Integrating Cloud Contact Center Solutions With AI

Integrating Cloud Contact Center Solutions With AI

The best cloud contact center solutions are being adopted by businesses mainly for their ease of accessibility via online subscriptions, along with being scalable as company needs grow with time. Cloud contact center solutions also pave the way for more holistic services such as Unified Communications (UC), so that companies have a complete suite of applications to serve every customer with keen insights across any channel, sans any delay.

Cloud contact center solutions are a key component for building a unique customer experience, without a doubt. In a business landscape that is fast-paced as it is fierce, this is imperative, since numerous companies vie for the same customer’s attention - especially across digital platforms. For attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, cloud contact center solutions are a must-have, but they aren’t sufficient.

So what can enhance the capabilities of cloud contact center solutions, to help businesses generate and execute a CX strategy that is lucrative yet scalable? Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have long since become key components of enterprise software across numerous categories and industries - and cloud contact center solutions are no exception.

While AI and machine learning have been integral constituents for intelligent analytics and data visualizations, these technologies play extended roles in the realm of cloud contact center solutions. From intelligent IVR to conversational AI, the possibilities for cloud contact center solutions are endless, with AI and its subset technologies.

Importance of Cloud Contact Center Solutions for Customer Experience

Customer service in today’s business environment bears the responsibility of establishing customer loyalty among existing customers, while attracting new customers at the same time. Cloud contact center solutions are the means to such crucial ends, since customer service agents will be equipped with all the capabilities they need to reach customers across the channel they prefer, on time, and with enough contextual insight for having productive conversations.

However, cloud contact center solutions alone are seldom going to suffice; having a complete suite of applications that can enhance yet maintain the most important qualities of customer service in a steadfast manner is what will help businesses cut through the noise, and reach the right customers at the right time. As customers continue to be inundated with an almost endless stream of options across digital platforms, businesses and cloud contact center solutions alike need to make positive first impressions - and fast. 

This is why understanding your potential buyer’s story is so important, before building a CX strategy. Once your customer service teams are familiarized with buyer personas and the possible journey each customer may take in order to select and purchase a product or service, cloud contact center solutions can be configured accordingly to be compatible with said customer journeys - and guide your customer service teams at every step.

CRM software is another component that is essential for building customer experience that can truly help deliver the revenue and engagement your business aims to acquire. Therefore, integrating CRM with cloud contact center solutions simultaneously offers customer service, sales and marketing teams the insights they need to determine which customers bear high potential, and approach them based on historical data from past interactions. 

Integrating a CRM pipeline with cloud contact center solutions can also help automate common workflows (probably with the help of AI) so teams are always at the top of every responsibility, and no task falls through the proverbial cracks.

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Benefits of Integrating Cloud Contact Center Solutions With AI

Accessing intelligent insights from cloud contact center solutions is one of the biggest benefits that AI can offer. With existing streams of data, forecasting future trends such as a peak in call demand, preferred communication channels for specific customer segments, as well as any campaign-related predictions can be made possible, thanks to AI. Predictive insights of this nature can be highly useful for building the right strategies to handle customers within cloud contact center solutions, so teams are ready and know what to expect, well beforehand. Workflow automation is another benefit for cloud contact center solutions, owing to AI integrations.

With big data and business intelligence, algorithms can be trained with constant streams of data to detect patterns. Such pattern detection can then be used to provide intelligent recommendations to team members when it comes to assigning, executing and prioritizing tasks. 

AI can also be used for automated agents that are deployed within cloud contact center solutions. While IVR is another automated solution that can work closely with automated agents, conversational AI can take your automated agents to a whole new level. Chatbots powered with conversational AI will be able to conduct sentiment analysis via Natural Language Processing (NLP) to gauge whether customer interactions are positive, negative or neutral - and offer feedback that isn’t just factual, but also emotionally mindful.

How Cloud Contact Center Solutions Can Integrate AI

AI can be integrated with cloud contact center solutions in a number of ways, with business intelligence software being one of the most popular. Integrating BI applications to existing cloud contact center solutions can enhance the potency of your contact center overall. Before integrating BI with your cloud based contact center, ensure that it features AI-driven capabilities to offer contextual and predictive insights from existing data.

Alternatively, leading cloud contact center solutions may already offer AI-backed capabilities, such as intelligent chatbots, predictive analytics, and IVR for CX. Depending on your cloud contact center solutions provider, such capabilities may already be infused with the initial subscription you purchase, or may be included as an add-on. 

While cloud contact center solutions of this nature already offer AI-driven features, it is still possible to further customize your application suite with AI and machine learning capabilities of your own. For example, integrating a third-party conversational AI tool within existing cloud contact center solutions can not only help expand the overall performance of the software in general but will also ensure a sense of scalability and adaptability that is in line with the changing needs of your business.

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