5 VoIP Security Tips to Stop Eavesdropping on Calls

5 VoIP Security Tips to Stop Eavesdropping on Calls

VoIP security concerns are avoidable. One of the most significant advancements in business phone system technology that is being embraced by more and more businesses each year is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. This brings the concerns of VoIP security for companies implementing VoIP phone systems. 

While VoIP phone systems add convenience to the changing landscape of business communications and help significantly reduce costs, they must be adequately secured to protect all your business information that you share in conversations, video conferences, or data sharing. VoIP technology transforms communication data into digital data packets that can be stored. 

One of the hazardous aspects of VoIP security systems is eavesdropping, which is also considered a form of cyber-attack. Eavesdroppers try to access VoIP security systems that they are not authorized to use. Their intentions can range from listening in on and recording your conversations, infecting your system with viruses and malware, or hacking and compromising your system and your business. Cyber threats will always continue to plague doing business over the internet. But there are VoIP security tips to stay ahead of it. 

Here are five VoIP security tips to stop eavesdroppers and protect your system, employees, and business.

Use A Hosted Solution Or Third-Party VoIP Security Solution

Using a hosted VoIP provider can help you increase your VoIP security and add layers of protection to your service without adding extra costs to your business because the provider offers these services as part of your VoIP security plan. 

Hosted solutions are staffed with IT experts who specialize in VoIP maintenance and VoIP security, so they’ll be more updated on all the VoIP security enhancements that should be made and be able to protect your system and defend against any current security trends that develop. Thorough monitoring of your VoIP security system is required to reduce the susceptibility of eavesdropping. 

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Require Complex Passwords

Did you know that some businesses unknowingly use their VoIP security system with the default username and password? And hackers can easily search through documents and access your default account configurations!

One of the simplest things you can do to protect your VoIP security service and your business is to require all your VoIP users to create strong, complex passwords. Many eavesdroppers are not advanced hackers and will target systems with weak or no passwords to listen in or begin using your VoIP service for themselves. You should have VoIP security procedures that help users create strong passwords and frequently requires updates.

Use Encryption and Enhance Your VoIP Security

Encrypting your business data can help by providing another layer of defense against malicious eavesdroppers. VoIP calls passed through the internet unencrypted can be intercepted more easily. Once an eavesdropper or hacker has a gateway into your VoIP security system, they can try to access other programs or procedures on your VoIP network for improved business communication

Encryption is very complex to hack, so it’s a good idea to ensure you have this level of VoIP security to protect all your communications and business. Many VoIP security providers offer call encryption and some as a premium feature. 

Security Enhancements

There are some other great ways that you can enhance your VoIP security and protect your system, all of which are a bit more advanced and create different layers of defense against hacking and security breaches, including:

  • IPsec (Internet Protocol Security)
  • Transport Layer Security
  • SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transfer Protocol)
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPNs can help you create a more sophisticated level of VoIP security system by setting up a private network that users must access with an extra authentication step. You can get key FOBs or apps that generate random, numeric codes every minute. Whenever an employee logs into the VoIP security network, they must have the unique, arbitrary code generated immediately. VPNs are much more difficult for unauthorized users to access and use with this level of VoIP security in place.

Educate Employees And Users On VoIP Security Protocols And Their Importance

Protecting your VoIP network bottom line is vital to safeguard your business, so your employees must understand and adhere to the security protocols that you have in place. They should be trained on all levels of VoIP security they will be required to use and held accountable for upholding your company’s VoIP security policies.

Make sure you have all your guidelines and security protocols written up and included in your company documents, and ask all your employees to stay updated on their role in protecting your VoIP security and your company.

Monitor Your System Regularly, And Act On Any Sudden Or Suspicious Changes

To protect your VoIP security, you must also be diligent in monitoring your system and analyzing call reporting. Suppose you identify anything that seems out of the ordinary, such as a sudden rise in international calls to a region you don’t typically call in your business or an unexplained increase in your monthly service fees. In that case, you should look into it immediately and resolve the issue with fixes or updates to your VoIP security. And with the right VoIP security system and analytics, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of data pertaining to your company when implementing a VoIP phone system. Being mindful of unusual changes can help your company avoid a severe VoIP security breach! 

A VoIP phone system can bring your company many benefits and help improve your internal and external business communications. A vulnerable VoIP security system can jeopardize your valuable relationships with customers, and your brand’s reputation can suffer as a result. Security hacks will always be a daunting threat for businesses that do anything on the internet, but they can be prevented with the proper intervention. It’s essential that you follow these steps and make sure your VoIP security system is protected from eavesdroppers.

You can use our VoIP system comparison guide to compare the security features of the top providers on the market and make sure you’re trusting your company’s information in the right hands.  

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