Transform Customer Service with A Unified Contact Center

Transform Customer Service with A Unified Contact Center

A unified contact center can be the most logical answer to bringing together all of your business communication under one roof. With different customers in different demographics preferring separate communication channels for customer service and sometimes communicating simultaneously on multiple channels, it can be quite overwhelming to keep track of all conversations. This is where unified contact center solutions can help streamline the communication process. 

What Is a Unified Contact Center?

A unified contact center or UCaaS allows you to track all customer interactions between different channels into one solution. You can bring together voice, web collaboration, text, email, and video communication into one unified contact center solution. Unified contact centers are often cloud-based contact center solutions and most leading service providers provide cloud migration support when you sign up with them. 

Unified contact centers allow businesses of any size, especially small businesses with limited budgets, the ability to scale up their customer service initiatives with ease. 

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Features Of a Unified Contact Center

Unified contact centers can be hosted contact center, cloud-based, or a hybrid of the two, In the essence of consolidating all forms of business communication, unified contact center solutions offer features such as 

  • Inbound voice
  • Outbound call campaigns
  • Agent email
  • Webchat
  • Social media integration
  • CRM integration with most leading CRM providers
  • Reports and dashboard
  • Omnichannel communication
  • AI call routing
  • Contact center optimization
  • IVR and ACD features
  • Uniform open platform environment for APIs
  • End-to-end encryption and security features

Benefits of a Unified Contact Center

Streamline Existing Processes

unified contact center solutions are able to consolidate all of your current communication processes into one multichannel contact center solution. This is why making a decision about the right unified contact center is crucial because your chosen solution should be user-friendly and invite your staff to use the resources it provides whenever possible.

Increase Employee Productivity

A unified contact center gives your company the freedom to work remotely. This you’re your employees can work from anywhere without having to be glued to their desks. With the emergence of the hybrid workplace mode, a unified contact center is an ideal solution to maintain business communication or to even expand to international remote contact centers. With features such as contact center optimization options, you can further monitor your contact center’s performance with contact center optimization tools to ensure that all standards are being met. 

Improve Collaboration

With the ability to work from anywhere, it will be more important than ever to provide the right collaboration tools for your employees. This is where unified contact centers can become useful with their video calling capabilities, instant messaging, and VoIP phone capabilities to instantly connect staff members whenever needed. 

Create An Agile Work Environment 

With increased productivity tools when using a unified contact center solution, your management staff can track employee performance and use methods to optimize your call center performance with unified contact center analytics and reports whenever needed.

Streamline IT Operations

Consolidating all of your communications software into one unified contact center solution can make maintaining the systems a breeze for your IT staff. With improved security measures, a unified contact center can provide your IT staff peace of mind knowing that malware risks are curbed. 

Cost Savings

The ROI of a unified contact center can be incredible for any business. By consolidating all communications into one solution, you would no longer have to pay for multiple software licenses. With the option to maintain your staff remotely, you will be saving the cost of office space and transport costs of your employees as well.

Remote Collaboration Options

As people are more connected than ever using the internet, unified contact center solutions provide the option to connect employees wherever they might be and still maintain a productive workforce. 

Improved IT Security

When using a comprehensive communications solution such as unified contact center software, the likelihood an employee will download malicious software off of the internet is much lower. Hence, providing unified contact center solutions to your workforce can ensure that all employees stick to normal IT etiquette at all times.

Improved Customer Service

unified contact center solutions can provide your customer service team with more tools to easily resolve customer queries. By integrating customer relationships management software, you can have access to the full customer interaction history and also provide personalized services to customers to win their loyalty.

AI To Improve Efficiency

With the emergence of artificial intelligence and workflow automation, unified contact center solutions are able to save your employees more time to actually serve customers and resolve issues. With machine learning and NLP capabilities, unified contact centers can be more efficient than ever with AI. 

Cisco Unified Contact Center

Cisco unified contact center express is one of the most innovative contact center providers in the market. With a 360-degree view of all customer interactions due to the convergence of all communication channels, Cisco allows your business to streamline communication and customer service like no other. Artificial intelligence is at the helm of the new developments in Cisco unified contact center express. 

In addition to the standard unified contact center features, Cisco unified contact center express provides the following features:

  • Intelligent customer profile routing 
  • Agent desktop applications and guidance
  • Web interaction management
  • Computer Telephony Integration or CTIs with minimal development needs
  • Call queues
  • Contact center agent performance management
  • Unified IP IVR

All on a comprehensive web-based interface. 

Cisco unified contact center also features the latest contact center hardware solutions as well. This allows you to build your own perfect contact center to fit your budget while not compromising on great service and support. 

Pros And Cons of Cisco Unified Contact Center


  • Integrated business communication approach
  • Fast deployment
  • Scalable unified contact center solution


  • Complicated UX for some users
  • New configurations would require IT support
  • Licensing mechanism would require the purchase of each service.
  • High investment costs; no free trial period.

To learn more about how to choose the best unified contact center solution for your business, consult with our contact center buyer’s guide and compare other leading vendors against Cisco to see how they stack up. 

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