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Remote Customer Service: Contact Center Must-Haves for Serving Customers at Home

With the onset of a global pandemic, what was once a choice has become a necessity: remote work solutions. When it comes to customer service and call center employees, it can be challenging to manage a remote and online workforce. Fortunately, Contact Center software makes remote customer service accessible and easy.

Here are some features you should look for when considering the best cloud-based contact center options for your company.

The Role of Contact Center in UCaaS Platforms

Business communications are currently moving to the cloud at an expedited rate. While this trend was already developing quickly, the sudden necessity of remote work tools (in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic) has only quickened an already fast-moving trend to leverage the cloud for secure, robust company collaboration...

Rather than investing in separate software solutions (like VoIP, Video Conferencing, Contact Center, and CRM) to set up full-scope business cloud communications, more companies are choosing to go for a fully integrated, all-inclusive suite of Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) tools.

Elevating the Human Element of Customer Experience with Video Chat

Customers are savvy and understand they have many options to choose form when they’re shopping for any of the numerous products and services offered by companies just like yours. This knowledge translates into very high expectations when it comes to customer service and gives your company an opportunity to stand ...

But, simply offering phone and email support is no longer enough. Modern customers want instant support options that are available to them conveniently, whether they’re on your website or perusing your social channels.

Which Contact Center Features Should Your SMB Embrace First?

Providing an excellent customer care experience is very important in any size company, but when your business is small, it’s vital that you make every customer interaction count for your growing company.

Investing in a Contact Center solution that’s perfectly integrated with your other small business software must-haves (like a VoIP system and a CRM), will give you more robust tools to manage customer interactions and grow your business through customer satisfaction and retention.

The Important Role Your Contact Center Plays in Creating an Excellent Customer Experience

Contact Center software has become much more robust and is very much centered around strategically enhancing a customer’s journey. Modern solutions contain tools that not only help you provide support when needed, but also offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities needed to attract, care for, and retain custome...

The enhancements in Contact Center technology work in tandem with consumer behavior and expectations, and customers themselves have access to more technology than ever before, so they’re changing as well. They’re savvy and not only expect an amazing customer journey…they demand it.

5 Most Influential Contact Center Trends and Business Benefits

While the overarching importance of customer service has been a main business component for decades, technology and customer savviness are changing the service industry as a whole- and creating a new set of customer expectations.

As a result, contact center solutions are becoming more advanced each year, which means you can expect to see tools and features that are highly tailored to improving your customer journey from sales to service.

Conversational AI and the Future of Customer Communications

The fact that robots are capable of attending to customer quandaries is an understatement. Here's how AI and its subset technologies are making it all happen.

Holiday Customer Experience Showdown: B2B Vs. B2C

How do service needs differ between B2B and B2C companies, during the holiday season? We discuss some key giveaways, and how you can optimize your service standards no matter what you specialize in.

Why is Multilingual Support Important in the Contact Center?

Why is Multilingual Support Important in the Contact Center?

In recent years, customer experience has become a leading business initiative, and many companies are investing in new, innovative customer satisfaction strategies and contact center technology to support their customer-driven growth goals.

But the business landscape is shifting, and multilingual customer support is quickly becoming a necessity to compete in a hyper-connected, global market. To stay relevant, grow your business, and deliver a great customer experience to all your diverse customers, you need to offer support in the native languages of a...

What is SIP Trunking?

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a protocol for streaming communication, including voice, video, and other media in real time. There are multiple services and applications which can make use of this protocol, which is used to transmit information between multiple end points. What makes SIP particularly useful fo...

SIP is, essentially, a VoIP service. But it offers users the chance to transmit much more than simple audio. Not only is it possible to conduct real time video conferencing between two points using SIP, it’s also possible to simultaneously transmit files and share screens. This makes SIP a fantastic choice for...

What Contact Center Features NOT to Purchase

What Contact Center Features NOT to Purchase

Contact center functionality is expanding rapidly. Whereas an inbound call center and an outbound one were typically two separate operations several years ago, you’ll almost never see a company that requires the use of both separate the two systems. There’s simply no need to, with today’s comprehen...

With so many incredible features and changes in the contact center industry, it can be difficult to sort out what to purchase—even when everyone’s telling you. Do you need a predictive dialer? How extensive does your data integration need to be? These are questions you can answer yourself, because they&r...

Auto Attendant Features Every Small Business Needs

Auto Attendant Features Every Small Business Needs

One of the best features offered by the majority of VoIP providers (often at no additional charge for business accounts) is an auto attendant, or virtual receptionist. When you call a business or organization and are professionally greeted by a recording that aids you in reaching the correct person or department for...

Virtual receptionist software is a must for businesses regardless of size. While their usefulness for enterprise level organizations is obvious, they’re perhaps even more essential for small businesses that must work additionally hard to ensure that their staff requirements remain lean and that they make a pos...

Top 3 Reasons to Stop Using PBX

Top 3 Reasons to Stop Using PBX

If you’re still using a PBX (private branch exchange) telephone system in your office—it’s time to stop.

You might be thinking, “if it’s not broken, why fix it?”

Tips for Training Remote Call Center Agents

Tips for Training Remote Call Center Agents

Many businesses are hiring remote workers or allowing employees to work from home so they can save on expenses and boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Call center software, paired with the connective power of the internet, offer a great opportunity for businesses to successfully employ and manage their rem...

While a remote workforce is extremely beneficial to both companies and employees, it can be challenging to properly train, motivate, and monitor your agents when you don’t spend time working together in person. You can use these tips to ensure your remote agents are fully trained and engaged in their virtual c...

The Secret to a Successful Remote Call Center

The Secret to a Successful Remote Call Center

The digital revolution, and all of the incredible, affordable technological functionality it’s delivered to businesses large and small, has made it possible for many entrepreneurs to set out on new ventures. Many small businesses work out of the owner’s home—many have as few as 1 to 3 employees. In...

While expansion is sometimes necessary, third-party solutions are frequently the better bet for small businesses. Vendors have recognized the booming small business and work-from-home market, and are eager to provide customizable, scalable services at reasonable costs. This is particularly true when it comes to virt...

The Benefits of an International Call Center

The Benefits of an International Call Center

Customer service is an extremely important business initiative. Historically, many companies have relied upon on-site call centers to quickly serve their customers and address questions and needs with top quality service. However, the evolution of the internet and innovations in technology have opened up more option...

Many businesses are making the switch to a contact center software solution because it offers business an affordable, yet robust, customer service technology packed with beneficial features designed to delight customers.

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