The Advantages of Cybersecurity KSU

The Advantages of Cybersecurity KSU

The best cybersecurity software protects information, systems, networks, and devices against cyberattacks, identity theft, and email spoofing using the software. Latest research surveys have revealed a pattern of growing online fraud and cyber attacks, making the use of cybersecurity monitoring software a prime need of the hour.

While this has to do with the increased usage of public Wi-Fi and unidentified devices for work purposes by employees working remotely or in a hybrid work model, the increased sophistication and complexity of cyber risks can not be denied.  Comparing the best cybersecurity software also shows an uptick in adoption across many industries looking for business data and system protections.

In light of the immense demand for zero trust cybersecurity software and trained personnel with extensive knowledge in the field, the prestigious institute of Kennesaw State University based in Georgia started offering a major in Cybersecurity KSU. This article explores the details of degree programs, admission requirements, and the importance of enrolling in Cybersecurity KSU. 

What is Cybersecurity KSU?

Cybersecurity management software is a computer program that improves the overall security of information, devices, and networks against intrusive cyberattacks, unauthorized data and network access, and other cyber threats. This software can conduct privacy audits, identify dangers and remove them.

Given the heightening demand and popularity of cybersecurity software, The Kennesaw State University Institute for Cybersecurity Workforce Development offers Georgia’s only undergraduate degree in Cybersecurity at KSU. 

Cybersecurity KSU is a top-notch program taught by internationally recognized faculty and offers exposure to the benefits of multiple industry partnerships. The institute ensures that graduates of Cybersecurity KSU will have unmatched knowledge and skills to set them up for a promising career in the cybersecurity industry. The B.S. in Cybersecurity KSU is an entirely online, high-demand post-secondary degree offered at the tuition rate of $199 per credit hour.

Cybersecurity KSU has a technology-focused curriculum that addresses the cybersecurity needs of a workplace and beyond. The Cybersecurity KSU program has a multidisciplinary essence that provides graduates with a thorough understanding of cybersecurity's managerial, administrative, and business aspects. It also enables the students to develop an awareness of cybercrime and learn excellent technological skills. 

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Is Cybersecurity a Good College Major?

The Bachelor of Science program in Cybersecurity KSU is a security-related degree with more focus on technicalities, specifically designed to address the demands of the cybersecurity domain and cover cybersecurity best practices used by leading security companies.

The Cybersecurity KSU program offers the current faculty capabilities in various other programs of KSU, namely the Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Security and Assurance (BBA-ISA), the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. The program’s interdisciplinary approach enables students to understand the diverse aspects of cybersecurity, develop technological understanding and technical skills, understand cybersecurity KPIs and metrics, and familiarize themselves with emerging cyber threats. 

Reputation for Excellence

Cybersecurity KSU has a prestigious standing and a reputation for excellence as KSU is the National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education. KSU stood first in the Southeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (2020).

Interdisciplinary Nature

The cybersecurity KSU degree program has an interdisciplinary approach that balances how cybersecurity really works with cybersecurity's managerial, business, and technical aspects. From teaching cybercrime and forensics to infrastructure security and incident response, Cybersecurity KSU graduates become fully equipped with various options in a cybersecurity career. 

Multiple Industry Partnerships

Cybersecurity KSU has affiliations and partnerships in the industry, and the partners pay frequent visits to share real-world insights on how to get started in cybersecurity. These partnerships enable KSU to facilitate students in securing internships, collaborating to exchange information, and gaining access to research and educational work. Partners of Cybersecurity KSU include: 

  • Georgia Pacific Corporation
  • National Security Agency
  • Raytheon
  • Suntrust Bank, Inc.
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • The Home Depot, Inc.

Does KSU Have Cybersecurity?

Yes, Kennesaw State University has a Cybersecurity KSU program, offering certifications, a Bachelor in Science degree, and a Master’s degree. Cybersecurity KSU provides graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to become cybersecurity leaders. This program prepares students to plan, formulate, deploy, and lead cybersecurity efforts in an organization across varying Operating Systems for cybersecurity. It also trains students to respond to cybersecurity threats and recover assets effectively. Moreover, with its focus on real-world cyber issues, Cybersecurity KSU empowers its students to select and apply appropriate tools and techniques to resolve cyber problems.

The multidisciplinary Cybersecurity KSU program is designed for students of all backgrounds and expertise, irrespective of their history in cybersecurity. This 12-month program has an entirely online format with 30 credit hours. The entry terms are fall and spring, with application deadlines of July 1st for Fall and November 1st for Spring. Whether students opt for online learning or on-campus classes, the admissions process at Kennesaw State University is the same for all students. All Cybersecurity KSU students are required to submit the same documentation and meet the same standards set by the institute.  

How Long Does a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security Take?

Kennesaw State University currently offers degrees in various fields of study. KSU offers both master’s and specialist degrees, and its Cybersecurity KSU program also has a Master’s degree. The Master of Science degree in Cybersecurity at KSU enhances career opportunities for graduates to design, develop, and operate safe cyber spaces. The Master’s degree in Cybersecurity at KSU program is entirely online, and it takes 12 months to complete by fully prepared applicants. The Master’s degree in Cybersecurity at KSU has a 7-week course structure. Students take up two subjects simultaneously and complete four courses per fall and spring semester. It is important to note that the Cybersecurity KSU program does not accept transfer credit from other institutions.

Admission Requirements

Besides the general KSU Graduate Admissions requirements, applicants for the Cybersecurity KSU program must possess and submit and show:

  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Two letters of Recommendation
  • Undergraduate Degree from an Accredited University
  • Minimum Undergraduate Degree GPA of 2.75

Upon completing an MS degree in Cybersecurity KSU, students will be equipped with diverse skills that will set them up for a prosperous career in the cybersecurity sector. They will be capable of strategizing, designing, implementing, and leading cybersecurity endeavors in business organizations. One of the many advantages of enrolling in a Cybersecurity KSU degree program is that it facilitates its graduates to cope with emerging cyber threats by selecting and using appropriate tools and techniques. 

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