VoIP Savings for Small Businesses When Switching to VoIP

VoIP Savings for Small Businesses When Switching to VoIP

Small businesses can save a lot of money by switching to a VoIP savings setup, especially if they make many long-distance and international phone calls. VoIP works with the Internet, not with your regular phone lines. Many VoIP savings plans offer free features, such as conference calling and voice mail, while you generally pay for these services using your phone company.

Many small business plans start as low as $30 per month, per user, with many features that you usually have to pay extra if using a regular phone service.

How Are VoIP Calls Charged?

VoIP savings are passed on to users by leveraging the availability of the internet on most devices nowadays to place calls. Making calls over existing data networks enables businesses to enjoy VoIP savings by working with their current ISP to upgrade the internet bandwidth requirement to suit their chosen VoIP network. After that, instead of paying a phone bill to make phone calls, VoIP savings enable users to make calls over the internet without additional charges. 

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What Are the Benefits of VoIP? 

Here are some advantages of using VoIP:

VoIP Savings 

This is the first and most obvious benefit for most small businesses when moving the cloud with VoIP. We’ll explore this topic shortly. 


VoIP savings pay for themselves by opening up a different realm of business communication. Small businesses can use any device with mobile access and a microphone as a VoIP-enabled device. This can help small companies to enhance VoIP savings by reducing the cost of communication equipment. 

Improved Security

Previously, VoIP phone systems were easily perceptible to cybersecurity threats, but VoIP security tips from providers have done enough research to help businesses prevent cybersecurity attacks. Two-factor authentication, fraud prevention, spam blocking, and automated data backups are some of the VoIP savings that protect how businesses communicate.  

How Can VoIP Save Money?

VoIP savings for small businesses are not just limited to lower monthly fees, as you can see from the items below:

Fax Services

Many VoIP systems include the transmission and receipt of faxes for free or a nominal charge. With VoIP savings, you save the cost of a fax machine and a dedicated fax phone line. Since the file is in digital form, you can store it on your computer and not print anything, saving paper and ink, thus amplifying VoIP savings.

Conference Calls

While you have to pay for this service using your regular phone, this feature is often part of the VoIP service. Conference calls are easy to set up, and you can talk to many people cheaply, showing off VoIP savings.

Installation and Maintenance

The costs of a new phone system can be significant for a small business. Some VoIP services can use existing old equipment, and maintenance costs are often related to software upkeep, which is usually simple to perform. Unlike regular phone service, VoIP maintenance is typically straightforward, with many individuals performing it themselves, saving time and money.


VoIP helps small businesses grow. As your business grows, you may get more employees who need phone access. VOIP is less complicated and costly to set up than a traditional phone system, saving money and time. If you decide to move or open a new office, establishing phone lines is much easier, often saving you money and headaches by not having to deal with phone companies.

Start your VoIP savings right away and in the long run. As technology progresses, so does your phone system. You don’t need to deal with the phone companies' monopolies and inefficiencies – you have a great alternative with VoIP.

Can I Get VoIP for Free?

There are many free-to-use VoIP savings providers on the market. Many social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Meets, Skype, and Viber now include free VoIP calling features to pass on VoIP savings to a broader audience. 

However, these services tend to be used by individuals for personal use and are more challenging to be utilized by small businesses. Hence, VoIP savings for small businesses can be selected from the following list of affordable VoIP savings providers.


Small businesses using Nextiva can enjoy VoIP savings when switching to Nextiva Phone Systems. Monthly packages are as low as $19.95; Nextiva Phone Systems can help small enterprises to jumpstart their VoIP savings while enjoying a smooth communication line. Additional lines can be added for a low cost to enable companies to use their VoIP savings for other business development endeavors. 


Dialpad is a cloud-based VoIP phone system provider that enables businesses to enjoy an agile internal and external communication platform that includes voice, video calls, and messaging services to boost VoIP savings. With a monthly cost of as low as $15, small businesses can access Dialpad’s AI-enabled business communication tools while enjoying VoIP savings. 

GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect is a comprehensive VoIP savings provider that small businesses and large enterprises use. With business communication plans starting as low as $27, GoTo Connect provides hosted VoIP phone systems that can also be accessed via cloud services. Other business solutions, such as CRM and marketing automation software, can be integrated with GoTo Connect Phone Systems to streamline your business's marketing and customer service arms. 


3CX is a comprehensive IP PBX solution that can be compliant with VoIP and IP phone services. With zero setup costs, 3CX is an affordable business communication tool for small businesses looking for VoIP savings with affordable monthly subscription plans. 3CX phone systems provide voice call, messaging, and video conferencing features while allowing users to stay mobile with their VoIP savings. 


Genesys Phone Systems allow businesses to enjoy VoIP savings by supporting omnichannel communication that seamlessly transitions between channels. This is a perfect VoIP savings solution for customers that prefer to interact with companies via multiple channels. While Genesys might seem a tad more expensive than the other options, its VoIP savings are immeasurable for companies that rely on it. With industry expertise in banking, healthcare, and retail, among many others, Genesys can be the perfect VoIP savings tool in your business communication plan. 

By visiting our VoIP Phone System page, you can compare the best VoIP savings plan for your business. 

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