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Cybersecurity Vs. Endpoint Security Vs. Hybrid Cloud Security

Properly securing your business workloads (whether they function on-site via proprietary servers or in the cloud) and protecting your valuable company and customer data is an absolute necessity for longevity in your business. 

In fact, security is one of the leading business priorities this year and protecting a business in 2021 and beyond is only expected to become more dynamic and complex. 

5 Benefits of Managed IT Services

More companies than ever before are embracing cloud infrastructure, systems, and services to reap the business benefits like mobility, flexibility, and cost-savings. Along with the extensive benefits that come along with running a business in the cloud, though, comes the security risks involved in protecting those s...

As a result, many companies are choosing to leverage managed IT services to boost security, guarantee more business uptime, and defend against threats and data loss. 

4 Tips for Choosing Security Software Systems That Scale Along with Your Company Growth

Along with business innovation and growth comes the complexity of securing data, systems, and operations. With each iteration (from software upgrades to increased cloud functionality), there are added layers of security needed to fully protect your business as you grow.

Picking security options for your organization is necessary to shielding your business and all the data you utilize each day. Developing your safety and security software applications might entail multiple options from the very same vendor, or private defenses for sure element of your company, from different supplie...

3 Reasons Cloud Security is More Important than Ever

Thanks to the availability and affordability of cloud-based infrastructure and business software solutions, the trend toward remote work has been steadily increasing over the past couple of years. Small and medium-sized businesses have been among the largest group of cloud adopters, as cloud software can give these ...

Nearly two-thirds of organizations see security as the biggest challenge for cloud adoption. -LogicMonitor

The Top 3 Companies Pioneering the IaaS Market

Cloud services and infrastructure companies such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure give you all the tools and functionality you need to set up a virtualized computing network for your business. Operating all your business software, applications, and operations in the cloud provides your business with cost-sa...

However, the cloud computing industry covers a wide range of services and functionality that all operate in the cloud. As such, the term “cloud services” encapsulates offerings ranging from infrastructure and full platforms to individual cloud-based software systems. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), P...

Anti-Virus Software Won't Protect Your Business

In today’s era of sophisticated hacks and with unprecedented levels of cybercrime and data breaches occurring, anti-virus software (while necessary) is simply not enough to fully protect your business from threats and data loss.

Anti-virus software works to protect individual devices (such as laptops and desktops) from viruses, malware, and known online threats that can attack and disable your machines. These software programs are absolutely necessary for securing devices, but they only protect the device where they’re installed. Even...

4 Ways AI is Redefining Enterprise Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t necessarily a new technology, but it’s been perceived more as a work of futuristic science fiction than a mainstream approach to improving business operations. That is, until recently. In the past couple of years, AI has made a big appearance in mainstream business as m...

One of the industries that is leveraging AI heavily (and with much innovation) is Enterprise Security. The language and learning capabilities inherent in AI have been built into security suites to enhance protections and create new tools that defend against the very cyber threats that have been so rampant and devast...

The Most Notorious Cyber Attacks Of the Past Decade

From Yahoo! to NotPetya - so much happened in the cyberspace during the course of these 10 years. Here's a flashback.

How to Protect Your Business from Known Cyber Security Risks

Maintaining tight cybersecurity within your business has some standard protocols - and the right security software is one of them.

5 Steps Toward PCI DSS Compliance

The latest in credit-card protection requires a new approach.

Identity Theft: OpenID and What It Means for Web Security

The new open-source identity initiative is finally kick-starting online-identity standards.

Colocation-Center Security Trends

What are colocation datacenters doing to protect your company's assets?

The Essential Guide to NAC

What you need to know about locking down your network.
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