What is Inventory in Accounting Software?

What is Inventory in Accounting Software?

The best accounting software records a business's financial data, including transactions or profit, to understand how smoothly the company runs. Accounting and inventory software has a crucial connection because the inventory deals with storing goods and determines their product value. An inventory is where you can store goods, count the quantity, and determine the selling prices, their actual cost, and the profit each sale will raise. Some businesses have specific software that does all the work for them such as an ERP accounting system that includes accounting as a module alongside all other business processes in a centralized system.

Accounting and inventory software has excellent correspondence because inventory deals with the math of the products and what good or bad they might bring to the business.

However, accounting generally deals with the company's financial status and overall transactions in both incoming (accounts receivable) and outgoing (accounts payable) processes and contexts.

What is the Importance of Inventory in Accounting Software?

Inventory plays a significant role as most people use a combination of accounting and inventory software. It is wise to do so because, with the help of inventory management software, a business can track its products and check all the sales and shipments. 

With accounting and inventory software, it is also possible to calculate the sales made annually or monthly and to understand the annual profit of a business and how well it is doing. Mainly, the inventory helps in the information about how much stock of a particular product remains.

With that data, we can understand which product is in demand or how much product is sold within a given timeframe. This allows the company to arrange the required amount of new pieces per month. Cloud based accounting software advantages are driving more and more companies and accountants to use this type of software for managing and automating financial processes.

Integrating accounting and inventory software can help the company from losing money in making unnecessary new products. With the help of accounting and inventory software, it is also possible to generate accurate financial data reports.

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What are the 4 Types of Inventory Management?

With accounting and inventory software, we can now manage everything digitally. Inventory management deals with the products available, at what rate the products are being sold, and how many pieces of a product will be required for the whole month.

Inventory management is divided into four main types. These types are:

  • Raw Materials
  • Works-in-Process
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Operations
  • Finished Goods

In accordance with the accounting and inventory software, these four groups and their data can be checked and calculated easily.

Raw Materials

Raw materials are used to make the final product our company will sell. A company also needs to ensure that it has all the necessary materials to form new products. With the help of accounting and inventory software, it also becomes easier to manage the raw material stock, alerting the warehouse when to get more raw material from the supplier.


A Works-in-Process inventory means the products that aren’t yet ready to sell. They’re still going through the formation process or aren’t yet packaged for sale. These features in accounting and inventory software can make work a lot easier than employees having to do all the simple tasks.

MRO Goods

Maintenance, repair, and operation are the inventory required in assembling and producing the goods. For example, the molds used in forming products aren’t a part of the product but a part of the MRO inventory.

Finished Goods

Finished goods are the products that are ready to be on the market to be sold. These product numbers can also be shown on the website when a customer is placing an order, indicating how much of this product is left in the stock. It is possible to keep track of the products sold and the ones still present in the finished goods section with the help of accounting and inventory software.

There are also more specialized accounting systems for particular industries such as real estate accounting software and lease accounting software, which have tools and features customized to real estate and property management.

Best Inventory Features in Accounting Software

Accounting and inventory software work together to ensure a company's selling and producing systems run smoothly. With the help of the inventory side of accounting practice management, different parts of product making, storing, and inventory management can be quickly done.

Inventory Tracking

With the help of accounting and inventory software, it is possible to track down the inventory system. Cloud computing accounting software makes sure to keep stock movement and at what rate the inventory is running. How many consignments are sent, where are they on the way, and how many more are ready?

Inventory Value

With the help of accounting and inventory software, it is possible to know the current worth of all the products in the inventory. It mainly deals with the accurate values for any variation that has been, for example, in the raw material section, an increase or decrease in the purchasing price of these goods.

Production and Courier Costs

Accounting management software plays a significant role in managing the company's overall accounts by calculating the money used in the inventory and the rest of the company's finances. Accounting and inventory software should have a feature that helps calculate the recent production and courier costs and any updates made to any of the prices. 

Low Stock Alerts

One of the best and most essential features that an accounting and inventory software should have is the alert for the low stock from the inventory and a set-up system to reorder the stuff that has common stock before it runs out or halts the production rate. A good accounting and inventory software should manage both the inventory side and the finances of the business side.

Multi-Device Functionality

The accounting and inventory software and specifically its inventory side should be able to be accessed on multiple devices like mobile phones, from the company’s accounts department head and the CEO of the company and Inventory Management.

What Accounting and Inventory Software Do Most Accounts Use?

The accounting and inventory software used by different companies should contain the best management features and be good enough to manage finances well. Some of the famous accounting and inventory software used by the companies are:


Xero is considered one of the best software for micro-businesses and has a superficial accounting and inventory management level. It is one of the best accounting and inventory software for beginners having small businesses.

FreshBooks Inventory

FreshBooks is one of the well-known software in accounting and inventory management is the FreshBooks Inventory, which has a month of a free trial, so you can decide for yourself after looking at the results of working with that software.

Which Software is Best for Inventory Management?

The best software for accounting and inventory software s the one that contains management of multiple tasks and systems at a time and has a good outcome.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle Netsuite is considered one of the most efficient accounting and inventory software companies for both large and small businesses. It has a great integrated ERP and CRM and a good accounting and inventory software management system.

Comparing the best accounting software systems can help you see in-depth details on features, tools, and pricing so you choose the best option for your business.

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