Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking Systems to Manage Your Fleet

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking Systems to Manage Your Fleet

The best GPS fleet tracking systems have been adopted by small businesses at a rapid rate over the last few years. They use the technology to track the locations of their vehicles in real-time and find the fastest route to a destination. However, these are not the only reasons you need a GPS fleet tracking system.

What Is GPS Fleet Tracking System?

GPS fleet tracking systems use telematics to collect data from vehicles in your fleet and other assets to give you a real-time overview of the operation. Using a GPS tracking device attached to the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port, fleet managers and business owners can have a complete overview of their vehicles. GPS fleet tracking software can intelligently interpret the data received and provide the appropriate staff members with user-friendly dashboards and alerts. 

This data can help business owners make informed decisions about operations to maximize efficiency. With GPS fleet systems, your drivers can also be more accountable for how their time is utilized. 

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What Are the Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking?

Here are some key benefits offered by GPS fleet tracking systems that has made it a popular choice among businesses. 

Maximize Fleet Utilization

One of the main benefits of GPS fleet tracking is that it will help keep your vehicles safe. If a vehicle’s ignition should start without permission, a message alert will be sent to your dispatch team. If the vehicle should then be stolen, you have a GPS fleet tracking device that will show where it is being driven to. The police can use this information to recover your property and bring the thief to justice.

Better Time Management

A second advantage of GPS fleet tracking is the amount of time it can save your employees. If a driver should come across heavy traffic or construction, it can immediately direct them to the next best possible route. Most GPS fleet tracking systems can alert them that traffic is ahead and give them sufficient time to avoid it.

Lower Fuel Costs

You can also significantly lower fuel costs with a GPS fleet tracking system. Your drivers will spend less time idling since the system will send out an alert whenever they do this too much. You can also plan the most efficient route to your driver’s destination and shave off miles from each trip.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Vehicle diagnostics, fuel level indicators, and engine temperature indicators are some of the valuable tools provided when using GPS fleet tracking software. These features will ensure that your fleet vehicles can be repaired and maintained as indicated to avoid any significant unexpected maintenance costs. Timely alerts will be delivered for routine maintenance requirements. These types of regular maintenance will ensure that your drivers and your vehicles won’t face any unexpected breakdowns that can endanger their safety while on the road. 

Improve Fleet Security

GPS fleet tracking systems offer better security for your crew by alerting them of any wrong turns and signs of danger. Your fleet crew can find appropriate places to rest thanks to GPS fleet tracking systems that keep them on schedule. Customers can also be alerted when one of your vehicles has been dispatched to their locations and can alert them of your arrival using GPS fleet tracking software. This can ensure that there are no unauthorized entries and exits by your fleet. 

Tracking Your Fleet in Real-time

Here’s another reason you need to buy a GPS fleet system: employee timesheets will be more accurate. They won’t be able to pad the time they worked since you’ll have specific information about when their vehicle arrived or departed a work site. This might be ten minutes here or there, but it can add up quite a bit each month. A side benefit of GPS fleet tracking is that this can reduce the amount of unnecessary overtime.

Better Route Planning

Fleet GPS can also help your drivers to find challenging and obscure locations. If a customer’s home is hidden away in the hills, they will have step-by-step instructions on how to reach it. This can save a great deal of time in many cases and free up your drivers for more work when the job is completed.

Better Customer Service

Another reason you need GPS fleet tracking software is that you can significantly improve the quality of your customer service. If a client wants to know when the driver will arrive, you can give them an accurate estimate. Your drivers will also tend to show up faster at job sites since they will take more efficient routes. Your customers will be happier, and you’ll have a better chance for repeat business.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

GPS fleet tracking systems provide an all-around tracking system for insurance providers to understand your fleet. It will help insurance companies assess the risk factors, such as changes in driver behavior or route changes, to ensure that the best drivers are handling your vehicles. The best GPS fleet tracking software is a plus point for insurance companies. Hence, you may even be eligible for specific discounts when your vehicle is covered by a GPS fleet tracking system. 

GPS fleet tracking systems are excellent tools to use in case of theft. Relevant departments can be alerted immediately to speed up the recovery of the vehicle. 

Integrate GPS Fleet Tracking with Other Enterprise Solutions

Your ERP, supply chain, and logistics management systems can be integrated with a GPS fleet tracking solution for a streamlined approach to business. Shipment delays and any disruptions to your fleet due to breakdowns or theft can be immediately recorded and the customers can be notified to improve transparency. 

What Is the Best Software for GPS Fleet Tracking?


Fleetio is a comprehensive GPS fleet tracking system that gives your business all the freedom to better manage your fleet. With a growing worldwide customer base, Fleetio provides scalable GPS fleet tracking software that can be tracked from anywhere using their cloud-based GPS fleet tracking software. 

Compare the best GPS fleet tracking software to find the right partner to manage your fleet. 

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