Is A Mobile VoIP Phone System Right for Your Business?

Is A Mobile VoIP Phone System Right for Your Business?

Improving telecommunications services with the best VoIP phone systems is a common goal for many business owners. As more and more companies move from traditional landlines to the Internet and mobile-based communications systems, there are more options than ever for adding new features, consolidating costs, and boosting productivity.

Mobile VoIP technology is one such option that can help streamline your company’s telecommunications tools while also increasing efficiency in multiple areas.

What is VoIP Telephony?

VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) technology provides users with uniquely customizable features and a great deal of flexibility in terms of installation, maintenance, and billing.

A VoIP phone system transmits voice (and also data, fax, or video files) over an Internet connection, typically through broadband Internet service. Similarly, mobile VoIP systems transmit through WiFi connections (

With the basic VoIP hardware needing to only be in one physical location, companies with many different geographical areas have found VoIP service efficient and economical.

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What is a Mobile VoIP Phone?

VoIP and mobile VoIP provides users with the same services as traditional landline telephone service and the added flexibility of connecting to business partners and clients worldwide through a primary Internet connection. Mobile VoIP takes this convenience one step further by enabling users to stay in touch even when traveling or away from the office, all through personal mobile phone devices.

For example, those traveling internationally need only locate a WiFi connection hotspot in an airport or local café to check in with the home office and send emails, check voicemails, or place calls.

Mobile VoIP and standard VoIP subscribers often pay fixed monthly service fees, an attractive option for businesses looking to keep costs steady while expanding their telecommunications reach. Such plans also benefit companies with high-volume calling needs, particularly those doing business abroad.

Features like fax capability and call management can be added on or removed at any time, further reflecting the unique flexibility of VoIP technology. With mobile VoIP, a company can provide as many mobile devices to its employees as allowed in the budget and can add on or downgrade whenever necessary.

If your company wants to expand its telecommunications reach from traditional landline telephony or upgrade from basic fixed-line VoIP, mobile VoIP service offers several benefits.

Mobile VoIP is great for mobile employees who travel frequently and companies with multiple geographical locations. The technology ensures that your employees can stay connected whether they’re visiting clients in various cities or stuck in the airport due to a layover. The flexibility of mobile VoIP will undoubtedly boost productivity and efficiency at the communications end of any business.

What Is the Difference Between VoIP and A Mobile Phone?

Service delivery is the only difference between calls made via a VoIP phone system and a mobile phone. VoIP phone systems deliver their service via an internet bandwidth, while mobile calls are delivered via standard telephone wires. 

Mobile VoIP enables users to access their VoIP phone system via a mobile app while using a cellular internet connection. This is an easy communication option for many individuals and businesses due to 5G technology that is here to stay. 

In the early days of mobile VoIP, there were many concerns about the unreliability of the service and lack of call clarity. However, these issues have since been resolved, enabling VoIP phone systems to be the preferred business communication mode. 

Benefits of Mobile VoIP

Here are some key advantages of implementing a mobile VoIP phone system:

Lower Costs

Mobile VoIP phone system enables businesses to enjoy savings on business communication by lowering the dependency on a phone carrier. Moving to VoIP might be the best option for small businesses that need to expand their communication network. 

Increased Accessibility

As the name suggests, mobile VoIP phone systems can be used on any mobile device. Using any softphone app, your mobile workforce can access the VoIP phone system at any time, from anywhere. 


VoIP phone systems are highly scalable business communications solutions, with most VoIP providers offering affordable per-user pricing for their packages. This way, businesses can opt for mobile VoIP phone systems that will scale alongside the company without purchasing expensive hardware upgrades. 

Better Voice Quality

With recent advancements in 5G technology, the call clarity of VoIP calls is unparalleled. The days of call drops and unreliability are no more. These days, VoIP calls can be more precise than standard cellular communication!

Best Mobile VoIP Providers


RingCentral is a unified communication platform that enables businesses to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Employees can enjoy a reliable VoIP phone system when switching to RingCentral while increasing productivity with analytics and boosting revenue in addition to VoIP savings. With affordable monthly subscriptions, RingCentral is the perfect VoIP phone solution for businesses looking to kickstart their business communication. 


Nextiva VoIP phone systems are enjoyed by small and large businesses worldwide due to their reliability and legacy as a PBX service provider. Nextiva offers all of the standard VoIP features in their basic monthly plan with add-ons to fit your business requirements. With affordable cloud PBX and VoIP phone system solutions, Nextiva offers all the answers for businesses to upgrade and transition to VoIP. 


8x8 is a unified communications platform that enables businesses to move their business communication to the cloud and make it accessible to all. 8x8 provides customizable VoIP business solutions that will fit any company’s budget and will definitely satisfy your communication requirements. With additional features such as virtual offices, software for contact centers, and extended business phone services, 8x8 is the perfect solution for businesses on track for growth. 

VoIP phone systems are the cornerstone of the communication infrastructure of businesses and the recent pandemic heightened the need for mobile VoIP solutions. 

Finding the right mobile VoIP phone system can be a daunting task. Read more about the VoIP vendor checklist factors to consider when selecting the right VoIP phone system for your business and compare the best VoIP phone system providers

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