Are Virtual Phone System Reviews Overwhelming You?

Are Virtual Phone System Reviews Overwhelming You?

Selecting the best phone system for your office is a critical business decision. However, all the information can sometimes get overwhelming. Read our comprehensive phone system guide to give you the information you need at a glance. 

What Is a Phone System?

Modern phone system solutions provide businesses with the right tools to collaborate in the new hybrid workplace era. A move to VoIP phone systems can be beneficial to employees working from anywhere. Cloud-based technology has allowed virtual phone systems to become the latest trend in phone system technology that allows for this innovation in collaboration.

Users can use their desktop or mobile devices to make and receive calls using a virtual phone system, and phone systems can also be used with the existing phone devices of a business. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, phone systems can transfer calls as data packets over IP networks to ensure that you can receive your calls wherever you are.  

Virtual phone systems come with many features that make communication easy and effective:

  • Auto-attendant features
  • Personalized greetings
  • Hold music
  • Automatic call routing
  • Call forwarding
  • Called ID
  • Comprehensive call reports
  • Call recording
  • Affordable international calling
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What Are the Benefits of a Phone System?

Lower Infrastructure Cost

With virtual phone systems, your business can easily communicate using your existing telephony equipment or the softphone features of VoIP phone systems. Without the expensive setup costs and equipment costs, virtual phone systems are ideal for some businesses and startups.

Lower Your Phone Bill

When all communication is done via VoIP technology, you do not have to spend insane phone carrier charges for making calls. Most phone system vendors can provide the right solutions for your business to make it a worthy investment.

On-demand Phone Numbers

Your business can set up call campaigns nationwide or worldwide with specialized routing numbers to reduce carrier charges. You can also set up call routing features to route calls to employees’ mobile devices for more accessible communication. 

Intelligent Call Routing

Auto-attendant features of phone systems allow callers to route themselves to the relevant party without controlling a switchboard. With other features like voice-to-email functions, you can be more available to callers if used for customer service. Interactive voice response (IVR) systems to improve customer experience and help run a smooth customer service call center using VoIP phone systems. 

Better Reports

When employing phone system software, you can be assured that it will record every call within your network. You can effectively monitor all activity, including phone system agent efficiency. With the performance review functions of phone systems, you don’t need to track each call center agent's activity manually. 

How to Start Comparing VoIP?

If you are beginning your search or overwhelmed by the myriad of competitive information available, check out our VoIP Buyer's Guide today. This guide can be used to guide you through buying a new phone system, from considering your options to focusing on minute features of a solution that will most benefit your business.

Choosing a phone system is no easy task. Learn more about how to purchase an office phone system:

Competing brands – how do they differ?

  • Best value for money – which approach is most cost-effective for you?
  • What do you do when you need help?
  • What Is the Best Phone System in the World? 

Intermedia AnyMeeting

Intermedia AnyMeeting phone systems are complete unified communication as software. (UCaaS) the solution that allows businesses to communicate using voice and video conferencing capabilities. With intuitive call controls, clear sound, and the cleanest of interfaces, Intermedia AnyMeeting is one of the best phone system solutions available.


Nextiva is a comprehensive business VoIP phone system solution affordable to businesses of any size with its scalable subscription models that help small businesses to grow with VoIP. Its cloud-PBX services make Nextiva one of the most popular phone system solutions for its VoIP capabilities. Nextiva also facilitates video conferences, chat rooms, directories, call controls, and cloud syncing services to ensure that your company communication is in good hands no matter where you are. 


Dialpad is another popular cloud-based business phone system for businesses that want agile, mobile communication for internal and external communication. With its advanced range of features, Dialpad also leverages AI technology to support workflows and automate calling and reporting tools to run an efficient communication system. Dialpad offers customizable phone system plans to facilitate your business's needs. 


RingCentral has evolved from its humble beginnings as a cloud-based PBX provider to becoming a fully-fledged UCaaS solution that offers all the modern amenities of a phone system. with cloud access to your phone system at all times, your employees can work from anywhere, which means fewer overhead costs for your business. RingCentral offers many affordable phone systems plans with a free thirty-day trial period to ensure that it’s the perfect business phone system solution for your office. 


8x8 is another popular UCaaS solution provider for small to mid sizes businesses. With its wide range of cloud services and extended services such as virtual dating, virtual offices, and software contact centers, it is a complete UCaaS platform. with an emphasis on quality of service, security, reliability, and scalability, RingCentral is perfect for businesses transitioning from traditional phone systems. With virtually no downtime, 8x8 phone system solutions provide businesses with the most value for their buck with customizable phone system plans to fit every budget. 

Need to Make a Decision Quickly?

Are you overwhelmed by all of the phone system reviews on the internet? Do you need more time to read the phone system reviews you need? We can help! Our VOIP Comparison Tools guide you through the salient facts of every leading system: how much it costs, its capacity and significant features, what kind of service you can expect if you need help, and more. If you're feeling the pressure to make a phone systems decision quickly, this guide will help you compare and contrast solutions promptly.

Let our VoIP comparison tools guide you through the phone system buying process, no matter at which stage of the process. Simplify your decision-making and compare the best phone systems in the market.


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