Benefits of Contact Centers and CRM Interoperability

Benefits of Contact Centers and CRM Interoperability

In recent years, the functionality of inbound and outbound contact centers has been drastically improved with the use of new technology in tandem with the basic systems inquiry handling of fielding contact centers. Unlike in times past, a wealth of customer information is now readily displayed to the agents of contact centers that they are speaking with in real-time, enabling the agent to get to the heart of the issue at hand in a much quicker and more decisive manner when customers call into contact centers.

CRM and Contact Centers Working Together

The value of a solid CRM system is undeniable when coupled with practical and well-structured inbound and outbound contact centers. The combination of these two systems working in unison allows your representatives access to a complete record of your customer’s past purchases, product issues, and requests, allowing for a faster, more streamlined response with consistent answers within your contact centers.

Having your contact centers and CRM platform linked allows for data to be quickly and accurately added at each step in a customer’s interaction with your company, which in turn, allows the representatives of your contact centers to service these customers more rapidly and accurately.

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Why is CRM Vital in Contact Centers?

Having customer information available to agents in the call centers allows for an accurate assessment of the problem at hand and the appropriate routing for the inquiry. This allows for a more rapid turnaround (lower Average Handle Time) and more accurate results (higher First Call Resolution rate), meaning that representatives of your contact centers are spending less time responding to customers and responding with more satisfactory results in your contact centers.

Benefits of Integration Contact Centers with CRM

Improved Customer Interactions

Most of us have been on both sides of this issue. We have been customers on the other end of the line, often having been on hold for an inordinate amount of time, only to be given inaccurate information and having to repeat and explain ourselves to agent after agent when calling customer service contact centers.

The potent combination of your CRM platform and your contact centers makes it possible to enhance your customers’ experience by funneling them to the correct agent and providing them with the best possible solution in the shortest time possible. Automatic call routing features of contact centers can be optimized even further with a CRM system to provide the right agent intervention to customers.

Increase Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Integrating your business’s contact centers with the best CRM solution will help call center agents better understand customer demands. If your company sells multiple products, sales agents of your contact centers can recommend different products to be new or existing customers to increase revenue. Having customer data using a CRM system can help give sales agents using your outbound contact centers information about customer preferences and predict demand. 

Proactive Customer Service

One of the best benefits of integrating your contact centers with a CRM is being able to mitigate any customer service issues before they even arise. You can frequently check in with VIP customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the services of your contact centers and products. If there are any customer grievances, customers will definitely appreciate your organization’s contact centers reaching out first instead of them calling with complaints. 

You can use the same approach using your contact centers to communicate with new customers to understand their level of satisfaction. New customers will appreciate the after-sales care from the contact centers. This will, in turn, improve customer loyalty and the likelihood that they will recommend your company to others. 

Making Your Contact Centers Work for You

Many cost-effective solutions to contact centers/CRM integration are available today. Many systems are manufactured specifically for this type of cooperative arrangement.

If you already have one or the other of these systems in place, you should be looking for ways to allow them to work together to help your business function more smoothly.

What is The Best CRM for Contact Centers?


Pipedrive is a customizable CRM solution that allows you to integrate contact centers to allow for more seamless sales negotiations by enabling agents to visualize the sales pipeline while managing contacts, sales funnel, and products of your business. With its user-friendly mobile app, the Pipedrive CRM solution can be perfect for remote contact centers and allow your mobile workforce to attend to customers without compromising on customer care quality.


Contact centers by Nextiva can be used to enhance agent productivity with its fluid system integration to allow the Nextiva API to be integrated with CRM, billing software, and customer support tools to ensure that your contact centers provide the best customer service, possible customers. Nextiva technologies employ cloud technology to deliver advanced monitoring, reports, and call trending data to streamline your CRM’s functions with your contact centers. 


Freshworks CRM solutions by Freshdesk provide organizations with a customizable cloud-based help-desk system with integrations with contact centers to provide excellent customer service via contact centers. Freshworks is also a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to maintain remote contact centers to streamline how the workforce is utilized. Freshwork’s omnichannel contact centers approach will enable companies to record all customer data in one place allowing contact center agents to understand how often a customer has interacted with your business via different communications mediums. This feature makes it possible for customers to experience a seamless customer service experience in whichever way they choose to reach out to your business.

Lead Squared

Lead Squared is another lead management solution provider that allows for integrations with business contact centers. This system enables an all-around view of customer interactions, allowing your contact centers to seamlessly provide customer service without missing a beat. 

To learn more about which CRM and contact centers are compatible to be integrated together, consult with our CRM software selection as well as our Contact Center Software solutions to select the best pairing to improve customer services in your business. 

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