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Top Trends and Innovations Shaping Project Management

Top Trends and Innovations Shaping Project Management

Successfully completing a project is a complex process involving properly managing and tracking all the moving pieces that need to be coordinated seamlessly for a project to not just get done, but to stay on track and on budget. 

The different parts of a project may include collaboration between employees and partners, scheduling meetings, tracking tasks sequentially, minding strict budgets and timelines, analyzing reports, and more. 

Cybersecurity Vs. Endpoint Security Vs. Hybrid Cloud Security

Cybersecurity Vs. Endpoint Security Vs. Hybrid Cloud Security

Properly securing your business workloads (whether they function on-site via proprietary servers or in the cloud) and protecting your valuable company and customer data is an absolute necessity for longevity in your business. 

In fact, security is one of the leading business priorities this year and protecting a business in 2021 and beyond is only expected to become more dynamic and complex. 

VoIP Trends and Innovations to Embrace in Your Business

VoIP phone systems have become a business necessity in recent years, and the number of companies implementing VoIP to achieve the benefits of a reliable, flexible communication system is now growing more quickly as many companies explore the option of operating remotely for the foreseeable future.

In fact, according to Grandview Research, the VoIP industry reached a market size of $69.3 Billion in 2020. VoIP is expected to grow to an impressive 20.4% CAGR, reaching $145.8 Billion by 2024.

4 Signs You’re Ready to Upgrade to HR Software

Human Resources (HR) is all about valuing and empowering one of your most important business assets – the people who work for your company. There is a lot of administrative work and diligence that goes into managing a workforce and making sure they are paid accurately and on time and have access to all the benefi...

HR can quickly become an overwhelming duty when all the tasks and processes are manual or antiquated. This can result in piles of paperwork, hours of administrative work, and even make your business prone to errors in payroll, benefits, and more. 

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