High and Low Costs of Virtual Call Center Software

High and Low Costs of Virtual Call Center Software

Customer satisfaction is one of the most timeless business success principles. Business growth thrives on happy, satisfied customers, so companies strive to exceed expectations and deliver an excellent virtual call center experience in every interaction a customer may have with their business or brand.

Many companies tend to invest in leading virtual call center software to help support quality and productivity in customer interactions. Contact center pricing can vary based on business size and needs, so comparing virtual call center options by price and features can ensure you choose the best virtual call center software for your company.

Even though customer experience has always been a vital component of business success, today's customers are hyper-connected due to the internet's communication and interaction opportunities.

This hyper-connectivity of virtual call centers offers businesses many opportunities for engaging new customers and communicating in more meaningful ways. However, it also means that one unsatisfied or disgruntled customer has the potential to do more damage to your brand than ever before.

As your company grows, it can quickly become more challenging to provide exceptional customer service without using a virtual call center guided by helpful, knowledgeable representatives of your company.

Best Virtual Call Center Software

In the past, setting up a virtual hosted contact center to tend to your essential customer calls and needs was an extremely costly endeavor. The high costs of these virtual call centers back then were primarily attributed to setting up and maintaining an active, busy virtual call center on-site. In recent years, the landscape of the virtual call center has changed through tremendous upgrades in virtual capability and business affordability.

While some businesses still use on-premise call centers, companies of every size are embracing technological advancement by using virtual call center software for their customer service needs.

Cloud-based VoIP contact centers can provide customer service agents with an array of productivity-enhancing tools and features designed to support the delivery of a fantastic customer experience, including:

  • Call routing software
  • Predictive dialer software
  • Incoming and outgoing number recognition
  • Dynamic routing capabilities
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Dashboard for workforce management
  • Tools for social media management

Cloud-based virtual call center software can help businesses of any size with their customer service needs and satisfaction goals. Fortunately, there are affordable virtual call center options for growing businesses as well as more robust opportunities for large companies with more advanced needs. As you consider which virtual call center solution best fits your business needs, you’ll want to consider what type of budget you want to allocate to this software.

There are also many virtual call center software providers to choose from. Here are our high-cost and low-cost recommendations for call center software.

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High-Cost Virtual Call Center Software Price  

If you have a large business that operates a very responsive and high-volume customer virtual call center, then investing in a more robust virtual call center software solution will likely serve your business needs the best.

While the monthly price of the high-cost virtual call center software solutions can cost twice as much as some of the more affordable options, the overall return on investment of the answer will be much more affordable and effective than a drastically more expensive on-site solution.

The recommendations below offer virtual call center and full contact center software options to enable the support success of medium to large companies with bustling call center needs.

Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern virtual call center software offers multichannel contact center solutions so that your customers can receive excellent service through their chosen communication channel, whether it is a phone, chat, or email.

This virtual call center software provider boasts a user-friendly dashboard filled with tools to help agents serve their customers efficiently and effectively. Additionally, Bright Pattern adheres to SLAs to ensure their service is always up to your expectations.

Zendesk Talk

Zendesk Talk is a cloud-based contact center software solution from Zendesk. It can be seamlessly integrated with the Zendesk virtual call center solution. Zendesk Voice offers flexible IVT, real-time queue monitoring so as to remove the incidence of bottlenecks, and group routing so that the call queueing times can be reduced.

It comes along with Zendesk virtual call center analytics which provides valuable insights into the call center operations, KPIs, metrics, agent performance, etc. Combined with the Zendesk help desk, it has become a powerful solution for monitoring call center operations.

Low-Cost Virtual Call Center Software 

Suppose your growing company now requires a dedicated virtual call center environment to effectively manage customer calls, questions, or orders. In that case, a cloud-based call center software solution is a great selection.

These virtual call center software solutions offer customer experience-enhancing tools and intuitive dashboards linked to your phone service, enabling virtual call center agents to better serve your customers more efficiently and quickly. Most affordable cloud-based virtual call center providers usually offer a monthly per-user rate creating more accessibility in the growing market. 

An affordable and powerful virtual call center software provider is an excellent option for small to medium businesses.

Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce offers virtual call center software and full contact center options to give your customers the service they need at a time that works for them. SalesForce does not charge any upfront costs and is easy to deploy to begin serving customers around the globe. For an affordable monthly fee per user, Salesforce offers the best bang for your company’s buck while giving your business the to go utterly remote in these trying times.


3CX virtual call center software provides complete PBX solutions for small businesses with limited finances. With cloud-based virtual call center capabilities, 3CX allows companies to lower their overhead costs with free or very low-cost subscriptions. Due to its cloud capabilities, 3CX is more conducive to maintaining remote virtual call centers for businesses that want to prioritize their customer services. 

To help select the best virtual call center software provider for your business, refer to our Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide and compare the available leading virtual call center vendors.

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