in 2017

As marketing tactics, technology, and search algorithms change, business software must also evolve to keep pace with industry trends and offer the very best marketing tools and features you need and expect for your business.

While these changes can bring expanded growth opportunities for your business, you need to manage your time and resources effectively to see the most profit from your marketing endeavors. In 2017, the focus of successful marketing will involve a more personalized approach to converting leads and managing your custom...

6 Email Marketing Best Practices

You’ve probably heard that email marketing is dying or dead—but that’s wrong. Objectively wrong, and recent stats prove it:

So, how should your company be taking advantage of email marketing’s present effectiveness and bright future? Here are some of our tried and true email marketing best practices.

5 Reasons to be Thankful for BI

Data is an important building block of any business. No matter the industry you’re in or the size of your business, you inevitably rely on many different types of data to help you understand how your company is performing, recognize how you can constantly improve aspects of your business, and make informed dec...

For these important business reasons, many business owners are implementing a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) software system to help them store, access, and analyze all their vital business data with ease and precision.

3 Warning Signs Your Marketing Software is Out of Date

It’s no secret that technology has moved at a breakneck pace for the past several decades. That’s rung as true for the marketing sector as for any other—if not more true. Marketing automation, social media, and the mobile revolution: all of these have combined to make updating your marketing softwa...

That’s especially true when you’re switching software or paying for an upgrade, redeploying software, or otherwise incurring costs (whether directly financially or otherwise). We always recommend keeping whatever software you have up to date, of course. When you’re considering whether or not it&rsq...

Best Marketing Automation Vendors

Marketing automation isn’t the wave of the future—it’s a current necessity for any business that intends to maintain or hone its competitive edge. Why is marketing automation software so important in today’s marketplace? There are a few reasons, but two of them stand out.

1. There are many more avenues and channels to consider in designing a comprehensive marketing campaign. That may seem overwhelming, but because many of these channels, like social media and email, are ideal for automated approaches, they don’t have to be.

Q&A: The Top Open Source CMS

Integrating a CMS can help your company organize, store, and share key content necessary to meet all your business goals and marketing initiatives. This powerful system is also capable of streamlining the process of regularly producing and scheduling content pieces, which will help free up valuable time within your teams that can be dedicated in other areas geared toward growth.

Q&A: Best Marketing Automation Tools

Implementing marketing automation software into your business can definitely enhance your marketing capabilities by increasing the efficiency of your campaigns and providing you with deeper analytical insight into what strategies are working well.
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