Improve Sales by Using a Multichannel Contact Center

Improve Sales by Using a Multichannel Contact Center

Gone are the days when customers used to exclusively call a customer support contact center for assistance. Instead, now customers can reach out to companies via phone, email, social media, or directly via the company’s website. This creates the additional challenge of managing all of these unified communication channels to provide the best customer service possible. 

This is where multichannel contact centers come to the rescue. Let’s explore all there is to know about multichannel contact center solutions and find out if it is the right solution for your business. 

What is a Multichannel Contact Center?

A multichannel contact center is able to consolidate multiple customer touchpoints such as voice, text, social media, and website traffic via the cloud contact center. This makes it possible for a multichannel contact center to be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. this allows users to experience a brand’s presence with increased customer satisfaction. 

Multichannel contact centers are flexible options for businesses of any size. You can start off with a few agents and consolidate your communication channels as you go when you implement a multichannel contact center approach in your business. This allows you to have multiple touchpoints within your business model to interact with customers and get feedback on your products or services. 

We will also explore what is omnichannel contact centers to understand how they differ from traditional multichannel contact centers. 

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What is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

An omnichannel contact center allows customers to communicate via different communications platforms and seamlessly switch back and forth between different channels. This allows customers to for example reach out initially via social media channels and then call your contact center and receive the same quality of customer care either way and serve the customer’s requirements more efficiently. 

What is the Difference Between Omnichannel and Multichannel Contact Centers?

The main difference between omnichannel and multichannel contact centers is the ability to center customer service around the customer or product. Omnichannel contact centers solutions provide a customer-centric customer service model where the customer can choose to communicate however way is easy for them. Meanwhile, multichannel contact centers operate to service your product or service. There is no channel interactivity when using multichannel contact centers. 

Omnichannel contact centers allow your company to main brand consistency. Giving people multiple modes to communicate and being able to have a continuous conversation has helped omnichannel contact centers become very popular among businesses. Omnichannel contact centers allow for more personalized customer care via interconnected channels while multichannel contact centers offer a more decentralized version of the same solution. 

Why are Multichannel Contact Centers Important?

Multichannel contact centers are more flexible when it comes to cost and ease of deployment compared to omnichannel contact centers while maintaining a similar brand identity across all of your communication channels. This would allow your company the flexibility to outsource some of your multichannel contact center platforms to different companies or maintain the multichannel contact center remotely and more efficiently.

Multichannel contact center manages interactions that create an end-to-end customer journey and can help integrate and personalize customer service to improve your brand’s image. Multichannel contact centers also provide you with contact center optimization tools to offer a competitive advantage by giving you the ability to maintain consistent customer service at any given touch point. 

Multichannel contact centers are also affordable and scalable options for your growing business needs. 

What are the Benefits of a Multichannel Contact Center?

Use Data to be Strategic

Multichannel hosted contact centers offer features that allow you to monitor KPIs and analyze data periodically with automatically generated reports. This can help you finetune all the channels within your multichannel contact center. Long-term data collection via a multichannel contact center can help companies predict trends and gauge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Better Customer Service

The other party that gets to benefit from a multichannel contact center is your customers. By providing different platforms to communicate with customers, you are able to have a better brand presence among different audiences and improve the reach of your products and services with a multichannel contact center approach.

Integrating a multichannel contact center with a CRM can help you take a bigger step forward in providing better customer service. 

Better Agent Experience and Performance

Multichannel contact centers can help reduce those pesky agent turnover rates of traditional contact centers where agents burn out fast without the right tools to provide good customer service. With tools to measure and monitor multichannel contact center agent performance, you can take a more hands-on approach when it comes to empowering your agents. AI features in the multichannel contact, center allow for a more intuitive customer service interaction with sentiment analysis. 

Considerations Before Setting Up a Multichannel Contact Center

Before setting up a multichannel contact center vendor meetings for your business, here are some key factors to consider:

Channels You Want to Promote

With a multichannel contact center approach, it is best to focus on a few lucrative communication channels pertaining to your business and give it the right resources needed. Not every platform is going to be relevant to your business, hence it is important to understand your target demographics and create effective communication via the selected channels. 

Agent Training

Your multichannel contact center agents need to be trained and prepared for different types of interactions with different customer bases. Giving your agents training can improve the ROI of your multichannel contact center solution. With new tools such as AI and cloud management, it is important to provide adequate training to get the right use out of your multichannel contact center.

AI Assistance

Artificial intelligence solutions in multichannel contact centers can help companies handle a majority of customer interactions. Creating customer journeys with self-service options can help reduce the human resources need to run a successful multichannel contact center. 

Software Integrations

Integrating a multichannel contact center solution with a CRM can help improve the customer service experience immensely. This will provide your multichannel contact center agents with the right resources to provide a customized experience and also improve agent satisfaction. 

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