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4 Signs You’re Ready to Upgrade to HR Software

Human Resources (HR) is all about valuing and empowering one of your most important business assets – the people who work for your company. There is a lot of administrative work and diligence that goes into managing a workforce and making sure they are paid accurately and on time and have access to all the benefi...

HR can quickly become an overwhelming duty when all the tasks and processes are manual or antiquated. This can result in piles of paperwork, hours of administrative work, and even make your business prone to errors in payroll, benefits, and more. 

How to Develop the Perfect Human Resources Software Suite for Your Company

HR software creates a central system for taking care of all the vital features needed for efficiently handling your workforce. While HR demands will vary by firm (and also by sector), there are particular features that will certainly profit all services, including:

But how do you determine the HR software that will work best for your business and identify the best tools to add to your suite of features for HR, payroll, benefits, and more?

Hackers are Targeting HR Data

The business landscape has shifted to be primarily digital, and most businesses (even small companies) operate online and leverage the cost-saving and feature-packed benefits of using advanced software programs in the cloud. Likewise, this is also where a company’s data lives as well.

This shift has also ushered in a new era of necessary security protections to keep systems, data, and full businesses safe from cybercrime. Security is a huge area of focus in the software space, as vendors strive to create systems that are beneficial to businesses and secure from the known threats. 

5 HR Software Innovations That Are Improving Employee Engagement

Engagement is a business buzzword that’s gaining momentum across many aspects of business. Companies are putting more focus on creating an engaging, memorable, positive experience with customers to ensure that their journeys and experiences with a brand are exceptional and differentiating. 

Likewise, many companies are taking this focus inward to improve the connection employees feel to their job and the company where they work. When employees are connected to their jobs and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in the work they’re doing each day, engagement increases and work and productivity im...

How Outdated Payroll Systems Are Affecting KPIs, Merges And Acquisitions

When it comes to evaluating how successful your company is, what factors do you consider? Most business owners observe individual aspects such as sales, to determine how well they’ve performed during a certain period of time.

However, one such nuance that is underestimated for this endeavor is payroll. A routine business function that pretty much goes through the motion every month, the payroll system of any company is simply seen as a medium to facilitate the payment of salaries, and nothing more.

What’s New with Applicant Tracking?

What’s New with Applicant Tracking?

Depending on how long you’ve been in the job force, you might have memories of stacks of printed CVs and stapler-induced blisters on your hands. Those days, of course, are long over and life is much, much easier for applicants—digitizing the process has made applying to job after job a nearly effortless ...

From application management to interview scheduling, ATS systems are becoming increasingly advanced. They do more than they ever have before, and an upgrade could streamline your company’s workflow, save time and resources, and provide your team with better talent more quickly than you could have ever imagined...

Top 5 Applicant Tracking Features

Top 5 Applicant Tracking Features

When you take a look at the various applicant tracking software solutions that are available, you’ll find that the top offerings are growing more and more feature-rich. That’s a great thing! However, it can also make decision-making difficult. We’ve compiled a list of the top five applicant trackin...

This concise list is a great way to begin evaluating your choices for the applicant tracking system that’s right for you. Once you’ve made a short list of options that meets your needs in these five important areas, your decision-making process will be much more streamlined.

How UC Can Boost Employee Productivity

How UC Can Boost Employee Productivity

Technological innovations are often shaped by business communication needs, and as a result, there are numerous methods and mediums of communication available. While this is extremely convenient for staying connected in an increasingly tech-savvy world, too many disconnected communication methods can also create con...

Many businesses are making the switch to VoIP service and utilizing Unified Communication (UC) systems due to the vast opportunities this technology offers for enhancing collaboration, driving employee productivity, and increasing profits.

How to Hire the Right Employee in 3 Steps

How to Hire the Right Employee in 3 Steps

Today’s job market may favor employers rather than applicants, but a bigger pool doesn’t always mean an easier, more efficient, or more effective hiring process.

We’ve put together a concise guide to how applicant tracking system software can help you reach, recruit, and hire the right people for your organization.

Do You Make These 7 Common Recruiting Mistakes?

Do You Make These 7 Common Recruiting Mistakes?

All too often when companies are seeking new employees, or even a single new hire, decision makers can be swept away by their sense of urgency and find themselves making the following common mistakes. Sometimes, it’s not even being in a rush—perhaps your hiring process simply leaves something to be desir...

These seven common missteps can throw a serious wrench in successful team building. Here’s how to avoid them.

Does Gamification Improve Workplace Learning?

Does Gamification Improve Workplace Learning?

Gamification began as an immersion of human psychology and technology, which is still driving the development of this rapidly growing trend across many industries including; eLearning, business, marketing, health, and customer service.

Gamification is the unique process of applying the principles and framework of “play” and games to increase motivation and engagement, aid in learning and retaining new knowledge or skills, and infuse an activity with fun and competition.

Best Open Source Applicant Tracking Software

Best Open Source Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking software (ATS) refers to software that helps your organization manage its hiring process, and to third party services which provide you with an interface so that they can handle your hiring processes on your behalf.

Open source ATS solutions, which make their source code public, generally fall into the former category. Open source solutions are a great choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and in some cases for larger organizations with their own IT department.

Applicant Tracking Systems: The Key to Efficient Recruiting

The quality of people you hire and welcome into your company as employees can have a drastic impact on the overall success of your business. Without the right people in place, doing roles they love that also further your growth initiatives and goals, it can be quite challenging to scale your business with efficiency...

To find the very best team members for your company, it’s important to recruit for not only experience, but also talent, attitude, and personality. While this is an imperative mission for companies in search of motivated employees, it can also place strain on your human and financial resources as you search fo...

30 Interview Questions You Can't Ask and 30 Legal Alternatives

30 Interview Questions You Can't Ask and 30 Legal Alternatives
You can't ask any questions during an interview: read this list of 30 questions you can't ask and their legal alternatives.

HR Outsourcing Solutions 101

What to look for in an HR service provider, and details on some of the most popular ones

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