What is Cloud Computing Accounting Software?

What is Cloud Computing Accounting Software?

A successful business has the best accounting software, accountants, and relevant tools at its disposal to tackle any financial situation that may arise. Internet reliance and cloud based accounting software advantages are quickly making cloud accounting the norm across businesses of all types and sizes. As a result, most all accounting data is now held electronically in cloud accounting software, incorporating state-of-the-art management tools that are a leap forward from physical notebooks and ledgers. 

How is the Cloud Used in Accounting?

Cloud accounting management software is similar to traditional accounting software, only the accounting software is hosted on a remote data center/server. Data is processed in the “cloud” and returned to the user. Cloud accounting software gives businesses game-changing flexibility while reducing costs and providing efficiency.

"The cloud" refers to servers that are accessed using the Internet and the data running on those servers. You can enter information into a single server and have that same information available across multiple channels. This technology is handy when it comes to accounting practice management services too. Cloud accounting software can streamline your accounting system as well as provide a real-time view of your financial data. 

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What is Cloud Accounting with Example?

Cloud accounting refers to performing basic accounting tasks like accounts payable as well as accounts receivable, managing finances, and using software in the cloud, and is often delivered in an as-a-service model. Employees can manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, the general ledger, etc. with the cloud accounting software. Just like other cloud-based systems, cloud accounting software runs on a cloud provider’s platform rather than on a local server. Some benefits which make Cloud Accounting software so much better than conventional accounting software include:


You can move your entire workplace on any platform in a matter of seconds. Most Cloud Accounting software are stored online, which means you can access your online ledgers from any device as long as you have an internet connection.

Advanced Tools

Many calculations, which involve time and proficiency, can now be done virtually error-free and without that much of the hassle that was once involved thanks to the cloud accounting software. If you need specialized tools and integrations for all your business finance processes, an ERP accounting system may be a good option to compare with cloud accounting systems.

Live Updates

Due to the software being on the cloud, two can update data continuously or more people seamlessly which reduces the time considerably when compared to conventional accounting software, which is not online.

Best Cloud Accounting Software Features

When choosing Cloud Accounting Software for your business, it is best to check whether the software solution being provided has all the necessary features, you need or not. If you are reading this article, it means you do not know what exactly to look for in a good Cloud Accounting Software, so here are some necessary features that your Cloud Accounting Software must have.


When editing data in real-time, it is imperative that a power outage or connectivity issue can erase a lot of data being worked upon. It is thus mandatory that your cloud accounting software must have real-time backup options to restore your session as soon as you get back online.

Automatic Reports

Why be at the mercy of human error when you can simply generate reports using cloud accounting software? Reports generated electronically are less prone to computational errors. Some software even suggests error input errors in generating reports for your business strategies. You must look out when choosing Cloud Accounting Software for this important tool, especially if you're looking at inventory in accounting processes.

Automatic Currency and Measurements Conversions

In today’s world, metrics such as currency are changing by the second, and thus it is very important that your Cloud Accounting Software can stay up to modern trends so that you and your business are not left behind in today’s digital frontier.

Ease of Access

Apart from having all these features, the user interface of the software must be as smooth as possible, so you do not have to waste time learning and handling the software. Reports should be able to be seamlessly generated. Calculations and mathematical tools should be applied automatically with minimum need for user input.

Xero and QuickBooks Online (QBO) are the most notable examples in the world of cloud accounting software, which offers all of these features and much more.

Does QuickBooks Use the Cloud?

QuickBooks is an affordable cloud accounting software for small businesses. This is ideal for startups that do not want to invest in too many additional tools but need good cloud accounting software to help them keep them financially sorted.

QuickBooks uses the Cloud to keep you up to date with the rest of the world all the time. Furthermore, it offers other necessary features as well:

Worldwide Access

QuickBooks is available for PC, Mac, and tablets as well as Android. This makes it a universally accessible cloud accounting software. You can manage your finances from anywhere in the world as long as you have a device connected to the internet.

Cash Flow Tracking

QuickBooks also allows you to send custom quotes and invoices to be paid faster. Then track and sort your expenses in one place.

Business Insights

With this cloud accounting software, you can easily create reports and collaborate with your advisor to see how your business is doing and get ready for tax and other deadlines.

Is Cloud Accounting Expensive?

Cloud accounting software is cheaper than desktop applications. It is because of the subscription model it provides allows companies the flexibility to host, allow and limit access to the software and data. Users are more prone to paying at timely spaced intervals to use the software. For example, starting at just $5 per month for a limited time, you can have QuickBooks, a state-of-the-art Cloud Accounting Software for all your business’s financial needs.

If you need a specialized accounting system to fit the needs of a particular industry (like real estate accounting software or lease accounting software), the price can be impacted based on what types of accounting tools you need to fit your business needs. 

It is important to mention that finding a reliable cloud accounting software can be hard and some cloud accounting software may not offer all the features a desktop accounting software has. Even if your business requires basic or advanced performance then cloud accounting software is fitting for you.

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