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Intermedia AnyMeeting Reviews & Overview

What is Intermedia AnyMeeting?

AnyMeeting is a free online web conferencing tool, and webinar solution that hosts online meetings. It depends upon the community of users who steer the direction of the services offered by AnyMeeting through feedbacks. The hosting is free for small businesses as it incorporates advertising which generates its main revenue. It is can run on both Mac and PC operating systems and allows anyone to use the web-conferencing service for free. Its target market is independent sole proprietors, small businesses and startups. The users also act as consultants for AnyMeeting products providing bugs reports for fixing. The company uses the feedback received from the users before they implement new features. 

Key Features

  • It hosts up to 200 people, and you can present to hundreds of users, or hold small meetings.
  • You can create and customize your invitations and registration forms that you email to your attendees easily.
  • The tool can integrate with PayPal, and you can sell tickets for your webinar meeting. (online seminar). The participants can use their credit cards or PayPal accounts. It can also integrate with social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. It is convenient for businesses that want to create their web seminars specifically for income generation.
  • It is quick, and also user-friendly whereby you can share your desktop with other participants.
  • You can support up to 6 people at once in a live video conferencing and use the webcam to meet “face-to-face”.
  • The meetings are recorded and shared by simply clicking the record button.
  • You can export the audience data and analyze their reactions after you make your presentation.
  • On the desktop feature, you can select the applications that you want your participants to view.
  • You can create custom surveys that you can use to poll the webinars hosted.
  • AnyMeeting provides intuitive controls, clear sound, and a clean interface.
  • You can set passwords for security purposes that limit the attendants to invitees/registrants.
  • It has a high-quality Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). You can also upload slides and a note-taking tool. The presenter or attendee can take the notes and share with the group, or keep them private. You can also attach a YouTube video that the presenters and attendees can play, and pause at will., Inc.

Intermedia AnyMeeting Pricing

per host / per month
Intermedia AnyMeeting Pricing Details

Intermedia AnyMeeting Key Features

Conferencing Features
  • Screen Sharing
  • VoIP
  • Record Meetings
  • Meeting Lock
  • Meeting Transcript
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Custom Invitations
  • Company Branding
  • Global Dial-In
  • Spotlight Layouts
  • Grid Layouts
  • Join from Chrome
  • Join from Mobile
  • Call Scheduler
  • Background Blur
  • Custom Meeting Background
Collaboration Features
  • Application Sharing
  • Remote Control
  • Speaker Identification
  • IM/Chat
  • Meeting Notes
Presenter Control Features
  • Add/Remove Participants
  • Mute/Unmute
  • Annotation
Intermedia AnyMeeting Features Details

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Intermedia AnyMeeting Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • Has free and easy to use conference call lines and provided the broadband is strong enough, screen sharing is incredibly simple.
  • Lack of an option to pay on the fly, the entire price of webinars was very high, poor broadband at times, and has odd default times sometimes.

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