What is a CX Software?

What is a CX Software?

CX, it is a term used for customer experience. CX software and contact center solutions are becoming more and more popular with companies both large and small who want to focus on creating a unique customer experience, from sales to service and everything in between.

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With the market growing increasingly competitive, the importance of customer experience has increased for businesses now more than ever. It is not just about the qualities of customer service and the features of the product or service you provide as a brand, it is also about how you make your customers feel.

According to a survey by Gartner 89% of companies consider customer service to be the new competitive battlefield.

The moment a potential customer hears about your brand marks the start of his/her customer journey. The way you reach your customers through marketing is the first touchpoint in customer experience. The customer interactions that follow from there to sales and from sales to a good customer service interaction all add up to create customer experiences. UI, UX, and CX all factor into the overall experience customers have with your company.

To set yourself apart from other businesses and to gain a competitive edge over them you need to create an exceptional customer experience. And for that to happen you need to have some kind of system in place for customer experience management and have a solid customer experience strategy in place across your teams. 

The most basic element that you will need to manage customer experience is customer feedback. It is only through customer insights that you can learn which of your strategies are working in your favor and which ones are turning your customers away or could potentially do so.

The real question is how can you receive customer feedback? One example of this aspect of customer experience is to prepare polls, surveys, and interviews for your customers and request them to give feedback directly but there are practical limitations to that kind of feedback.

You cannot develop a poll for the customer experience at each touchpoint along their journey. Luckily, direct feedback is not the only way you can get customer insights.

Things like your website traffic and click through rate of your emails also serve as indicators of customer experience among other things. Lucky for us, we now have tools that can track the customer journey from the very beginning to the end and give us the insights that we need to improve customer experience. A CX Software is one such tool. It sure is an investment but in a world where only a fraction of potential customers really trust advertising, big investments should be made on improving the overall experience instead.

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What is a CX Software?

A digital customer experience software or a CX software is a platform that is used by customer-experience focused enterprises. The enterprise businesses use the AI-powered capabilities of this tool to leverage customer insights for business growth. The software uses relevant digital content to suggest actions that can lead businesses to perform better by creating a better customer experience. By providing real-time data in the form of real-time email alerts, the tool allows the relevant personnel to take action in minutes.

How Does a CX Software Work?

For a CX software to work efficiently, businesses need to make sure that it is getting enough content. The more relevant digital content the CX software has access to, the better it will be able to paint the picture of the customer journey and the more helpful and reliable will be the solutions provided by it. To give a CX Software better access to content it is given access to other enterprise software systems.

These systems range from marketing tools, analytical tools, agile management tools, sales force automation, and content management software to CRM and advanced cloud contact center. An integration of all these systems through a virtual cloud to CX software results in the formation of a powerful enterprise toolkit that can provide valuable insights about customer experience both on an individual level and organization levels.

What is a Customer Experience Platform?

One example of a customer experience platform is Adobe Experience Manager which is a part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. With its advanced capabilities the tool does not only allow you to build successful marketing campaigns but also helps you improve customer experience by features like A/B testing. The good part about Adobe Experience Manager is that it is not just for enterprise clients but can be used by a business of any size.

Given that CX services can deliver a three-year return on investment of up to 253 percent, it is the most valuable investment you can make for your business. However, before you jump right into that decision it is important to understand both the needs of your business and the goals you want to achieve. Only then can you choose the right CX Platform for your business.

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What is the CX Platform?

We know that a CX Platform is a collection of different tools that enable a company to grow its business primarily by focusing on providing a better customer experience. As long as you make the right choice regarding the CX capabilities you need for your company and the goals that you want the CX to help you achieve, you are on the right track for exponential growth in your business.

According to the Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester Consulting, Qualtrics CustomerXM has a 633% ROI. Another great CX Platform provider is Khoros which has been named a leader in the IDC marketplace. 

The amount of difference a good CX platform can make for your business is incredible. The important thing is to make sure that you are investing in the right place. Once you know your business goals and needs the next step is to shortlist a number of options that can help you achieve them.

You can then go through the capabilities of each of those options and compare them to see which of them provides the best value for your money and also which of them is most in line with your goals.