The Best Types of CRM: SMB Vs. Enterprise

The Best Types of CRM: SMB Vs. Enterprise

Different types of the best CRM software help automate various functions of the business. These different types of CRM helps in marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT. Other kinds of CRM allow you to store, track and analyze the real-time data of customers throughout the customer lifecycle. Different types of CRM software are available for any function you require, and it’s all up to you to find the best fit.

Three Main Types of CRM

There are three main types of CRM for business: Collaborative, Operational, and Analytical.

Collaborative CRM Systems

These types of CRM are used to collaborate between the different departments under the same umbrella. These types of CRM help sales, marketing, and customer support interlink and share real-time data throughout the customer’s lifecycle. These types of CRM help in a smoother customer experience. These types of CRM integrate all these departments, you get to avoid all the dreadfulness of repeating yourself every time.

Operational CRM Systems

These types of CRM are used for efficiency and tools for better visualization and handling customers throughout their life cycle. Companies use CRM systems because they provide automation for all different departments like marketing and sales pipeline. These types of CRM offload workload from employees, opening other doors to creative and personal aspects of their jobs. These types of CRM help provide a human touch to the customer sales experience. 

Analytical CRM Systems

These types of CRM help in analyzing customer data in real-time. These types of CRM make it easier to collect data from the user. These types of CRM help you with different features which make it easier for the data analysis to check customers’ behavior. These types of CRM help in identifying customer problems. All in all, these types of CRM help streamline the customer experience.

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Best Types of CRM: Small Business

Customer support is necessary for any size of business. There are different types of CRM for small business, enterprise, and every size of business, but the essential things to consider are as follows:

CRM Tools Integration

These types of CRM help you integrate all your different tools into a single platform or application. This saves you time, and workflow automation occurs.

CRM Customization

Different types of CRM should be customizable according to your needs, and the different types of CRM should let you manage and control all of your lead generation and other workflows in how it makes sense for your business.

Ease of Use

A good CRM platform can be identified from different types of CRM by their learning curve. If it’s shallow, it’s suitable for small businesses because no one wants to learn complex software in their free days.


Different types of CRM exist, but good CRM software for small businesses should be adaptable and updated easily according to your business needs.

The top 5 types of CRM software for small businesses are as follows:

Best Types of CRM: Enterprise

These types of CRM software are customizable and have these core features:

  • Analytical dashboards
  • Organized customer data
  • Sales forecasting
  • Analytics-driven sales
  • Opportunity management
  • Centralized communication channels
  • Streamlined tasks

With all these customizable features, Enterprise CRM software prices are higher than what you pay for standard CRM, but they streamline your work management.

The top 5 enterprise CRM software are as follows:

Choosing the Best Types of CRM for Your Company

Among different types of CRM, selecting the one suitable for your company is based on various factors.

Identify Your Goals

There are different types and definitions of CRM for solving different kinds of problems. To successfully implement CRM software, you need to identify what you need to solve—tracking various factors simultaneously and re-ordering these goals mentioned below in order of your requirements.

  • Track Lead Activity
  • Track Customer Base
  • Track Closing Rates
  • Connectivity Between Teams
  • Manage Relationships
  • Customized Reporting
  • Organize Business Operations
  • Increase Profitability
  • Increase Productivity

Plan for Implementation

Using any CRM software does deduct the costs of hardware implementation. You still need to spend some costs to educate your staff or employees to understand the software. You need to schedule a time of integration and testing to fix any upcoming errors or bugs.

Ensure Mobility

A successful sales team needs to have mobile CRM tools and software available on different devices simultaneously. Hence it would be best if you are looking for a tool in CRM software that gives you this mobility in today’s modern world.

Plan Process Layouts

Your CRM software should be flexible enough to understand and adapt to your process and grow with the business without being replaced.

Check System Compatibility

Your CRM software should be compatible and easily connected to different applications to simplify operations and streamline your data.

Attend Product Demos

A good CRM software will only be determined if tested from the get-go. You should ask for an early product demo and save yourself time in the long run. You can easily use the software’s pros and cons and see if it suits your needs.

Understand Reporting Capabilities

To surpass your competition, the software’s reporting capabilities will play a vital role. It will be compelling in determining the right products, their prices, and delivery requirements according to the best fit for your business.

Comparing the best CRM software features, pricing, and competitors can help ensure you choose the best CRM for your business needs. CRM reviews are also helpful for understanding what businesses like yours find more valuable in CRM systems and can help you plan for integrations.

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