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From Mobile to the Cloud – Two PoS Trends that are Here to Stay

The regular PoS terminal has evolved to be one of the most sophisticated aspects of customer service, delivering value that goes beyond merely facilitating transactions. What gives? Here are some of the trendiest features of today's PoS systems.

What’s New with Point of Sales Software in 2017?

Generating sales is at the heart of most every decision you make for your company, and each initiative you implement is likely focused on driving revenue and profits for your business. While there are many factors that contribute to successful sales numbers, something every business owner must decide is how they wil...

Technological innovation, along with mobile and internet connectivity, have changed how companies implement and use modern Point of Sale (POS) software systems, making them more efficient and accessible for both brick and mortar and online companies alike. You can process sales through a POS terminal on site, or eve...

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