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BroadVoice Reviews & Overview

What is BroadVoice?

BroadVoice is a VoIP telephone service provider that enables customers to transmit and receive voice and video communications via a broadband Internet connection.

BroadVoice provides a single-line telephone service to both residential customers and large corporate service centers. Whether you’re large or small, the company has a phone plan that meets your needs.

BroadVoice Cloud PBX is the unique feature of the company allowing it manages the phone system in the cloud. Broadvoice Cloud PBX significantly reduces local and long distance phone bills with VoIP technology. It can expand or contract with the growth of your business.

All of BroadVoice's plans include unlimited calling. The service is offered for less than $20 per month, and includes unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. With the 30 day satisfaction guarantee, you can upgrade or downgrade to any of the company’s current promotional rates or cancel your plan without any hassle.

Broadvoice delivers most phone calling features. Some of these include:

  • The ability to initiate VoIP calls with 3G or WiFi data connection
  • Synchronize your phone connections
  • Choose between 25+ different ringtones
  • Record all conversations and have them sent to your preferred email address
  • Forward calls to another number
  • Change sound settings like echo cancellation, sound suppression, playback boost and Microphone level
  • Set Preferred Data Connection (3G or Wifi)
  • Start application after phone reboot
  • Free calls within the same network
  • Conference 3-Way Calling
  • Customer support 7 days a week
  • Website for Mobile Phones
  • Online Account Management
  • Minutes International Shipping
  • Lock the Directory Assistance
  • Click2Call – Remotely
  • Extensive privacy protection and firewalls
  • Outlook integration
  • Priority alert are advanced features

The advanced features and reasonable prices included in the package are best for businesses that make or receive calls from international destinations. BroadVoice also offers attractive pricing packages for home businesses and start-up companies expecting growth.

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BroadVoice Pricing

per user / per month
BroadVoice Pricing Details

BroadVoice Key Features

Types Offered
  • Mobile VoIP
Core VoIP Features
  • Find-Me/Follow-Me
  • Call Forwarding
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfers
  • Call Park
  • Hot Desking
  • Admin Portal
  • Paging
  • VoIP Fax
  • SMS
  • Extensions
  • Softphones
  • Unlimited Calling Plans
  • Mobile App
  • Sound Manager
  • One number
  • International extensions
  • Local DID
  • Local Calls
Call Management and Administration Features
  • Intercom
  • Call Logs
  • Call Hold
  • Call Recording Storage
  • Call catch
BroadVoice Features Details

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BroadVoice Reviews

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  • The customer support can not fix any problem and are very rude all the time.
  • I hate their customer service.

BroadVoice has no reviews yet.

BroadVoice Usability Score

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The Average Usability score for the Phone Systems category is 6.8

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  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Admin

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