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Which Payroll Company is Best?

Which Payroll Company is Best?
Learn about payroll software and see which leading payroll vendor offers the features and pricing you want for your business.

Can I Do Payroll Myself?

Can I Do Payroll Myself?
Learn how you can process payroll in your company with Payroll software features and services.

What is Meant by "Payroll System"?

What is Meant by "Payroll System"?
Learn more about payroll software and see which elements and features are most important for businesses who need a more streamlined option for processing employee payroll.

What Should an HR System Include?

What Should an HR System Include?
Learn more about all the important things that your HR software system should include, from features and functionality to tools and services for employee management.

What is HR and Types of HR?

What is HR and Types of HR?
Learn more about HR software and what types of HR systems may be best for your company's human resources.

The Advantages of Cloud Payroll Software (And the Limitations You Should Know)

The Advantages of Cloud Payroll Software (And the Limitations You Should Know)

Cloud-based payroll software can provide small to mid-sized companies with advantages central to efficiency, costs, and growth. As a result, many companies are opting for SaaS payroll systems rather than outsourcing these responsibilities or managing them in-house with dedicated accounting personnel.

While a cost and user-friendly payroll solution in the cloud can be highly advantageous to all types of companies looking to professionalize their payroll while keeping costs in check and efficiencies high, cloud systems do have some limitations you should know about as you make the decision on whether to make the move...

How to Develop the Perfect Human Resources Software Suite for Your Company

Learn more about how to leverage the Human Resources (HR) software tools and features leading the market and see how you can create the best HR suite for your business.

Payroll Vs. HCM or HR Software

Employees are central to your company’s success, and a vital aspect of keeping your teams happy is ensuring that they’re paid for their work, correctly and on time each pay period. Managing employee payroll and benefits, and properly accounting for these important aspects of your business is key for not onl...

There are several different types of software available that can help streamline your payroll and other HR duties, including:

5 Reasons Your SMB Needs a Payroll Software Solution

Which payroll features are beneficial for your SMB? With so many solutions out there, it can render any business owner spoilt for choice. We simplify it all, over this article.

How to Make the Most of Your Payroll Software Demo

With so many options out there, searching for a Payroll software that's suitable for your business can feel overwhelming. It doesn't have to be, with these tips and tricks!

The Other Green: Paperless Payroll

A growing number of companies are helping the environment — and their bottom lines — by cutting the dead wood out of their payrolls.

Top 10 Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

In the best of times, maximizing deductions is nothing less than smart tax planning. But in today's highly challenging economic environment, taking full advantage of legitimately claimable tax deductions will not only put more money into your pocket, but — in some cases — mark the difference between busines...

When you're calculating your company's expenses this tax season, don't overlook these top 10 business deductions.

How to Pick the Right Payroll Solution

Google the phrase "payroll software" and watch as more than one million hits populate your computer screen. No wonder companies are so confused when it comes to selecting a payroll solution that meets their budget, business objectives and work force composite. "Payroll is a very mature area and is the oldest of all the...

But while it may be the oldest HR activity, the days of manually calculating taxes, insurance, 401(k)s and employee earnings are long gone. Now, companies can choose from a wide selection of payroll options, from outsourcing to Payroll software solutions. Here are some tips to help you pick a solution that's right for ...