5G Is Going Mainstream:
Is Your Business Ready?


5G has created a big buzz in the mobile and business communities over the past couple of years, leaning on the messaging that previously unheard of network speed, downloads, and streaming are coming soon. In 2019, several major mobile carriers began rolling out 5G in test markets, and today we’re seeing 5G make its foray into the mainsteam, beginning in major markets (and on Android devices to start).

5G will boast network speeds upwards of twenty times faster than the current 4G technology. Bandwidth will also see a huge boost (allowing for 1,000 devices per meter on a connection).

The mainstream availability of 5G is going to revolutionize the speed and capabilities of mobile networks and devices, but it’s also going to impact business strategy, communications systems, and support other key trends shaping the modern workplace. Is your business ready to leverage all the potential in 5G?

Business Implications of 5G

5G is going to impact business in several important ways, giving companies key advantages and new digital strategies to embrace. Here’s a closer look at the business implications of 5G now and in the near future.

Increased Speed and Real-Time Connections

Speed is one of the biggest advantages that 5G is going to introduce to mobile networks. With increased speeds, real-time voice and video connections will be easy and seamless, with fewer dropped calls or slowed video communications. The upped speed of 5G will also support faster online sales processing and make file-sharing, particularly during video meetings, faster than ever before.

In sum, 5G is predicted to make online meetings and connections faster and easier, and virtually eliminate interruptions typically caused by slow streaming and download speeds. 

Remote Work 

Remote work is quickly becoming the norm in modern companies, thanks to the prominence of the internet and the widespread availability and affordability of cloud-based software and other online tools that all work to make remote work not only possible, but more efficient for companies and ideal for employees. 

5G will definitely support remote work by making communication, support, and sales systems faster and more reliable with increased speeds and network capacity. 

Mobile VoIP Improvements in Voice and Video

Even in its infancy, 5G is bringing about innovations in telepresence with holographic conferencing capabilities and Ultra HD video calling will likely soon be the norm. Additionally, 360-Degree video calling is already in the works, which means you can have even more realistic, personal, face-to-face interactions via video and the opportunity for even more impactful presentations and demonstrations via video with this technology.

Increased Smart Device Connection Opportunities

5G will certainly further the IoT trend of an ever-growing number of connected, smart devices across the globe. The increased speed and bandwidth availability will make it possible to have even more devices connected to the internet, from cloud business software systems and smart phones and tablets, to other smart machines and devices that are being used more frequently across a multitude of industries. 

Is Your Business Ready to Embrace 5G?

With the increased speed and broadband capacities that 5G will introduce to the market, there are going to be many business opportunities to consider, try out, and embrace. But it’s important that your business is ready for all that 5G will offer.

The increase in speed and bandwidth capacity 5G brings is so substantial that it’s bound to create a lot of opportunity for what you can do in your business when it comes to communication, connections, and more. With 5G on the horizon, you can identify all the best opportunities it’s going to introduce to your business by rethinking your digital strategy to see where you want to take your business, and how the increased speed and capabilities of 5G will support those goals.

If you’ve been considering moving your business systems to the cloud, 5G is another reason to make that switch.

Or it may be time to think seriously about allowing remote work in your company.

Perhaps you want to begin leveraging cutting edge virtual technology in your company (such as Virtual Reality experiences and training or introduce Augmented Reality features to make your business apps more meaningful and interactive).

5G speeds and capabilities are going to open up a lot of opportunities for tech-savvy companies, but it's important to have a clear strategy in place so everything you leverage on the 5G network is geared toward your company's future and growth. 

You should also keep an eye on any drawbacks that 5G could mean for your unique business and think about how this change is going to impact your teams, company-wide. Make sure you have a plan for addressing those concerns with careful examination around needed system upgrades, advanced security, and employee training.