Solve Business Communication Concerns with VoIP for Retail

Solve Business Communication Concerns with VoIP for Retail

VoIP for retail business owners and managers is a good option to consider to keep operations running smoothly and to ensure customer service is stellar. Selecting the right VoIP for retail business telephone system is a perfect start, and voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) systems can be a likely choice for retail stores’ needs, especially if reliability and cost-effectiveness are vitally important for your store to attain a competitive edge and increasing profit margins with VoIP for retail.

Is VoIP for Retail Worth it for a Small Business?

VoIP for retail systems is a boon for retailers of every size, even online retailers, which typically operate in environments requiring time-sensitive purchasing needs, sales development, and customer satisfaction, that is if a retailer is to be truly competitive and responsive.

Unlike traditional systems, VoIP for retail offers voice and data convergence features that can be used for low-cost voice communication over traditional and mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, VoIP-enabled bar scanners, and any other VoIP-enabled device. VoIP helps small businesses grow with enterprise-level communication features at an affordable cost.

VoIP for retail telephones can be enabled for use with Bluetooth and similar technology allowing for wireless connectivity, thus increasing the staff’s multitasking ability. To boot, VoIP for retail scores high where increasing customer satisfaction is concerned because of its ability to transfer a voicemail to email helping to shorten response times. Imagine the power of providing this functionality for your customers who want to resolve a purchase issue, check on product or service availability, etc., not to mention the favorable impression your customers will derive. Additionally, CRM applications and VoIP for retail systems are easily integrated providing superb customer details instantaneously.

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Features of VoIP for Retail

VoIP for retail phone systems does more than make and receive phone calls. The following are some advanced features of VoIP for retail:

  • Call routing
  • Auto attendant
  • Advanced call management
  • Call notifications
  • Call forwarding
  • Call presence
  • Conference bridge
  • Find me/follow me
  • Instant messaging
  • Number porting

Affordability of VoIP for Retail

It may not seem possible for a phone system comprising of flexibility and the latest in unified technology could also offer cost savings, but it does. For example, according to studies conducted by Nemertes Research, a typical VoIP for retail implementation can range from $525 per user for deployments over 1,000 users to $763 per user for deployments of 100 or fewer. You can read more about how much VoIP should cost and see which costs are associated with VoIP-hosted services and alternatives for retailers to consider before purchasing and installing VoIP equipment by downloading one of our guides.

Ability to Forward Calls to Mobile Devices

With the growing popularity of a hybrid workplace model, a good VoIP for retail is excellent for businesses that maintain a remote workforce.

The ability to forward calls to mobile devices when using VoIP for retail is great for maintaining a standard of quality in your contact center. This way you don’t need to worry about network downtimes since more devices are able to handle your VoIP for retail call center traffic.

Should Businesses Switch to VoIP for Retail?

VoIP for retail is definitely the right call for your business if communication is important to you. The switch to VoIP for retail is usually pain-free and quick depending on the VoIP for retail vendor you select. Best of all, VoIP for retail can scale up alongside your company’s growth.

Upscaling traditional phone lines instead of using VoIP for retail can be tricky. You will incur additional wiring costs along with the high costs of maintenance. Meanwhile, VoIP for retail has a much more scale-friendly model where you will only have to subscribe to add more users to your existing VoIP for retail system. You are also able to enjoy a consistently updated VoIP for retail system because of automatic updates and upgrades for VoIP for retail.

Best VoIP for retail Solution Providers

The following are some of the best VoIP for retail providers on the market


Nextiva contact center solutions provide a full suite of voice, video, mobility, presence, and collaboration tools to streamline business communication. Nextiva can also be integrated with customer relationships management software (CRM), billing, and customer support tools for seamless customer service. Nextiva features a cloud-based VoIP for retail system allowing you to not worry about operational concerns of your phone system. You will have access to Nextiva’s advanced monitoring, staffing, and call trending data as well as their around the clock customer service team when you subscribe.


RingCentral phone systems provide a complete unified communication platform for calls, video calling, analytics, and inbound and outbound contact center features. RingCentral VoIP for retail is the ideal solution to maintain a remote workforce while ensuring secure communication.

RingCentral features a variety of pricing packages and plans to customize the collaboration solutions based on your VoIP for retail needs.


8x8 is also a unified communications solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Its advanced cloud features provide a cost-effective business communications solution for your business. You can get a 30day free trial when you first subscribe to 8x8 UCaaS and you can get a customized VoIP for retail for your business’s unique needs and budget while ensuring secure communication.


Freshdesk UCaaS comes with a powerful ticketing system to ensure that all agents are aware of what others are doing to increase productivity and avoid redundancies. Shared inboxes with Freshdesk allow for active coordination between teams to deliver the best possible customer service experience for your customers.


GoToConnect is a budget-friendly option for small startups. With cloud-based servers, GoToConnect is able to maintain low costs that can help an emerging business thrive without the heavy costs of maintaining a customer service center.  GoToConnect can also be integrated with other business software solutions to allow for a more comprehensive customer support platform for your business.

If you are considering switching to VoIP for retail, consult with our phone systems buyer’s guide and compare the different VoIP for retail vendor options available on the market.

You can narrow down the ideal VoIP for retail solution for your business with knowledge about the best features offered by different VoIP phone system providers and find one that can scale up easily alongside your company’s needs.

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