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4 Ways Cloud BI Supports Business-Savvy and Sound Decision-Making

Business Intelligence (BI) tools help eliminate guesswork, and empower you with insightful information. Time is one of your most valuable assets, and BI tools help you save time in making decisions. These powerful tools can also help you save time by avoiding uncalculated decisions about your business, and giving you b...

One of the BI advantages garnering much appreciation from business owners and leadership is the ability to make well informed business decisions in much less time than was required in the past. BI software helps guide your decision-making processes by providing deep analysis of your existing sales figures and performan...

4 Ways to Make the Most Impact with Your BI Data Visualizations

Data analysis and reporting are central to understanding your business on a deeper level, while looking for areas of concern and opportunity. With cloud-based BI tools, companies of all types and sizes now have access to powerful business intelligence tools that can be used to improve profits and expedite confident bus...

One of the most compelling aspects of BI software is the ability to create data visualizations that showcase data with powerful imagery that can improve understanding and reveal new insights by looking at data visually versus simply comparing data in numeric-only formats. 

How Big Does Your Business Need to Be for "Big Data"?

The concept of “Big Data” is often mistook my smaller companies as a business building component reserved only for large enterprises. While this was true in the not so distant past, innovations in cloud technology have changed the definitions of data access and analysis substantially.

As a result, data-driven decision-making is at the forefront of business trends. The availability of robust data analytics tools and technology makes it possible for companies of all sizes to better understand and leverage their data for insight and growth. Data is making it’s way into every department, from mark...

AI 101

AI technology is becoming a strong force in the business software industry, and more applications of AI are surfacing as companies begin to embrace it in creative ways that enhance their existing software offerings. 

As a result, more businesses than ever before have access to powerful AI technology that can help automate, streamline, and enhance many aspects of business, from communication to lead gather and business intelligence. 

Big Data and Business Intelligence – What’s the Difference?

Big Data and Business Intelligence are two buzzwords that are used interchangeably. But are we doing these technologies any justice in doing so?

Simple Ways Self-Service Business Intelligence Can Transform Your Business

Self-serving business intelligence is indeed the future; making businesses more robust and fast-paced, there are limitless opportunities in the arena of self-serving BI.

Up Your Numbers Game With Business Intelligence Software

Up Your Numbers Game With Business Intelligence Software

Business success often drives the need for more robust software solutions and tools to support the continued effectiveness, efficiency, and growth of your company. If your business depends upon large amounts of data, then a business growth spurt can quickly propel you to a place where you need a powerful, organized,...

BI solutions can help streamline your business data needs by connecting, integrating, and consolidating all the various data that drives your company forward. The process of selecting and implementing a BI solution, though, can easily become confusing and overwhelming as you try to sift through all the capabilities,...

Top 15 Business Intelligence Trends in 2016

Top 15 Business Intelligence Trends in 2016

In 2012, D.J. Patil and Thomas Davenport famously stated that being a “data scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century.” Four years ago, that may have seemed like hyperbole. Today, it’s a readily accepted fact. Okay, maybe not the sexiest, but it’s definitely up there.

Big data has provided businesses and other organizations with data the depth and breadth of which was unimaginable just a few years ago, and the know-how to put that data to work is extremely marketable. Business intelligence solutions have evolved from an enterprise-level only concept shrouded in mystery into a mus...

11 Top Business Intelligence Tools

11 Top Business Intelligence Tools

There are many factors to consider as you plan the purchase and integration of a Business Intelligence (BI) software solution for your business. You need to make sure the timing is perfect for your business size and budget, and also ensure that the BI solutions you consider will effectively meet your sensitive busin...

There have been many advancements in the BI reporting, BI analytics, and technology offered by the top rated BI software providers. As you make the decision about which BI solution will best support your data needs and benefit your business, consider these key benefits offered by the top rated BI software providers ...

Open Source Business Intelligence

Open Source Business Intelligence

Running a successful business with longevity and growing profits year after year takes serious devotion, creativity, and motivation. While these attributes of successful business growth are undeniable, there is also another factor of ongoing success that often goes overlooked or underutilized by businesses-continual...

However, by using powerful business intelligence (BI) software solutions, many business owners and executive leaders are now becoming extremely data savvy. BI solutions can help enrich your understanding of the key data components that contribute to profitability and gain deeper insight into what those numbers mean ...

Mobile Business Intelligence 101

Mobile Business Intelligence 101

Workforce mobility has increased exponentially, and while the rate of increase may slow somewhat, it will continue to grow. More organizations than ever have recognized the necessity of making timely information easily accessible to their mobile stakeholders.

In fact, doing so has become a key component in an organization’s ability to make better business decisions. Mobile business intelligence tools help them do that.

Business Intelligence Software Trends

Business Intelligence Software Trends

Companies that experience ongoing success and long-term profitability typically have deep insight into the numbers and data that work to shape the future of their business. Historically, data mining and analysis have been complex IT endeavors that could only be accomplished through in-depth, and often quite manual, ...

However, modern Business Intelligence (BI) software has evolved tremendously in the past few years, and is making business data much more accessible, relatable, and usable than ever before. BI is quickly enhancing how businesses can use data analysis to not only look back, but also look forward with more accuracy an...

BI Reviews, Demos & Pricing

Compare Business Products has partnered with Software Advice to narrow things down into a short list of the leading BI software systems. Please review these products and request a free price quote or demo today!

BI in the Contact Center

Business intelligence helps you to identify, develop and create new strategies, and even sales, based upon your client interactions. So, how do you glean through all of that communication for useful nuggets of information that can improve your product, customer experience, service and reputation?

"I Don't Get It": How to Teach Technology to Technophobes

Most technophobia stems from a fear of loss. As a trainer, here's how you can overcome it.

The Top 10 Small-Business Payroll Solutions

Enlisting the aid of a third-party provider, software or online service can help vanquish administrative headaches.

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