International Minutes: How to Save Costs with VoIP

International Minutes: How to Save Costs with VoIP

Living in a global community has necessitated that we always stay in touch. With travel being as easy and frequent as it is, it is not realistic to always be able to stay in contact with contacts that live afar. This is where international minutes are necessary to fill the gap that your business needs. Making calls internationally used to be a costly activity until the advent of the best VoIP phone systems. VoIP phone systems have provided cost-effective solutions for those who communicate internationally regularly.  

What Are International Minutes?

International minutes are essential for phone plans for individuals who need to call other countries. Compared to domestic minutes, international minutes tend to be pricier due to the involvement of routing calls through international gateways.

Obtaining international minutes can be done in a couple of ways. You can add them to your existing phone plan or opt for a separate one specifically designed for international calling. Some cell phone providers offer international calling cards that facilitate calls to other countries.

If you frequently make international calls, it is advisable to consider a phone plan that includes international minutes. This can lead to substantial cost savings over time and provide convenience for your international communication needs.

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Why Are International Minutes Important?

In the context of VoIP, international minutes refer to the number of minutes allotted for making calls to other countries. Since VoIP utilizes the internet to transmit voice signals, international minutes are typically more cost-effective compared to traditional international calls.

VoIP plans with international minutes can allow your business to expand beyond geographical borders. You can operate call centers virtually wherever you are and with subsidized costs for international calls, VoIP serves as a cost-effective communication solution. Businesses that operate in multiple territories can also benefit from a VoIP plan with international calling packages. They can easily have call centers in multiple regions and avoid hefty long-distance call charges as they would’ve used traditional calls. This can greatly reduce the cost associated with customer service and internal communication to streamline interactions. 

VoIP phone systems can also be used on many devices. Users can use their accounts via different devices to stay connected wherever they are. This is especially useful for businesses with personnel on the move that must communicate from remote locations. Employees can continue to collaborate without racking up international call charges by using VoIP phone systems. 

This feature has been a game-changer as businesses moved towards a hybrid workplace environment in recent years and started using remote workers needing more international minutes. A workforce that isn’t local to your location can save businesses overhead costs in maintaining services during transitional periods. Organizations can also diversify their workforce by seeking talent from regions with lower labor costs using VoIP phone systems to stay connected constantly. This can remove barriers to entry for more candidates to be employees for your business beyond the local talent pool. 

What Are the Best Ways to Save Money on International Minutes?

The cost of international minutes varies based on factors such as the country being called, the time of day, and your specific phone plan. Generally, international minutes are expected to be more expensive than domestic minutes due to the additional complexities involved. The best way to save costs when it comes to international calling is to implement a VoIP phone system

Affordable International Calling

VoIP services provide significantly cheaper rates for international minutes compared to traditional phone companies. For instance, a VoIP service may charge a fraction of the cost to call another country. 

No Long-Distance Charges

With VoIP, all calls are treated as local, regardless of distance. As a result, you won't incur any additional long-distance charges. This can result in substantial savings, especially if you frequently communicate with people in other countries. 

No Contracts

Most VoIP services operate without the need for contracts. This means you have the freedom to cancel the service at any time without being tied to a long-term commitment. The flexibility offered by VoIP services gives you peace of mind and allows you to adapt your communication needs as required.

Free Features

Many VoIP services offer complimentary features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and conference calling. Instead of paying additional monthly fees for these features with a traditional phone company, you can take advantage of them at no extra cost with VoIP. This adds up to significant savings over time. 

What Are the Best VoIP Services for Making International Calls?


Ooma, a leading VoIP service provider, offers unlimited calling to the US and Canada and affordable international calling to over 60 countries. With some of the lowest international minutes rates in the industry, Ooma makes it cost-effective to stay connected globally. Additionally, Ooma offers a range of features to enhance your international calling experience, including call forwarding, voicemail, and conference calling. Ooma provides a free trial option to ensure customer satisfaction, allowing you to test their service before committing to a plan. 


RingCentral, another prominent VoIP service, offers an extensive feature set that includes unlimited calling to the US and Canada, free international minutes to select countries, and robust video conferencing capabilities. With competitive international calling rates, RingCentral makes it convenient and cost-efficient to connect with clients, colleagues, and loved ones around the world. Their feature lineup, including call forwarding, voicemail, and conference calling, enhances the international calling experience. Like Ooma, RingCentral also provides a free trial for users to explore their services before making a decision.


Nextiva, a trusted VoIP service provider, offers unlimited calling to the US and Canada and affordable international minutes to over 100 countries. With competitive international rates, Nextiva ensures that you can maintain global connections without straining your budget. Nextiva's feature-rich offering includes call forwarding, voicemail, and conference calling, designed to optimize your international calling experience. As a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction, Nextiva offers a free trial, allowing users to experience their service firsthand before making a commitment. 

With their competitive international rates and free trial offerings, these providers make it easier than ever to enjoy cost-effective and seamless international communication. Compare the best VoIP phone systems providers with the best international minute plans for your business. 

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