Cisco vs. Avaya for Small Business

Cisco vs. Avaya for Small Business

Avaya v Cisco for Small Business

If you are a small business looking into VoIP service providers, you must have come across the debate of Avaya v cisco. VoIP services help improve telephonic communications in your business. However, finding the right hosted voice service provider is quite hard. When choosing a Unified Communications (UC) solution for a medium-sized business, the choice often comes down to a few industry leaders. Cisco and Avaya, both recognized leaders in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and UC arenas offer their customers slightly different solutions to the same basic issues. Both of these giants offer complex top-tier communications service and hardware packages, but each has a slightly different focus and comes with its own drawbacks and advantages.

Cisco vs. Avaya for Small Business

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The Players; Avaya v Cisco

Cisco – One of the players in Avaya v Cisco, Cisco has been a major player in the UC and networking world for years, and has earned a name as one of the most reliable and technologically advanced providers of hardware and business solutions. In contrast to Avaya vs cisco, Cisco has been aggressive with its ongoing research and development and in its acquisition of companies that increase their reach in regard to communications. Known primarily for the quality of its network hardware, Cisco is a name often repeated when discussing UC solutions for small and large businesses.

Avaya –  If we talk about Avaya in Avaya v cisco, it is recognized as one of the most used and well-known UC and VoIP providers for small businesses. A major player in the early adoption phase of business VoIP systems, Avaya was among the first small business providers to offer reliable and high-quality business class VoIP solutions. Avaya is now known for its comprehensive UC solutions that include voice, data, video, and integrated messaging functions encompassed in a relatively easy-to-use service.

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 Strong Suits to consider in both Avaya v Cisco:

In the debate of Avaya v Cisco, there are strong suits on part of both service providers. Here are some standing features of each VoIP service provider that you can look into before settling for one.

Cisco – In Avaya v Cisco, Cisco sometimes takes the edge as it is known for its networking expertise, particularly for larger businesses or those with a large or capable IT staff available. Their hardware in particular is regarded as some of the best in the industry, and their UC solutions are comprehensive in nature. Cisco’s UC systems, when comparing Avaya v Cisco, are generally more equipped with proprietary software that makes changes and alterations to your system convenient. 

  • Virtually unlimited number of extension
  • High-definition video conferencing
  • Top-tier handsets Avaya v Cisco
  • Comprehensive call center management software Avaya v Cisco

Avaya – When comparing Avaya vs Cisco, Avaya’s UC solutions are widely regarded as the easiest plug-and-play small business UC solution available. The systems are designed to allow for rapid changes and alterations, and users may use aftermarket (non-Avaya) handsets with their UC solution. Additionally, Avaya solutions are known for needing little supervision or day-to-day maintenance from an IT staff, making them ideal for small businesses or those without a large network infrastructure. Avaya v Cisco is also known as one of the most cost-effective UC providers on the market. The best thing about Avaya, when weighing Avaya v Cisco is that all communications can be managed on one easy-to-access system.

  • Feature-rich service packages
  • Many IP handsets for remote locations Avaya v Cisco
  • Simple conference bridging and other functions Avaya v Cisco
  • Significantly less expensive than competitors Avaya v Cisco

Drawbacks to consider in both Avaya v Cisco:

In Avaya v cisco both service providers have some disadvantages that set them back. Below are some drawbacks of both Avaya as well as cisco, that can help you decide which to choose better.

Cisco – When comparing Avaya vs Cisco, Cisco’s systems are noted as being among the most technically advanced UC solutions available, but they are also known to be more labor intensive from an IT perspective. Many smaller businesses who employ a Cisco solution without having adequate IT resources report that they experience more difficulty maintaining their communications network. Cisco’s UC solutions are also significantly more expensive than many other UC solutions available.

  • Technically more complex
  • Potentially need separate components for separate functions
  • Higher TCO

Avaya – When comparing and contrasting Avaya vs cisco, Avaya’s UC solutions, while easier in daily use, tend to draw criticism because they are slightly less technically sophisticated than Cisco and some of their competitors. An Avaya UC system does have limits on the number of extensions, the user’s ability to make some system adjustments, and occasionally call reliability. While the upsides to an Avaya v Cisco solution are ease of use and cost-effectiveness, the downside comes in the form of slightly lower adaptability.

  • More difficult to adapt system-wide changes Avaya v Cisco
  • Capacity limits Avaya v Cisco
  • Fewer options in networking equipment Avaya v Cisco

Choosing between an Avaya v Cisco UC solution is largely dependent on the needs and capabilities of your small business. Some businesses opt to combine the two and run an Avaya VoIP solution on a Cisco network, allowing for the best of Avaya v Cisco solutions while eliminating the drawbacks of each. 

While considering Avaya v Cisco, you must take into consideration the application usage of your business. If your business requires apps to be used more frequently, Avaya might be the right choice for you as it offers more integration, making the system faster than Cisco.  Ultimately, your business will need to decide on Avaya v Cisco with the most important factors to consider. 

However, the best thing about Avaya v Cisco services is that they provide great customer support, and their software is compatible with various devices. Both companies are widely regarded as among the top UC and networking providers available, and with either choice, your business is assured of a lasting UC solution. 

It is up to you now to decide between Avaya v Cisco. What is that one deciding factor that your business requires to settle the debate of Avaya v Cisco, as both VoIP service providers are equally good? It ultimately comes down to what your business’s requirement is, and which of the two in Avaya v Cisco, is providing you that service.


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