Which Payroll Company is Best?

Which Payroll Company is Best?

Which Payroll Company is Best?

Payroll can be difficult and complex to complete on your own, particularly when you have more than a few workers. Leading payroll software can help you deliver payment, estimate employee pay and send needed tax forms. 

According to reports from the IRS, around 40% of SMBs pay $845 on average per year as a penalty.

Payroll systems help you manage and automate the more challenging payroll and tax work and keep you informed about the latest updates on any legal requirements for your country so that you can be more focused on running your business. The ideal payroll services will provide an automated solution that gathers up employee time, processes Payroll after calculation, and involves free end-of-year tax fillings.

This all-encompassing term “Payroll” comprises both payroll software that helps you process Payroll yourself and the outsourced services will address all of the Payroll tasks on your behalf. It eases up the worry about whether a business is doing Payroll correctly or not and assists you manage the tasks effortlessly and without a huge team for work completion. 

If you run or own a business with a team of employees and have been doing Payroll yourself, then it might be the right time to think about a professional payroll processing company. The good news is that looking for the best payroll service for your business should not be perplexed because what these companies offer is pretty simple:

1.     Prepare the needed and periodic tax statements and tax payments. They also produce year-ending reporting regarding tax filings, including 1099s and W2s.

2.     Divvy up payments and either print a physical check or transfer money into workers' accounts for you. Although the payroll service is straightforward, there can still be some complicating factors that you must remember while making your choice of payroll software or service. 

With so many to choose from, finding the best service that meets your requirements can be challenging, so We researched these top payroll companies to help find you the ideal fit for your business. We looked at features and tools, quote-based price pros, costs, and customer support to determine the best online payroll services for small businesses. 

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Which Payroll Company is Best?

An online payroll service can best serve you in automating Payroll and managing risks. Each of these companies below offers a unique solution.

  • Paychex – perfect for experienced payroll teams
  • Gusto – perfect for distributed workforces
  • OnPay – perfect for simplification of the processes
  • Square Payroll – best to make payments to contractors
  • QuickBooks Payroll – perfect for small teams and solopreneurs
  • Patriot payroll
  • Wave payroll

These companies are winners at managing common payroll tasks like new-employee reporting, scheduling, and security. These perform incredibly in tax management, reports, employee use, and ease of administration. Keep reading to choose which solution is best for you.  


Paychex is a great payroll option catering to freelancers and 1099 contractors. It's a powerful cloud-hosted payroll service that handles tax obligations and payroll processing and caters to several SR-related services. The Paychex Flex platform is reachable online or through mobile apps on Android or IOS devices. You can pay anybody through Paychex, including freelancers, 1099 contractors, and W-2 workers. Paychex provides plans suited for businesses of all sizes, making it an ideal option for businesses looking for a payroll processing partner they can level up with. Paychex caters to three service packages and customizable payment plans, including prepaid debit cards, paper checks, and direct deposits.

With Paychex running, Payroll is extremely simple. All you have to do is enter your workers' salaries and pay rates, keep a check on how many hours they worked, and then submit your Payroll for payment processing. It pays your employee via pay card, direct deposit, or printed check. You can review paystubs before sending the payments to make sure paychecks are correct. Paychex pre-check feature allows the users to choose how they want to be notified, such as via smart speaker, a smartwatch, or email, to review their paystub.

Lately, Paychex has started offering a self-service tool to its employee that assists in setting up their Paychex Flex platform fast. Existing employees invite new employees, which gives them access to the Paychex system and permits them to fill out their W-4 forms and sign up for direct deposits. Employers can track their workers' COVID-19 testing status and vaccination with the Paychex Flex platform. 

Paychex offers three pricing plans: Go, flex select and flex enterprise.

1.     Paychex Go is the lowest-cost Plan that includes payroll tax preparation, payroll processing, new-hire reporting, and attendance & time tracking.

2.     Paychex Flex Select is an amendment to the Paychex go Plan. Onboarding support, pre-employment screening, labor compliance poster kits, wage garnishment services, and paper checks to pay employees.

3.     Flex Enterprise plan is designed for big companies with rambling HR departments. It offers large companies the most granular control over the administration department. It gives companies the ability to manage to onboard, hire, recruiting and adds HR administration tools, custom reports, and custom analytics to the package.

