The Best VoIP Communication Platform: Pros and Cons

The Best VoIP Communication Platform: Pros and Cons

To transport phone calls via IP (Internet Protocol) networks, voice over IP (VoIP) is a common phrase used in telecommunications. VoIP communication platform reduces the complexity and cost of communications infrastructure by combining voice and data traffic onto a single IP network. Beginning in the middle of the 2000s, consumers, businesses, and service providers started widely utilizing VoIP communication platform technologies and solutions.

What is The Best VoIP Communication Platform For Business?

VoIP communication platforms and IP telephony have frequently been used interchangeably. When referring to the specific situation of VoIP over the open Internet, the term "Internet Telephony" was frequently used. VoIP has been revolutionizing business communication

Customers use VoIP communication platform services to cut their long-distance and international calling costs. Thanks to the many independent VoIP and over-the-top (OTT) service providers, subscribers can access the PSTN at a low price over broadband Internet.

VoIP communication platform services are also provided by several cable multiple-system operators (MSOs), frequently as part of "triple play" packages. Specialized IP softphone clients or IP phones are used to access VoIP services. Most cable MSOs and dedicated residential VoIP communication platform service providers support analog telephone adapters (ATAs) for standard house telephones.

Businesses employ VoIP communication platform products and services to cut operating costs and telecommunications equipment expenditures. Companies have replaced conventional PBXs and digital critical systems in their offices with IP-based PBXs and, more recently, IP-based unified communications (UC) solutions that enable not just voice but also video and text messaging in real time. 

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What Is an Example of a VoIP Communication Platform?

It would help if you first decided how your business plans to use a phone system before considering a brand, then chose a specific brand name. Look at your current phone setup and determine if you want to keep it all and add VoIP communication platform capabilities. Keep some of it but replace the rest.

Usually, a total replacement is optional, even if merely because some parts of your current phone system cannot be easily converted to softphones or even desktop VoIP communication platform telephones, for whatever reason.

Below are the critical details of a few popular VoIP communication platform service providers.

Find out more about the top multiple-line VoIP communication platforms for small businesses.


RingCentral offers a complete work-from-home solution with everything you need, including integrated messaging, unlimited video conferencing, and a cloud-based system.

Plans for this option start at $19.99 a month per user and provide a good feature set for a fair price.

RingCentral is incredibly trustworthy. Because of the company's 99.999 percent uptime guarantee, your local personnel and distant employees can rely on your VoIP communication platform system to remain functional whenever needed.


Ooma Enterprise solutions' scalable remote work options start at $19.95 per month per person.

Because of its affordable price and scalable options, Ooma is one of the best small business phone services. Ooma's Office and Office Pro plans are among the most feature-rich VoIP communication platform phone service alternatives for businesses with remote workers, despite being among the most reasonably priced.


For medium-sized businesses on a tight budget, Nextiva is a great option because it combines affordability with a wide range of valuable features. Along with enabling your workers to ditch bulky office phones, Nextiva's web administration platform makes it simple to handle several lines—even if they are being used by various members of your staff who are located in different places. 

Prices for Nextiva start at $17.95 per month for each user. It may be scaled for many different locales.


Using a low-cost VoIP communication platform phone service makes much sense, given the present economic situation and the difficulties that small businesses face. The good news is that 8x8 offers three simple, feature-rich solutions that could assist you in minimizing expenditures while still getting all the VoIP communication platform capabilities you require.

This business combines cheap calls with first-rate customer service. The cost is $12 per month for each user.

VoIP Communication Platform: The Pros

Initial Internet-Related Issues

VoIP communication platforms are inescapably connected to the internet. If your connection is unreliable or has insufficient bandwidth, you'll likely encounter problems like choppy audio, latency, and more. A different line would be advisable if you want to create the ideal environment for your VoIP communication platform calls. Learn more about how to set up the perfect VoIP communication platform setting. 

Emergency Phone Calls

VoIP communication platform can often not connect to emergency phone numbers like 911 since it is not subject to the same rules as landlines. A local termination is an option provided by some vendors, like CommPeak, which gets around these problems.


While some users might think VoIP communication platform is less secure than traditional landlines, the truth is that VoIP communication platform is just as prone to bugging and phone tapping. Read "Worrying About Your Call Center's Future," an eBook, to learn more about VoIP communication platform security protocols.

VoIP Communication Platform: The Cons


VoIP eliminates the need for costly equipment purchases. You only require a reliable internet connection with enough capacity. Additionally, calling abroad is significantly less expensive, particularly if you select a VoIP communication platform operator with direct links to Tier 1 carriers. All local rates will be sent to you. In addition, most VoIP communication platform companies charge by the minute, so you only pay for what you utilize.

No Geographical Barriers

VoIP communication platform simplifies this process if your call center regularly talks with people in several nations while serving consumers worldwide. A mobile phone makes making and receiving calls while you're away from your office simple.

Extreme Scalability

You can quickly include additional users in your cloud-based calling system. Reconfigurations can be made fast to match current business rules better. VoIP communication platform, you can effortlessly expand, contract, and develop your organization without experiencing any disruptions, ensuring that you can change with the market.

Superior Productivity

VoIP communication platform solutions frequently include time-saving tools that streamline procedures and clarify performance indicators. For instance, you can maximize your campaign efforts by being real-time informed with CommPeak's Cloud PBX. Your agents can call more leads and do more daily without manual tasks.

Easily Integrate CRM

By combining VoIP communication platforms with your CRM, you may improve your consumers' experiences. Agents only need to click once to access all essential data. Everything is synced onto one platform rather than switching between them and wasting time and resources.

High-End Voice Quality

VoIP communication platform service providers like CommPeak have direct links to domestic routes and strategically positioned PoPs, guaranteeing that your audio data goes to the recipient in the shortest possible time. The likelihood of delay and jitters decreases with decreasing distance. It's time to benefit from VoIP communication platforms and better call quality.

Choosing the Best VoIP Communication Platform for Your Business

Here are just a few advantages of utilizing a corporate VoIP phone system:

  • Incoming calls can be received on your PC (desktop app), VoIP phone systems, and even your mobile device (Android / iOS).
  • Multiple employees can use one number.
  • Voice call duration, hold periods, wait times, and use may all be easily tracked.
  • Commercial VoIP communication platform services typically include call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call routing, call queues, unlimited extensions, and other features.
  • Anywhere you choose, you can use the same business phone number.
  • You don't have to offer them your cellphone number because it gives you a business number.
  • Business VoIP communication platform provides more affordable rates for domestic and international calls.
  • Popular business VoIP communication platform companies also offer capabilities like team messaging, workflow automation, business SMS text messaging, and video conferencing.

Compare the best business VoIP communication platform providers to select the best option for your business. 

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