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Vonage Reviews & Overview

What is Vonage?

What is Vonage Business Communications? 

Vonage Business Communications unifies calling, messaging, video and ecosystem of 3rd party integrations that support internal collaborations, customer interactions, mobile and video calling, and more. Vonage is a leading VoIP provider with packages and plans you can customize to fit your business, small to large. 

What is Vonage for Business Used For?

By adopting a full suite of Vonage Business phone system tools with 50+ enterprise grade calling features from a single provider, your business will benefit from all-in-one unified communication service including voice, messaging, video and collaboration built on the Vonage Communication Platform.

Vonage Business phone system simplifies communication techniques by reducing onsite hardware with a cloud based, hosted PBX system. With Vonage Business cloud VoIP, you get a web based user portal, multiple calls per extension, and quick reliable service - accessible from your office or while you're on the go. Have access to more than 40 helpful features from Vonage, including mobile applications, desktop plugins, voicemail to email and more. Service with 40+ business-boosting features starts at $39.99 per line per month. (Multi-line discounts may apply.) As your business grows, adding lines is as simple as the click of a button.

What Features Does Vonage Business Phone System Offer?

Vonage Business phone service includes Team Messaging which enables agile groups to work more effectively with each other by switching communication channels from messaging to video collaboration on the fly while keeping all relevant information together.

Vonage Meetings provides voice services, unlimited calling, content sharing and chat to enable people to "meet" internally and externally using a single application to collaborate in real-time. Being "mobile first", Vonage also enables mobile users to communicate via SMS and MMS with their colleagues and customers all from one place. Vonage's ability to quickly deploy services where and when needed aligns with the needs of a mobile workforce.

Vonage's VoIP service protects both customers' privacy and business interests by remaining in compliance using a future-proof, single cloud approach which enhances interactions between employees and customers.

Through the Vonage Communication Platform, organizations can easily Integrate with up to ten leading CRM systems (Salesforce, MS Dynamics and others) and a host of business productivity applications to provide communications history and context to enhance experiences for both employees and customers.

Vonage for Business' standard VoIP service features include an admin portal for account managers where employee systems are set up online. Busy lamp field shows in use phones and allows speed dialing, call announce, call block, and 3 way conference calling. This data can be used to monitor calls and improve communication workflows in businesses.

You can utilize Vonage phone service features like call continuity (even in the event of a power outage or internet outage), call forwarding, call hold, call park (place a caller on hold until a representative can answer), call logs (by extension or account), call pass (transfer cell calls to the phone desk), call screening, and call transfer options. Set up a toll free phone number, know who is calling with caller ID, and forward calls to your cell with VoIP web services.

With Vonage Business Cloud, you can also click to dial, dashboard (within cloud services shows real time status of all extensions), directory features, do not disturb (direct to voicemail), follow me features (forwarded to multiple designations that ring in sequence), and much more not mentioned here.

Add on business phone service features from Vonage Business are also available, from call monitoring programs to voicemail transcription services. Get added desktop features such as SugarCRM or QuickBooks while employees utilize free desktop services such as Microsoft Outlook, Web Launcher, Google search, and Bing search engines.

Utilize free VoIP phone desktop applications from Vonage that show real time customer information, and leverage mobility options available with Vonage business cloud as well as iPhone and Android integrations and app. As a leading VoIP provider, Vonage Business also offers softphone applications over the internet.

How Much Does Vonage for Business Cost?

Vonage offers a variety of calling plans that are much more than a phone line. You can select from different packages and customize your phone system solutions and video meeting tools to improve call quality, customer support, and give your teams access to communication tools they need to to collaborate, from anywhere in one unified communication platform.

Vonage plans include all the features and phone system products you need to elevate your business with excellent communication tools that function seamlessly on a cell phone, desktop app, or IP phone. Here's a closer look at the main Vonage Business phone service plans.

Vonage Mobile Plan

  • 1 - 4 lines, $19.99 per line
  • 5 - 19 lines, $17.99 per line
  • 20+ lines, $14.99 per line
  • Plus taxes and fees per line

Vonage Mobile is great for remote businesses and professionals on the go, with seamless connectivity across mobile devices and desktop apps.

Vonage Premium Plan

  • 1 - 4 lines, $29.99 per line
  • 5 - 19 lines, $27.99 per line
  • 20+ lines, $24.99 per line
  • Plus taxes and fees per line

Vonage users can collaborate and communicate on their preferred channel, whether that's calls, messaging, or video-including desk phones. Also includes access to business applications or IP phones.

Vonage Advanced Plan

  • 1 - 4 lines, $39.99 per line
  • 5 - 19 lines, $37.99 per line
  • 20+ lines, $34.99 per line
  • Plus taxes and fees per line

From calls to messaging to video, the Vonage advanced package keeps everyone connected on their preferred channels. Users can access business applications and numerous premium calling features. Available for IP phones.

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