Paychex solo helps businesses save on self-employment taxes by establishing your business as an S-corporation and making it easy to pay yourself a payment. Tax benefits of being an S-corporation include: easier to manage paychecks, direct tax payment from your paycheck. Deduct your salary to minimize your taxable income.

Square Payroll

Square Payroll is a cloud-based solution that is ideal for contractor payments. Suppose you own a graphic design company or a construction business and most of your contracts are with independent contractors or freelancers. In that case, you need a full-fledged online payroll plan such as a Square payroll contractor plan that doesn't require any base fee. The company pays $5 per contractor every month. You can pause the payments anytime, making it a good choice for employers who work with contractors per month or people on seasonal contracts.

Also, Square Payroll synchronizes with the whole suite of Square products. Contractors can use Square’s point of sale app to clock in and out, automatically synchronizing with the Payroll to make Payroll processing a breeze. Square offers the option to the employees to set themselves up in the payroll system. It sends out 1099 forms to the contractors yearly and files the company's 1099-MISC tax form with the IRS. Square Payroll works best for seasonal work. No in-depth reports and analysis are offered as you get with Paychex. And Square presently covers only 19 states; thus, if you are not living in one of them or working with the employees remotely, you will have to look for another payroll provider. Since you pay a contractor per month, you don't need that much reporting but a cheap online payroll service; in short, you need Square.

Patriot Payroll

Owned by an Ohio-based company, Patriot payroll is comparatively affordable payroll software with transparent pricing and an easy setup. Patriot payroll is particularly designed for small businesses and presently offers two plans: Full-service Payroll and Basic Payroll. The full-service Plan involves tax filings and deposits, making it ideal for small businesses to cover Payroll for around 100 employees. But as compared to its competitors, it charges extra fees for particular services and doesn't cater to customizable reports. Basic Plan doesn't offer remittance and tax filling.

Patriot payroll is chosen for intuitive, easy navigation, and the cost comprises a complete program setup. The software works on all devices; thus, no particular mobile app is required. Optional HR modules and time & attendance modules are also available, incorporating the payroll app. Although Patriot payroll doesn't offer a massive range of extras, small businesses that need an easy way to pay workers and payroll taxes will love this simple payroll solution. Patriot's full-service payroll plan is one of the cheapest solutions among all the other payroll companies to keep costs reasonable.

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks online payroll by Intuit offers small and big businesses Payroll and relevant tax services. This cloud-hosted service doesn't require the users to install and set up any software. As a business owner, you can process Payroll by logging in to the system, reviewing and paying payroll taxes, and viewing in-depth labor reports. In contrast, your employee can view his pay history, paystubs, and PTO accruals. 

Core, Premium, and Elite are three service plans available in QuickBooks Online – They all allow small business owners to file taxes and run Payroll automatically. The plans offer health benefits from SimplyInsured, a workforce portal, project management, employee time tracking, and project management. The multiple service plans of QuickBooks tackle payroll processing and tax preparation. They offer:

  • Core Plan – includes health insurance, employee benefits such as compensation management, automatic payroll options, and next-day direct deposit. 
  • Premium Plan – you get the Core plan’s features and access to the HR support center, same-day direct deposit, expert setup review, and mobile time tracking. 
  • Elite Plan – offers project tracking, customized setup, and a tax penalty protection.

The core plan runs at $22.50/month, the premium plan runs at $37.50/month, and Elite Plan runs at $62.50/month. All pricing reflects an initial 50% discount for the first three months, with a $4 per employee fee added to the base price. (fool.com) QuickBooks is a flexible payroll service that can match the needs of any small business seeking an online payroll company.

Wave Payroll

Wave accounting and payroll is an easy-to-use payroll solution and serves as the best option for pricing since they have flat rates, according to your current state, rather than increasing the cost by tiers of features. It works in tandem with Wave's software for free invoicing, accounting service, and receipt capturing – giving small-business owners a reliable accounting solution to manage their finances.

This cloud-based payroll service stores your data on Wave’s accounting servers and transfers it to your platform via the cloud. You sign up for the wave payroll account and then log into your account by using the Wave website. Wave payroll offers various integration options. This accounting software provides unlimited bank and credit card connections, income & expense tracking, and the freedom to offer your bookkeeper or accountant access to your platform. 

It also provides integration with Etsy, Shoeboxed, and PayPal. Besides seamless integration, wave payroll offers transparent pricing. For the countries that get tax administration with their Payroll, it charges $35 as a monthly base fee and $6 per employee or contractor per month. For locations where Wave doesn't provide tax administration, the wave Payroll monthly base fee is $20, plus $6 per employee/contractor.

