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Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software: Does Your Practice Need it?

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital record containing a patient’s medical history, including allergies, health history, medications, and more. An EHR represents a running history of a patient’s care, across various healthcare providers and creates a comprehensive record of the patient’s hea...

While the medical records industry is trending away from the distinction between the two, the fact remains that EMR and EHR represent different depictions of a patient’s health and history. 

Top Trends in Medical Billing Software

Top Trends in Medical Billing Software
Learn more about the key trends influencing the medical billing industry, software, and regulations.

How Electronic Medical Records are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

How Electronic Medical Records are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

EMR (electronic medical records), also known as EHR (electronic health records) are here to stay. They’re the obvious digital solution to maintaining patient data over time and from facility to facility. Despite their advantages, reactions to the current EMR technology has been mixed.

While most medical professionals wouldn’t wish to transition back to paper-only records, and agree that EMR helps to improve safety, decrease the potential for medication errors, and help to facilitate collaboration with other clinicians, there are still issues with adoption.

The Ethical Dilemma of EMR Software

The EMR (Electronic Medical Records) market, a child of the world of technology but joined at the hip to medicine, has brought together two different views or connotations of ethics and professionalism. On the one hand the technology vendor plays in the rough and tumble world of high technology where the mantra is to s...