What Type Of Internet Connection Does VoIP Require?

What Type Of Internet Connection Does VoIP Require?

The best VoIP phone systems can technically work on any Internet connection, but you must ensure enough network bandwidth to cover your call volume. An over-simplified formula to determine bandwidth is to take the standard of bandwidth needed to make one call and time that by the number of users you have online at any given time. Find out what exactly is required in order to have an effective VoIP phone system. 

What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows us to make and receive calls using an internet connection. These analog or cloud-based phone systems also provide video and chat communication tools to improve business collaborations by centralizing communication tools in one easy-to-use, affordable platform. 

Cloud-based VoIP phone systems providers are becoming the most embraced business communication option for companies of all sizes. Landline and traditional on-site PBX systems are being phased out increasingly every year due to VoIP phone systems' vast benefits, such as robust feature sets, cost savings, and impressive productivity hikes. 

Whether you have a small business or an international enterprise, a VoIP phone systems solution provider is available to fulfill your needs and improve your business communications with new VoIP phone systems features and efficiencies.

The features offered by VoIP phone systems service providers are the tools that will help enhance your company’s communications. While your business needs, users, and budget will all work together to help you choose the best VoIP phone systems services for your business.

How Does VoIP Connect To The Internet?

A VoIP phone system will be assigned an IP address like any other device connected to the internet and will use the DNS (domain name system) to communicate with other IP phones and other VoIP-enabled devices.

Most VoIP devices are commonly connected via ethernet.

It is cheaper to deploy a wireless VoIP phone system than a wired one due to the costs of the new devices and their installation costs.

However, an ethernet connection permits data encryption over its data, while Wi-Fi connections are relatively more vulnerable due to their increased susceptibility to being intercepted. It is best to rely on a wired connection or a special router for VoIP to ensure that your calls will not be eavesdropped on and reduce the probability of cyber-attacks.

What Are Internet Speeds Needed For VoIP?

Bandwidth refers to how long it takes for your data to be transmitted through the network. During low-traffic hours, the data can move more freely; during high-traffic times, your data connection may get packed, thus reducing the quality of your VoIP calls.

Internet speed is the rate needed to transfer data from one place to another. You may need to address bandwidth requirements, but internet speeds are what determine the call quality of a VoIP phone system.

Each VoIP-enabled device comes with its bandwidth requirement. VoIP phone system calls need at least 5-25 Mbps download speeds to be effective. Out of that, 10 Mbps will be required to download files, while HD teleconferencing requires a 6 Mbps download speed.

When deciding on an internet connection for your VoIP phone system, it is good to consider how many devices will be used simultaneously and add up the bandwidth requirement for each machine before consulting with your ISP for adequate bandwidth and internet speed for your internet connection.

Do You Need Good Internet For VoIP?

VoIP phone systems will only function reliably and consistently with a reliable internet connection. A shared ISP will mean that there might be lags in service during high-traffic times if you do not have enough bandwidth. Consult with your ISP about an adequate bandwidth allocation to ensure that your VoIP phone system functions without a hitch.

What Types Of Internet Are Supported By VoIP?

VoIP phone systems services can operate given an ethernet connection or Wi-Fi. With new developments in cloud technology, a VoIP phone system can be utilized from anywhere with an internet connection. This has been especially useful for businesses operating remotely during the severe pandemic and continues to be used in the hybrid workplace era.

While relying on personal internet connections may not seem the wisest idea, it would be best if your company could invest in special adapters for each device connected to a VoIP phone systems network.

What’re The Advantages Of Using A VoIP System?

Free Phone Calls To Anywhere

VoIP services can provide free calls to any US number without additional long-distance phone expenses. Most VoIP vendors offer more economical international calling options than traditional phone providers.

Easy Setup of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems can easily be deployed wherever, and your business may be able to use your existing computers, tablets, and smartphones. An adapter can quickly transform a traditional analog phone into a VoIP-enabled device. Any business, even a start-up can implement a VoIP system fast because of the ease of setup. 

Supports All Forms Of Digital Communication

VoIP phone systems solutions now come equipped with a suite of other communication methods such as instant messaging, group file sharing, group chats, video sharing, and conference calls, in addition to making calls.

Increased Mobility With Cloud-Based VoIP Phone System Services

Nowadays, VoIP phone systems don’t necessarily need to be wired phone centers. Cloud-based VoIP phone system services have made it possible for any location of your business to stay connected to the same network. This feature can also open your business to hire remote talent and cope with the hybrid workplace model that most employees prefer.

Investing in the correct type of internet architecture is of paramount importance for the success of your call center. Having a reliable internet connection with enough bandwidth to support the volume of calls received is essential to have an effective VoIP phone system and the right equipment.

If you are interested in considering a VoIP phone system for your business, you can use our phone system buyer’s guide for more assistance. You can also compare the best VoIP vendors on the market to understand how each may be able to fulfill your call center needs. 


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