Local Minutes: How to Save Money on Calls with VoIP

Local Minutes: How to Save Money on Calls with VoIP

Staying connected as a business is now a fundamental step to being successful. However, excellent communication can come with a steep price tag if you rely on local minutes from your traditional phone service provider. This is where the best VoIP phone system providers come into reduce the cost of communication exponentially to enable businesses to provide the right services without compromising on quality.  

What Are Local Minutes?

The concept of local minutes can vary depending on your phone carrier and the specific plan you have. Different carriers may define local minutes as calls made within the same state, region, or country. To determine your local calling area, you can refer to your phone bill or contact your carrier for clarification. VoIP services are an excellent choice if you want to save money on local calls and enjoy a range of convenient features.

VoIP phone services transmit calls by sending data via packaged signals. The participants encode and decode these signals via the VoIP service provider. Since VoIP utilizes the internet to transmit calls, you are not subject to additional long-distance or roaming call charges. This can lead to significant cost savings, particularly for businesses that frequently make local calls while traveling.

VoIP services are often more affordable than traditional phone services, especially when it comes to local minutes. You can find VoIP plans that provide unlimited local minutes at a reasonable price, helping you save money on your monthly phone expenses. Many VoIP services offer unlimited local calling, allowing you to make unlimited local calls without incurring extra charges. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with large families or those who frequently communicate with local businesses.

VoIP services offer a range of features, such as call forwarding, voicemail, and conference calling, that can enhance your communication experience. These features can improve your connectivity with family and friends, making local calling more convenient and efficient. Setting up and using VoIP services is typically straightforward and user-friendly. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can get started with a VoIP service within minutes, allowing you to enjoy affordable local calling without any hassle.

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What Are the Best Ways to Save Money on Local Minutes?

  • Consider using a VoIP service, as it leverages the power of the internet to transmit voice signals, eliminating the need for long-distance or roaming fees. By opting for VoIP, you can save substantial money on local calls.
  • Look for a plan that offers unlimited local minutes. Many phone carriers provide plans with unlimited local calling, enabling you to make as many local calls as you need without incurring additional charges. This is particularly advantageous for individuals with extensive networks or those frequently in touch with local businesses.
  • Make the most of free features offered by your phone carrier. Some carriers include complimentary features like call forwarding and voicemail, which can help minimize your overall call volume and reduce costs.
  • Strategize your call timings. Phone carriers often offer discounted rates for local calls made during off-peak hours. Familiarize yourself with your carrier's specific off-peak hours to take advantage of these reduced rates and make your calls more cost-effective.

Following these tips can make your local calls more affordable and efficient. Choose the approach that aligns with your needs and preferences to maximize your cost savings.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Each Type of Local Minutes Plan?

There are a few options to consider when it comes to local minutes plans. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each type:

Unlimited Local Calling

This type of plan offers the convenience of unlimited local minutes for a fixed monthly rate. It's ideal for individuals or businesses that frequently make a high volume of local calls. With unlimited minutes, you won't have to worry about monitoring your usage or exceeding your allotted minutes. However, keep in mind that this plan may be more expensive compared to limited local minutes plans, especially if you don't make a significant number of local calls.

Limited Local Minutes

A plan with limited local minutes provides you with a set number of minutes each month for a flat fee. If you don't make a lot of local calls, this plan can be cost-effective as you only pay for the minutes you use. However, keeping track of your usage is important to avoid exceeding your allotted minutes, as additional minutes may be charged at a higher rate.

Free Local Calling

Some VoIP services offer free local minutes as part of their plans, eliminating the need to pay for local minutes. This can be a great option if you make frequent local calls and want to avoid additional charges. However, be aware that not all providers offer this feature, and there may be limitations on the number of calls or specific time frames during which the calls are free.

What Are the Best VoIP Services for Making Local Calls?


Ooma provides plans that offer unlimited local minutes, voicemail, and additional features like free international calling to select countries, call forwarding, conference calling, multiple extensions, call recording, and team messaging. The availability of a free trial allows you to experience Ooma's services before committing to a specific plan.


RingCentral offers plans encompass unlimited local minutes, voicemail, free international calling to select countries, call forwarding, conference calling, multiple extensions, call recording, and team messaging. RingCentral also provides a free trial, enabling you to test their services firsthand.


Vonage presents plans that provide unlimited local minutes, voicemail, free international calling to select countries, call forwarding, conference calling, multiple extensions, call recording, and team messaging. Vonage also offers a free trial to allow potential users to explore their offerings.

Take the time to evaluate your specific needs and budget and consider exploring the free trial offerings from these VoIP services to make an informed decision that meets your requirements. Compare the best VoIP system providers with the best local minutes packages for you. 

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