Making Your Contact Center a Strategic Goldmine for the Enterprise

Making Your Contact Center a Strategic Goldmine for the Enterprise

A company’s customer support contact center is its most immediate extension to reaching customers. Anyone with questions or complaints about your products/services is likely to get a hold of you for assistance by calling your customer care contact center. Hence, your company’s contact center must be operating like a well-oiled machine. Operating an effective contact center is easier said than done. However, if executed properly, your company’s contact center can become your company’s biggest asset. 

We will discuss in this article more about how to establish a successful contact center that can assist your company in its journey to success. 

Train agents with a growth mindset

Hire the right people. Create a job description for the person, not the role. Think of the best contact center employees you've ever had. Hiring the right people is the single-most-important factor in making everything else work well.

Do you want your contact center to sell? Do you want them upselling? Don't teach them to sell. Don't give them a script with product information. Instead, teach them to identify problems and propose solutions.

Teach them how to ask questions to understand the customer, what objectives they have with your product or service, and what needs may not be fulfilled currently. Solving problems is the same as selling. But instead of pushing a product the customer may or may not understand, the idea of solving problems implies a customer-centric approach that makes it easy for the customer to buy.

Run effective outbound campaigns. Use tools such as auto dialer and cloud contact center management options to create outbound sales call campaigns via your contact center.

Your agents can reach out to new potential businesses to increase revenue. They can even be incentivized to bring your company referrals with attractive remuneration packages. These incentives can drive call agent performance in your contact center and turn, result in more business growth for your company.

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Customer engagement

Your contact center customer experience strategy can be a great gateway to growing your brand. Different customers prefer to communicate via different methods; some customers like to call in and speak to a live agent at the contact center while some are more comfortable with assisting themselves via automated responses.

You can use contact center features such as Interactive Voice Response to create an automated pathway for the latter contact center caller to assist themselves while assisting the former customer that preferred to speak to a live agent through your contact center call agents.

Your contact center call agents assist customers based on their level of experience and help your customer care contact center callers have a more personalized experience. Creating such a positive relationship is important to growing brand loyalty

Creating reward systems can also help boost customer loyalty. A loyal customer can receive special perks such as being matched with the best customer service contact center agents available to assist them. You can use the help of a CRM system to create a better-personalized experience by having a record of each time the customer has called your contact center and seeing their customer service journey via your CRM.

This can help avoid friction with customers and help them have a pleasant experience with your contact center. Thus, increasing brand loyalty and also increasing the likelihood that they will recommend your services to friends and family. Making customers feel special when using your contact center will go a long way for your business.

The contact center as an innovation and collaboration center

Your business’s contact center can serve as a goldmine for customer data, feedback, and responses. You can integrate your contact center data with a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and Marketing automation software to innovate better customer service strategies.

Your contact center can help you analyze customer trends, understand their frustrations and grievances with your product via your contact center and use this data to create a better customer service experience for your customers.

You can also use omnichannel solutions to integrate business operations with your customer service experience to ultimately create a better product experience. Integrating social media management with your contact center solution can enhance customer reach like never seen before. You can create an instant connection with customers via social media channels and thus, have a better finger on the pulse of changing customer preferences.

You can conduct automated customer service surveys or social media outreach programs to better understand your contact center performance as well. This data is going to be very valuable to winning your customer’s loyalty and growing your company’s business.

Create KPIs for your contact center

With all of the data, you can access using your contact center system, you can plan your company’s projected growth strategically. Creating KPIs for contact center employee performance as well as for contact center management can effectively execute these plans. Ensuring that your contact center staff are working efficiently and productively using metrics such as:

  • People management

Ensuring that your employees are being utilized effectively within the contact center

  • Customer satisfaction

Gauging and understanding your customer satisfaction rating and using this as a motivational tool to improve your contact center’s customer service.

  • Operational efficiency

Use the vast amount of data available to you with contact center analytics reports to gauge your contact center performance. A contact center should run like a well-oiled machine with perfect harmony between staff and management. With increased efficiency from all parties involved in your contact center management, your company can transform your brand strategy.

Now that we have established that a great contact center is a cornerstone of a good business, how do you get started on finding the right contact center software solution for your company? You can consult with our contact center buyer’s guide to learn more about what a company should consider before purchasing contact center software solutions and you can also compare the best contact center vendors available to make the decision of choosing the right contact center solution for your business a little bit easier.






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