Elevating the Human Element of Customer Experience with Video Chat

Elevating the Human Element of Customer Experience with Video Chat

Elevating the Human Element of Customer Experience with Video Chat

Customers are savvy and understand they have many options to choose from when they’re shopping for any of the numerous products and services offered by companies just like yours. This knowledge translates into very high expectations when it comes to customer service and allows your company to stand out with stellar support options and responsive customer care teams.

But, simply offering phone and email support is no longer enough. Modern customers want instant support options that are available to them conveniently, whether they’re on your website or perusing your social channels.

Modern Contact Center software vendors are constantly reframing support tools to accommodate the growing expectations and changing demands of today’s customers. These software solutions contain robust features and tools to give your customers the best experience, through a variety of different communication modes like phone, email, self-service, live chat, and more. 

Video is becoming the dominant medium for business meetings, presentations, and marketing…and its prevalence is also translating into customer support as well. Here are some of the results of introducing the human element of video chats into your customer service.

Provide a More Personalized Service Experience

More and more companies are striving to be completely customer-centric, and the trend of using the video chat feature in contact center suites is gaining more momentum as businesses aim for highly personal and effective customer service communication. The face-to-face environment of video chat is much more personable than the faceless service provided in other communication modes like email, phone, and live chat. 

While many customers do prefer the ease and anonymity of other support mediums, video can work very well for customers who are craving a more human connection when they interact with a company. 

Diffuse Heated Customer Issues and Deeper Connections Through Face-to-Face Interaction

In a video chat, both the customer and the agent can see one another and witness facial expressions and other nonverbal communication cues that are so important to creating understanding and connection between people. This face-to-face element of video service chats humanizes both the agent and the customer. 

When agents and customers see one another as fellow humans, it’s much easier to solve issues and diffuse heated customer complaints or frustrations. 

Increase Understanding with Screen and Content Sharing 

Video chat tools usually also offer screen and content-sharing capabilities so that an agent can pull up receipts or order details for a customer or even walk them through a solution to a question they have navigating the website or making a purchase. An agent can also provide documents such as user guides, articles, and more through video chat, all without breaking the face-to-face nature of the support interaction.

Screen and content sharing can help increase understanding and provide needed documentation or tutorials as part of the customer experience. 

Improve Issue Resolution Timeframes 

Video chats can help increase human connection, improve understanding, and create a better customer experience through faster issue resolution. People communicate more effectively face-to-face and have more empathy for one another than in a faceless service interaction. 

While quick issue resolution means a more efficient and effective contact center for your business that drives profits, it also adds a new level of customer experience. Agents can solve issues and provide support with a quick resolution that leaves customers feeling heard, supported, and seen. 

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