The Pros and Cons of Contact Center Outsourcing

The Pros and Cons of Contact Center Outsourcing

Companies that no longer wish to manage their in-house contact center services choose options like the best contact center software, and hosted contact center systems, or consider contact center outsourcing to ensure their business and client relationships are well maintained for a price that's affordable and returns the most business ROI.

Contact center outsourcing is mainly known as hiring an organization to work for your company and manage its contact center remotely from another source outside the company. The call centers usually use two methods of contact center outsourcing. These main types of contact center outsourcing are inbound and outbound services. 

Why Do Companies Outsource Their Contact Centers?

Different companies invest in services like contact center outsourcing or cloud contact centers if cannot or no longer wish to manage customer service in an in-house system which may present problems or limitations like:

  • The small business cannot afford to contain a team specifically for contact center outsourcing. 
  • Not enough funds to get the required hardware and equipment to set up an in-house contact center in the office, so they opt for contact center outsourcing options.
  • A customizable contact center outsourcing service allows you to choose when to hire the team depending on the need if you're running a small business.
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What are the 4 Types of Contact Centers?

When we're talking about contact center outsourcing, it's important to understand the types of contact centers and their main purpose. The four main types of contact centers are as follows:

  • Call Centers
  • Contact Centers
  • Inbound Contact Centers
  • Outbound Contact Centers

Call Centers

Call centers are similar to contact centers, but the difference is that the call centers are a general customer helpline service available 24/7. Call centers only deal with receiving customer calls and noting down their complaints. Sometimes these call centers can work with contact centers and deal with specific customers and work on resolving their issues together. 

Another difference is that the call center is an inbound service, whereas the contact center outsourcing could be done in multiple cases where it is needed.

Contact Centers

Contact center outsourcing can also be done based on the requirements. The contact centers are usually the ones that can provide support on multiple channels, whether it is through emails, chat, calls, or any other medium of conversation. This is why they also have features like AI-based chatbots to simplify customer conversations.

Inbound Contact Centers

The inbound contact centers were usually used in the starting of communication methods in order fit the customers to reach the companies they're buying products from. 

An inbound contact center mainly deals with incoming customer calls and deals with their queries. In the modern world, however, the inbound system works with the help of the VOIP system and ensures better customer service. 

Outbound Contact Centers

The outbound contact centers can receive as well as make phone calls. These phone calls can also be based on a salesperson’s call and things like that. Outbound centers are one of the primary ways to communicate with your customers and ensure their satisfaction. These outbound contact centers can also be used for contact center outsourcing based on the company’s requirements.

Contact Center Outsourcing: Pros

There are various pros to using contact center outsourcing services, as it is better to use this option if you have a small business or are just starting with your business. Contact center outsourcing is a service used when a company uses the costs of an in-house contact center and utilizes those finances elsewhere.

There are many benefits of customer contact center outsourcing, some of which are discussed briefly below.


One of the main features of contact center outsourcing is that it is customizable and you can choose services that you require from the packages of a contact center outsourcing organization and use their services when you're in most need. If you're someone with a small business considering a remote contact center or an outsourced contact center, you can compare contact centers and choose the best option for helping your business grow.

24/7 Support

One of the benefits of contact center outsourcing can be the option to have a 24/7 open contact center for your customers. 24/7 support is necessary for rapidly growing businesses or businesses that receive more customer calls. Since contact center outsourcing is remote work, the employees could work on flexible schedules, and more employees could be hired for different shifts making a 24/7 contact center outsourcing system run smoothly.

Multilingual Options

Another feature of contact center outsourcing is that it can offer multilingual support. However, getting such a feature in an in-house system might not be easy. The multilingual contact center outsourcing feature could win many clients from all over the globe. It can also prove to be easier to communicate with the local customers in their native who aren't that familiar with another language.

Cost Effective

The cost-effectiveness of VoIP contact center outsourcing is a top benefit. In addition, contact center outsourcing ensures that the company is saved from all the expenses of creating a space, hiring a team, and getting the necessary machinery to run the contact center. Using the contact center outsourcing method is better than working with the best contact center experts through this medium.

Contact Center Outsourcing: Cons

The cons of contact center outsourcing could be related to the apparent workspace differences. Considerably, the disadvantages of outsourcing should also be kept in mind when deciding to employ a remote-based contact center workforce optimization system for this purpose. The following are the main concerns when hiring a contact center outsourcing team.

In contact center outsourcing, there could be problems and issues like language barriers or difficulty understanding each other. Other than that, poor connection issues can also be a barrier between the main office and the contact center outsourcing team.

You can no longer choose who should be a part of your company and who shouldn't because this removes you from being in charge of your company’s workforce.

There could be a chance that your company's security is in jeopardy when you outsource some remote teams without doing proper research about them.

How to Compare Contact Center Outsourcing Options

Comparing the best contact center software and outsourcing options can give you a good idea of what options and tools will work best in your business. You should carefully review the best contact center features and get an idea of how pricing models work so you can compare costs. User reviews from companies similar to yours can also help guide your decision by seeing what tools are most useful and affordable.

Contact center outsourcing options can include companies like the following:

  • Infobip - is a cloud-based contact center solution that allows and manages emails and chats and has chatbots for extensive work.
  • Helpware - is a well-known contact center outsourcing company that assigns a customer service manager to each client who helps the team with everything.
  • Trinity is also one of the best contact center outsourcing companies that helps with 24/7 customer support and has 50+ languages.

In conclusion, the main thing we can compare when looking for a contact center outsourcing team is the language support they offer, their general rating, and what kind of contact center AI integrations are used for customer services.

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