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What is 3CX?

3CX is a comprehensive unified communications solution for businesses of all sizes. It provides an all-in-one PBX (private branch exchange) system that replaces traditional phone systems, streamlining communication and improving collaboration.

What is 3CX Used For?

3CX is used for a range of communication functions, including voice calls, video calls, web conferencing, instant messaging, and more. It integrates with popular business tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and others, to improve efficiency and productivity.

What are the Most Important 3CX Features?

Some of the key features of 3CX include:

  • VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, allowing for high-quality voice and video calls.
  • Integration with popular business tools, such as CRM and email systems.
  • Flexible call routing, enabling calls to be redirected to any device or location.
  • Automated attendants and call queues to improve customer service.
  • Web conferencing and webinars for remote collaboration.
  • Voicemail to email, enabling users to receive voicemail messages as audio files via email.

What are the Top 3CX Benefits?

Some of the top benefits of 3CX include the following:

Reduced Communication Costs

3CX’s VoIP technology reduces the cost of traditional phone systems, while also providing high-quality voice and video calls.

Improved Collaboration

With features such as web conferencing, instant messaging, and integration with popular business tools, 3CX enables teams to collaborate more effectively.

Enhanced Customer Service

3CX’s automated attendants and call queues improve the customer experience, enabling businesses to provide a more professional and efficient service.

What are the Main 3CX Competitive Differentiators?

The competitive advantages of 3CX include:


3CX is suitable for businesses of all sizes, and can be easily scaled to meet the changing needs of organizations.


3CX’s flexible call routing, integration with popular business tools, and support for multiple devices and platforms make it a highly versatile solution.

Ease of Use

3CX’s intuitive user interface and straightforward administration make it easy for businesses to manage their communication systems.

3CX is a unified communications solution that provides a comprehensive range of communication functions for businesses of all sizes. With features such as VoIP, web conferencing, and integration with popular business tools, 3CX improves collaboration and reduces communication costs. Its scalability, flexibility, and ease of use make it a highly competitive solution in the unified communications market.


3CX Pricing

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3CX Key Features

Third-Party Integrations
  • Whatsapp
  • VMware
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Dynamics 365
Document Management
  • File Sharing
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • File Sharing
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customer Profiling
Call Management & Administration
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
  • Switchboard
  • Speech-to-Text Transcription
  • Announcements
  • Call Back
  • Call Hold
  • Intercom
  • Call Barge
  • Call Queue
  • Ring Groups
  • Extensions
  • Voicemail
  • Auto Attendant
  • IVR
  • Call Flow
  • Call Hold
  • Auto Attendant
After-Sales Service
  • Chat Support
  • Technical Support
  • Web Support
Reporting & Analytics
  • Surveys/Questionnaires/Polls
  • Chat Reports
  • Recording
  • Call Analytics
  • Call Log Reports
  • Call Log Reports
  • Directory Management
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Alerts
  • Contact Management
Automation Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Remote Support
  • Screen Sharing
Custom Variables
  • Branding
Disaster Recovery
  • Inbuilt Failover
  • Data Backup & Recovery
Phone Systems
  • IP Fax
  • Paging
  • SIP Trunking
Supported Channels
  • SMS
  • Voice
  • Chat/IM
Collaboration Tools
  • Hot Desking
  • Whiteboard
  • Wallboard
Conferencing Capabilities
  • Video Conferencing
  • Meeting Link
Supported File Formats
  • PDF
Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Word
Call Routing Types
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Skills-Based Routing
3CX Features Details

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3CX Reviews

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  • Operating it is simple, you don’t require to recall as you can copy and paste numbers within the system.
  • Poor client care service.

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