What Should I Look For in Accounts Payable Software?

What Should I Look For in Accounts Payable Software?

What is Accounts Payable Software?

The best accounts payable software helps you manage your business payments and financial transactions. Accounts payable software automates these payment processes based on instructions customized to each business’s requirements. It automates the AP process of controlling and managing cash expenditures, receiving invoices, and paying vendors and suppliers.

Accounts payable software reduces the manual labor or effort required for these AP activities and helps the business operations run more smoothly. Accounts payable and accounts receivable software minimizes the chance of human error and simplifies these complex activities, increasing the business's efficiency and productivity.

Accounts payable software can be integrated with other accounting modules of ERP accounting systems as the Account Management Software may include AP features. Still, it is possible they might not have the feature to handle complex AP activities. This is where accounts payable software comes in handy.

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Benefits of Accounts Payable Software

Streamlined Processes

By reducing manual administration required, accounts payable software makes the entire process more accurate and lessens the chance of human error. It also gives the employees time to focus on value-added activities.

Faster Revenue Cycle Times

Automating the AP workflow process using cloud computing accounting software translates into a lower Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), which means faster cycle time. The accounts payable software dashboards enable the user to have a real-time view of the entire invoice processing and fasten up the AP activities, which are usually the most time-consuming, for example, invoice validation, invoice matching, other invoice-related data entry, etc.

Improved Interdepartmental Collaboration

Accounts payable software is a cloud-based accounting software with advantages like a centralized database and simultaneous real-time access to data; it increases coordination and real-time collaboration between departments.

Advanced Analytics

With its customizable dashboards, Accounts payable software can help the user gain better insights and analytics on the payment cycle. It helps in better organization of history payable data.

Eased Compliance with Standards

Accounts payable software also makes it easy to ensure adherence to regulations and standards since all the data is now stored in an electronic archive. It also makes for an easy audit trail that you can customize to your business needs and industry. For example, if you have a real estate and property management company, you may want to look at real estate accounting software and lease accounting software to identify the best features for your industry.

The Best Accounts Payable Software Features

Automated Expense Management

Accounts payable software helps you manage and track your expenses in a few clicks.

Invoice Management

Accounts payable software can be used for invoice capturing and processing. It makes the payment and tracking of all invoices easier. Early fees also help the business earn discounts.

Artificial Intelligence

Accounts payable software is AI-driven management software. It uses this AI technology to automate the processes. It helps create a paperless environment for your accounting management software systems and processes.


Any good accounts payable software has an integration feature. It allows the business to seamlessly integrate its existing accounting software and ERP systems with the accounts payable software.

Data Visibility

Accounts payable software gives more accessible access to insights and analytics, increasing data visibility. By having this bird’s eye view, the business can ensure transparency and reliability in its processes.

What is an AP Automation Tool?

Accounts payable software essentially uses the AP Automation tool. It is the technology used to handle the accounts payable processes digitally. AP automation streamlines and automates the process, allowing the accounts payable software to manage payments and transactions through a single platform.

What is SAP in Accounts Payable?

SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products. SAP FI is a Financial Accounting module of SAP ERP and holds high importance. Account Payable is a sub-module of SAP FI. With its AP automation technology, Accounts payable software adds value to the SAP system.

This SAP FI module helps manage invoices, approvals, payments, or accounts payable activities. Few of the processes and components that SAP Accounts Payable focuses on are vendor data master, invoicing, and payment management. This SAP FI module of accounts payable software is responsible for the comprehensive management of invoices and payments.

How to Choose the Best Accounts Payable Software?

Accounts payable software is a component vital for the smooth running of business operations, so it is essential to find the best fit for your organization. Accounts payable software can empower you as a business to have better control over your financial processes and inventory in accounting. To avail of the benefits of this automation technology, you have to ensure the best pick of the accounts payable software.

A few things you have to look for in accounts payable software are as follows.

  • Determine your business needs and requirements. It is necessary to find what kind of intricacies are involved in your invoice processing.
  • Finalize your budget.
  • Research different accounts payable software options and compare the best accounting features and pricing.
  • Ensure that the accounts payable software can adapt and support various invoice processing scenarios.
  • Ensure that the accounts payable software can be integrated with the current ERP systems.
  • Check for the sustainability of the accounts payable software and your business as well  
  • Look for the customer experience/ user experience of the accounts payable software.

Best Accounts Payable Software

Some of the best accounting practice management software and tools include:


FreshBooks offers an accounts payable software is a popular choice among small businesses.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a complete accounting solution and brings efficiency to your account payables management. It is an ideal choice as an accounts payable software, especially for small business owners.


QuickBooks is also famous as accounts payable software among small enterprises.

Each accounts payable software has its functionalities and strengths. You have to find the right fit for your AP landscape by comparing the best accounting software. It can prove to be quite beneficial for the company.

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