Best Mobile VoIP Apps for Business

Best Mobile VoIP Apps for Business

Communication and collaboration are integral to business success. Phone and mobile technology have both evolved extensively in the past few years, making it easy and efficient to stay connected without being limited by your location. The best VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology allow us to make and receive calls using an internet connection.

VoIP phone technology is one of the newer advancements in voice communications that is swiftly gaining popularity for business use due to its powerful benefits and low costs.

As a result, VoIP phone apps are quite plentiful in the business communication market, which can make it difficult to choose the best apps to pair with your VoIP service. Here are our favorite low-cost and free mobile VoIP apps for businesses that offer robust features to support your vital business communications on the go.


Vonage Business Communications is one of the leading VoIP apps for Android and makes it possible for you to make and receive HD quality voice calls and text message people directly from the app. Vonage Business Communications unifies calling, messaging, video, and an ecosystem of 3rd party integrations that support internal collaborations, customer interactions, mobile and video calling, and more. 

Vonage Business phone system simplifies communication techniques by reducing onsite hardware with a cloud-based, hosted PBX system. With Vonage Business cloud VoIP, you get a web-based user portal, multiple calls per extension, and quick reliable service - accessible from your office or while you're on the go.

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Skype is a well-known and loved app for chatting and video conferencing. Skype is free and is integrated with Microsoft and Facebook to make it easy to call, chat, or video conference with all your contacts. You can also purchase affordable credits to call landlines directly from Skype as well.

Skype for Business can accommodate both large and small business communications with the ability to have group chats with up to 300 participants and hold video and voice calls with groups of up to 25 people. Skype works great on both Apple and Android devices.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business by Meta has gained popularity very quickly by amassing user numbers more than their rivals. WhatsApp Business allows your business to manage a profile that is tailored to suit the services and products offered by your business. It also includes additional features for your customers to get to interact with your business better. The app will not let you call or text landlines, but you can call or text anyone with the app, no matter where they are, for free.


RingCentral is a mobile VoIP app that is growing in popularity quite quickly due to the level of security and privacy it offers for your communication needs. With the RingCentral app, you can give your teams the flexibility to work from anywhere and boost the mobility and effectiveness of your company with powerful unified communication tools. Regardless of your business needs, RingCentral is there to help you secure your way into a mobile environment.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a great free VoIP communication app option with mass appeal and connective ease. Most Android devices come with this app already installed, and it can be used to call, text, or chat with anyone who has a google account, which will cover the vast majority of your contacts you’ll need to communicate with for business or personal reasons. Google Hangouts works on both Apple and Android devices.


3CX is a commonly used solution for companies in the IT industry, followed by businesses in the manufacturing vertical.3CX Phone System enables users’ mobility. Employees are not tied to their desks and are more productive in the field without missing out on important calls. The solution also includes the presence and allows employees to mark their availability so that colleagues can see the best way to reach out to them. All the calls made to the office are free. Employees can have a single contact number, giving a professional face to the business.


Nextiva VoIP app features that provide instant messaging services, voice calling, video collaboration technologies, chat rooms, directories, call controls, and cloud syncing services. No matter what your communication needs are, they can be met with Nextiva’s optional package plans.

Mitel MiCloud

Purpose-built by Mitel, MiCloud Connect’s modern, intuitive UI delivers a seamless user experience across devices and endpoints. Our business VoIP plans come with robust, enterprise-grade collaboration tools so you don’t have to pay for multiple solutions. For administrators, Mitel phones are easy to provision, and the self-service admin portal makes user management hassle-free. Users will benefit from a complete business phone and collaboration solution with call control, screen sharing, video and audio conferencing, IM, team collaboration, task management, business SMS, contact center, and native integrations seamlessly, securely, and reliably from both their desktop and mobile devices.


BroadVoice Cloud PBX is the unique feature of the company allowing it manages the phone system in the cloud. BroadVoice Cloud PBX significantly reduces local and long-distance phone bills with VoIP technology. It can expand or contract with the growth of your business.

All of BroadVoice's plans include unlimited calling. The service is offered for less than $20 per month, and includes unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. 


Unlike many competing systems, Allworx gives you plenty of choice in telephone technology. It can support analog and VoIP lines in any combination, meaning that you can adopt new technologies at once, or gradually. This way you have the freedom to implement the solution at your own pace, without compromising your budget. Allworx’s remote IP allows phones to connect from anywhere and they support Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

There are many apps available to support your VoIP business communications on the go, and many of them are free or very inexpensive. You can benefit from trying out different mobile VoIP apps (free and paid) to see which ones best fulfill your business collaboration needs, and these app recommendations are a great place to start enhancing and customizing your VoIP communication.

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