VoIP Tools that Benefit Communication in Mid-Sized Companies

VoIP Tools that Benefit Communication in Mid-Sized Companies

Business adoption of the best VoIP solutions is growing quickly, making VoIP the new standard in business phone communications. VoIP tools can bring a mid-sized business immense benefits, such as cost-savings, mobility, productivity, and leading communication tools and capabilities for a price that fits nicely into your budget. 

The greatest VoIP tools (and how you implement them into your business communications and growth strategies) can be instrumental in creating business benefits and using VoIP to drive growth. Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite enterprise-caliber VoIP tools for mid-sized businesses.

Call Routing

Call routing is an incredibly useful VoIP tools for business if you travel extensively for business, or work in various remote locations throughout the year. You can customize your VoIP tools settings so that your clients and customers can always be routed to you quickly when they call.

The VoIP tools system can recognize their number, and you can set up rules for where particular numbers should be routed, so even if a key client calls your main office line, the call will come directly to you no matter where you are. 

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Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is one of the great VoIP tools you can use to make sure that you can always receive important calls on your IP phone. You can direct your calls to your phone no matter where you are, and be reached on the same number that your clients and customers use to call you at the office.

These types of VoIP tools are great for companies that outsource their contact centers to BPO companies or choose to maintain a remote workforce to reduce overhead costs. This type of VoIP tools assure that no calls are skipped or missed when an agent is not immediately available to attend to a call.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is one of the great VoIP tools that can help your customers, clients, and partners navigate your phone system with a series of voice-activated prompts and options. These types of VoIP tools can alleviate the number of call center agents your business would have to employ at a time,

These VoIP tools are a great way to automate common customer needs such as payments, or ensure that your calls all get to the right person as quickly as possible, with all the pertinent information about who that caller is, and what they are searching for by calling your company. 


The auto-attendant, or virtual receptionist, VoIP tools are great to help assist customers, route calls quickly, and give your company instant clout. Meaning, your mid-sized company will look and feel like an enterprise when people call into your business when using advanced VoIP tools.

These VoIP tools are highly customizable, so you can build unique workflows that will align well with your customer needs and frequently asked questions. It is also possible for customers to receive an email containing details that your customers may be looking for as they interact with the auto-attendant VoIP tools.

Call Recording and Monitoring

VoIP tools systems offer the option for call recording and monitoring, which can give you more flexibility in your collaborations, and also help improve the communication overall in your mid-sized company. 

You can record calls (voice and video) to capture important details or use them as training materials in the future or use the recordings to bring key employees up to speed on a meeting they may have missed due to vacation or travel using VoIP tools such as call recording. With call monitoring VoIP tools, you can improve communication within your organization by keeping a close eye on how your support and sales teams are engaging with customers or clients. 

Voicemail to Email Transcription

The voicemail-to-email transcription VoIP tools offered by popular VoIP systems is a great way to help you manage all your messages more efficiently by consolidating them into one location. With these VoIP tools features, you can have voicemail messages sent to your email in text or mp3 format, so you can respond to your emails and return your calls without pulling messages from different communication mediums.

AI-Powered Language Translations

Artificial intelligence technology is all the rage with modern business automation practices and its effects on VoIP tools are no exception. AI technology makes real-time language translation a possibility in your business communications, across a variety of collaboration mediums you use to connect and serve your customers each day using VoIP tools. 

With these VoIP tools capabilities in place, your various communication modes (email, chat, and voice) will translate languages in real time, which can be extremely useful in closing language barriers and serving international customers or collaborating with clients and partners around the world using VoIP tools.

VoIP Analytics

Call reporting is one of the best VoIP tools that you should use if you use a VoIP phone system in your contact center. Reporting and analytics VoIP tools pull reports on both system performance and call quality to make sure that your agents are delivering top-quality care and that your VoIP phone service is suiting your needs well. 

The call reporting tools available from VoIP tools and services providers can help you find areas of opportunity in your business and help you improve your service with ongoing call coaching and training as well. VoIP tools such as agent performance monitoring features in the reports can help optimize call centers to ensure that your business isn’t wasting resources unnecessarily.

It is now clear that the benefits of using VoIP tools for mid-sized businesses to fulfill their communication requirements can be endless. Upgrade your business communications system to VoIP phone systems to reap the business benefits of VoIP tools for internal and external communication. 

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