How to Adjust Drivers to Fleet GPS

How to Adjust Drivers to Fleet GPS

If you’re installing a Fleet Global Positioning System (GPS) on the vehicles your business owns, dealing with your drivers is going to be a challenge. They’re going to need to adjust to the Fleet GPS system, and you’re going to need to help them.

Your drivers are probably going to feel threatened by the GPS system, and your job as a manager will be to sell the system to them as a benefit rather than a threat. The truth is that your good drivers have nothing to be worried about. Your bad drivers, on the other hand, will be weeded out by the Fleet GPS. That’s not a bad thing, as they’re costing you the reasons the GPS system will be a benefit: time, money, and new business.


A Fleet GPS system is going to keep your drivers on route and on time. When dispatching to a service call, the driver nearest to the destination can be sent. Not only will time be saved, but your company will also save on fuel costs. Good drivers will stand out in the system. Drivers who are running behind or are off route will be seen as well.


How is the Fleet GPS system going to save you money? Your drivers will want to know. Let’s examine that by looking at how bad drivers can bleed money off of your bottom line, including:

  • Speeding and accidents
  • Extended lunches
  • Driving off route
  • Stealing or selling your fuel
  • Stealing or selling your cargo
  • Running late
  • Spending too much time idling
  • Reporting incorrect work hours

The Fleet GPS system will very quickly point out which of your drivers are excelling and which are not. As you then begin to trim the fat, there will be more cash available to reward those drivers who are doing a good job.

New Business

If a new customer calls in, sending one of your drivers to the call is as easy as looking at who is closest and then dispatching them. You won’t be asking your drivers to adjust their behavior to squeeze in additional calls. This will make your drivers very happy. As with the money benefit noted above, if you pass along some of the profits that come along with the new business to your drivers, your workforce will be happy, loyal, and motivated.

Sell It

As stated earlier, to get your drivers to buy into the Fleet GPS system and not be leery of it, you’re going to need to sell it to them. Demonstrating to them why it is a benefit and not a threat will be key. Again, good drivers have nothing to be worried about. If they can see the rewards to the system, then you’ve done your job. There are other benefits besides the ones listed here. Tailor your presentation in such a way that will work best for your employees.

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