What is a Contact Center, and What Does it Do?

What is a Contact Center, and What Does it Do?

What is a contact center? What are its features? How does the best contact center software work? These are all essential questions for any business. To understand a contact center, we must know the importance of communication. Communication is the primary factor in every relationship and the key to a strong client relationship.  

In this prime age of digitalization and the global world era, we have become more and more dependent on virtual and physical communication modes. This dependency has increased the need to explore what a contact center is.

What is a Contact Center?

With the ever-increasing means of communication available for the customers, it is crucial to take full advantage of all these support channels and foster a positive relationship with the client. Contact center benefits can be best accomplished by establishing a dynamic contact center. For this, you need to first understand, what is a contact center?

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What Does Contact Center Mean?

A contact center is a central point from which the business can manage all its customer interactions across various communication channels. To better grasp what is a contact center, take the example of the trunk of a tree grafted into its many branches. It can be a physical or a virtual department and is usually under the customer service department.

The various channels the contact center deals with include inbound calls, outbound calls, email, web chat, SMS, social media, etc. One might ask what is a contact center associated with personal; they are customer service or sales professionals handling customer inquiries and service issues related to complaints, sales, bill payments, technical support, surveys, order status, or other general queries.

What is the Function of a Contact Center?

To answer the question of what is a contact center you need to be aware of its functionalities. Contact centers are multi-functional and can improve client retention for any business with their Omni-channel operations. The main objective of this system is to offer clients a seamless experience with the customer and technical support. There is no queuing in this system, and various interactions co-occur. It is not enough to know what a contact center is but also what function it plays.

The cloud based contact center is responsible for services such as chatbots, surveys, automation, and event promotions through SMS, mobile phones, social media, etc.

What is a Contact Center’s Most Significant Benefit?

After exploring what a contact center is, we can easily conclude that its most significant benefit is customer retention at a cost advantage.

Best Features of Contact Center Software

This use of digital channels requires the use of contact center software. The query arises, what is a contact center-based system? This technology allows them to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Knowing what is a contact center and how the technology used can be tailored to the customers’ preferences is very important.

Some of the best features of a contact center software include:

Video Conferencing

Once you become aware of what is a contact center, you understand that it is software that allows the client and support staff to connect through video conferencing.


The automation technology streamlines and optimizes all business processes. Automation enables efficient two-way communication. Customers can, for example, interact with a chatbot that can assist them in different queries or issues. The use of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows the customers to self-serve. So knowing what is a contact center and using it appropriately cuts cost and free up the employees to work on more value-added activities.

Artificial Intelligence

Knowing what is a contact center and using the contact center software AI technology, agents can come up with recommended solutions and automatic responses while dealing with customers.

Personalized Responses

AI technology is also used to keep records of the phone numbers associated with customers’ accounts, enabling agents to have immediate access to important client information. The software also redirects the customer if they encounter any problem online.

Real-Time Service

If you know enough about what is a contact center, you must be aware that it provides flexible on-demand services so the customers can be satisfied 24/7. It is essential that customers can have access to customer support at any convenient time whenever the issue arises.

Insights and Analytics

The contact center provides businesses with customer behavior analytics tools. These insights can be used to enhance the support services and even for new product development. For deeper insights, many companies opt to integrate contact center with business intelligence (BI) software for deeper customer data insights and data visualizations.

What is the Difference Between a Call Center and a Contact Center?

To know what is a contact center it is necessary to recognize the difference between a call center and a contact center.

A call center can be a contact center, but a contact center isn’t always necessarily a call center. This might raise some concerns about what is a call center is and what a contact center. Both are departments that provide customer services.

The difference lies in the channel of communication. While a call center is essentially based on telephone-based interactions, the contact centers are Omnichannel. Today, in this global village, customers want support service through the broader expanse of channels. Knowing what is a contact center, we can say that the call center focuses on voice communication while the contact center deals with all kinds of communication.

To answer the question of what a contact center is, it can be said that it is an evolved form of the call center and provides a more personalized experience.

What are the Types of Contact Centers?

After determining what is a contact center, we can classify contact centers into different types. These are explored below.

Inbound Contact Center

What is an inbound contact center; well, this is a traditional type of contact center. The agents handle incoming calls using VoIP and IVR technology. They respond to customer queries related to sales, orders, service, technical support, etc. Contact center workforce optimization automations are often popular for inbound contact centers that manage high volumes of calls and service requests each day.

Outbound Contact Center

What is an outbound contact center? This type of contact center is used to expand your business and engage with the customer. It helps increase customer growth and deals with sales, customer follow-ups, telemarketing, generating leads, etc.

Multichannel and Omni-channel Contact Center

A multichannel contact center allows customers to interact with the business through various channels to improve your business communications. Omni-channel seamlessly integrates these multiple channels into one unified platform. Differentiating between these types entails knowing what a contact center is.

How to Buy the Best Contact Center Software

To buy the best contact center software, businesses first need to know what is a contact center and what they want from it.

  • Determine your business requirements. Consider your customer base and staffing resources.
  • Decide whether you want a cloud-based or an on-premise contact center and whether your contact center will play the role of inbound, outbound, or a blended contact center.
  • Look over what you know about what is a contact center and compare the reviews, user experience, pricing, free trials, and other features as discussed in this article.
  • Keep in mind the scalability of the business and the software.

Contact Center acts as a vital tool in customer retention and business expansion. Businesses can easily set up a dynamic contact center by knowing what a contact center is. With a busy contact center in place, companies can maintain a higher level of customer loyalty.

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