Which Contact Center Features Should Your SMB Embrace First?

Which Contact Center Features Should Your SMB Embrace First?

Which Contact Center Features Should Your SMB Embrace First?

Providing an excellent customer care experience is very important in any size company, but when your business is small, it’s vital that you make every customer interaction count for your growing company.

Investing in a Contact Center solution that’s perfectly integrated with your other small business software must-haves (like a VoIP system and a CRM), will give you more robust tools to manage customer interactions and grow your business through customer satisfaction and retention.

Cloud-based Contact Center systems are rapidly growing in popularity, and many small companies are investing earlier than ever in these customer-centric feature suites thanks to the affordability offered by the cloud. 

Contact Center software boasts many features that can be customized to your business, but which tools are going to have the most impact (the most quickly) for your small business needs and budget?

Here’s a closer look at our favorite Contact Center features for SMBs. 


Adding a click-to-call button on your website, that integrates with your Contact Center system, can be very beneficial in a small business. People who are interested in your business, and have made their way to your website (most likely from a mobile device) will have the option to call an agent directly from your site, without hunting for contact details. 

This feature will help your SMB look more established and help you connect with more of your interested buyers instantly. This small change to your website (which consist of adding the coding for the widget linking the button to your Contact Center) can help drive sales, up conversions, and help you quickly build up your brand as a small company. 

Call Scripting

Many Contact Center solutions offer customizable call scripting features that you can use to help guide your agents through important customer and client calls. You can create an array of different scripts that apply to scenarios you encounter frequently within your support group, and ensure that your agents are conveying the right branding for your business and delivering excellent care. 

When your business is small, it’s important that you take full advantage of every opportunity to turn a lead or new customer into a long-term consumer of your products or services. Making sure your agents are saying the right things and communicating effectively with every potential customer is critical to securing and keeping customers. 

Call Monitoring and Reporting

Measuring the quality of your customer care is vital to providing the best service as your company grows, and Contact Center solutions offer handy tools you can use to monitor calls and put metrics around the quality of the care your customers are receiving. 

You can use the call recording and real-time monitoring features to listen to how your agents are handling calls, offer coaching tips, and continuously improve the quality of your care. 

Call Recording 

Contact Center systems also provide call recording capabilities that can prove very useful for small companies in a number of capacities. 

  • You can use recordings to listen to service calls and ensure your agents are representing your brand effectively and treating your customers with a friendly, helpful tone.
  • You can also keep recordings of particularly excellent customer interactions to help train new customer service reps that you bring on board as you grow.
  • You can use the recordings to pinpoint customer needs and behaviors and use that information to inform your decisions around customer care, Contact Center feature upgrades, and more. 

Call Routing

Effectively routing calls in your service team will help you take care of your customers by getting to their questions and requests as quickly as possible. Customers are savvy and they expect a smooth process and fast service when they contact a business for support.

Contact Center software offers different call routing configurations you can customize to help make sure your customers are taken care of quickly and professionally, with as little time on hold as possible. You can route calls based on a number of different criteria, including:

  • Topic or Type of Support Needed
  • Agent Skill and Expertise
  • Specific Agent Preference
  • And More...

Remote Access

More and more companies are hiring remote team members, especially in the customer care field. As a small company, this gives you fewer overhead costs than running a physical call center. You also gain access to a wider pool of experienced customer service agents who work remotely. 

Modern Contact Center software in the cloud offers easy, secured remote access (without sacrificing tools and features) so you can build your support team quickly without incurring excess costs. 

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