Who is the Number 1 Payroll Company?

ADP is the biggest and probably the best-known payroll company in the US. It offers services to companies ranging from small businesses having few employees to multi-national enterprises exceeding 1,000+ employees or more.

ADP has a strong reputation as a champ in the payroll industry. ADP offers super-efficient tools and robust integration features for big businesses, including those operating in multiple locations or those in highly-regulated industries. ADP provides specified payroll platforms for small, medium, and large businesses. It offers four plans for businesses. That includes:

1.     Essential Plan: Companies are offered direct deposit payment, employee self-service portal, paper checks, prepaid debit cards, and direct deposit payments. It also offers payroll and onboarding reporting. This Plan also features a small business marketing toolkit and new-hire onboarding tools.

2.     Enhanced Plan: a plus version of essential Plan. It offers state unemployment insurance management and options to run background checks on new hires and the ability to post jobs on ZipRecruiter.

3.     Complete Plan: you get an employee handbook wizard, applicant tracking, HR Forms and documents, 5 background checks per year. With this Plan, a team of HR experts is also assigned to businesses to serve as advisors and offer guidance on human resources-related queries.

4.     HR Pro Plan: it offers HR help desk support, better employee handbook support, sexual harassment prevention training, employee training, and legal assistance. 

How Much is ADP Payroll per Month?

ADP payroll per month pricing begins at $59 per month and $4 per employee for Essential Plan. Companies can request a price quote on the company's website, and sometimes introductory rates are offered. The sales rep can provide the Enhanced, Complete, and HR Pro plan pricing details.

However, they have stated that pricing for a business paying 10 employees would likely start at around $150-$180/monthly, depending on the Plan and additional services purchased. (fool.com)

What is the Cheapest Payroll Service for Small Businesses?

Pricing depends on the size and type of your business. These are the cheapest payroll services providers for small businesses. 

  • Gusto – perfect for every small business
  • OnPay – perfect for business owners and works on multiple devices
  • Square Payroll – ideal for retail and foodservice businesses
  • SurePayroll – best for security-related businesses.
  • Patriot Payroll – ideal for small businesses growing super-fast.

How Do I Start a Small Payroll Service?

Besides the number of employees in your company, setting up a payroll system that organizes and smoothens your ability to stay focused on your responsibilities as an employer is crucial. Moreover, it helps save you from getting expensive IRS penalties and saves time. These are the steps to start a small payroll service:

1.     Get an EIN – An employment identification number from Internal revenue services, also named Employer Tax ID, helps in reporting taxes and other important documents to the IRS. You can get EIN by contacting IRS directly.

2.     Find out what IDs do you need – new overtime rules are different for every state and local government. Thus, you must know what state or local IDs you have to have.

3.     Make sure you can differentiate between an independent contractor and an employee. It’s crucial to know because it affects how an employer deducts income taxes and pays Medicare and Social Security taxes.

4.     Complete the paperwork – all new employees are bound to complete the W-4 form. They must submit this form to the employers to know the actual federal income tax to withhold from employees' pay.

5.     Choose a pay period – you must set up a monthly or bi-monthly pay period. Many countries favor bi-monthly payments. Furthermore, the IRS mandates that employers retain income tax for that period even if the employee didn’t work the entire period.

6.     Select a payroll system for your business and familiarize yourself with the software, tools, and features. 

7.     Start running Payroll after collecting the needed information and forms. You can do it by yourself or give the data to your bookkeeper.

8.     Submit tax reports to the authorities. You can use IRS's Employers Tax Guide for guidance on federal tax filing requirements. 

Is Selling Payroll Services Hard?

Learning how to do your own Payroll can be challenging. Many things can go wrong, and your single mistake can affect the well-being of your workers, and you can possibly get penalized by the IRS. Once after learning Payroll completely, everything will fall into place.

Similarly, Payroll processing is an incredible service and is extremely easy to sell when you get the flex. You should start with pitching payroll processing to the customers who have twenty or more employees to make a difference in the industry and save them some money.

The payroll process doesn't have to be a problem, but it needs some work, a lot of focus, and serious attention to the details. Make sure you contact the IRS online with questions you have and become sagacious at keeping records to help your business payroll system run smoothly with fewer hiccups.

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