SIP Trunking: Is It a “One Size Fits All” Solution?

SIP Trunking: Is It a “One Size Fits All” Solution?

As you prepare to install SIP trunking with the best phone systems into your business, you may have associates at other phone systems companies offering you advice as you go. They’ll tell you what they have and why you should also get it. Some may even go as far as to tell you to order the exact same package and features. Is that realistic, in any case? 

What Does SIP Trunking Do?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is how phone systems are able to make and receive calls digitally over an internet connection. Hence, SIP trunking refers to the virtual phone lines that can be used to communicate. 

SIP trunking can also be used for placing multimedia calls and communication, such as video conferencing and texting, along with VoIP services. 

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Benefits of SIP Trunking 

Businesses that require multiple phone lines can benefit from implementing SIP trunking in the office. The following are the most attractive benefits of SIP trunking:

Cost Savings

Depending on multiple traditional phone lines for communication can be a costly affair. SIP trunking is charged on the basis of per-channel communication, that is dependent on the maximum number of calls you would have to handle at a given time. SIP trunking implementation invoice a setup fee, montly rental for the broadband usages, number of channels required, and the actual call charges which can still be significantly cheaper when upgrading from traditional phone systems with SIP trunking


SIP trunking is a scalable business communications solution that can easily be scaled up by upgrading your broadband connection. The broadband requirement of SIP trunking is based on the maximum number of calls that will be handled and the type of calls that will be handled. A special router to handle SIP trunking calls would be ideal for keeping up uninterrupted communication.


With 5G technology becoming mainstream, SIP trunking has become a reliable method of communication over recent years. SIP trunking will also try your secondary number to connect calls if the primary number is busy or unresponsive. 

Call Security

With dedicated connections for SIP trunking calls, it would be easy to detect unusual behavior to ensure the safety of your phone system. SIP trunking providers also provide special security protocols to secure your communication

Central Management

SIP trunking is received and routed from a central location. Integrating all digital communication into one platform has proved efficient and cost-effective. 


SIP trunking systems that are cloud-based provide analytics and data insights to your call center performance. With accurate usage and availability measurements of call center agents, you can take the right steps to improve your call center performance with SIP trunking. 

SIP Trunking Options

You have several options when it comes to the SIP trunking packages. Each has its pros and cons; you’ll need to look at these and decide which SIP trunking package gives you the best value.

Is SIP trunking a “one size fits all” technology, or should it be explicitly tailored to your business?

Bundled SIP Trunking

A popular choice among providers is bundled SIP trunks. These are closely tied to the data services that the provider offers. You’ll have to use the provider’s data infrastructure to carry the SIP trunking. The provider will arrange for the last mile circuit, provide all necessary equipment, and provide the services on one manageable bill. The vendor will back the package by saying that they won’t be able to guarantee the voice quality unless they control all of the pieces. 

You, as the customer, benefit from this type of SIP trunking because you have only one company to contact if anything goes wrong. Be aware of the downsides of this type of SIP trunking package. If you have an existing contract with another broadband provider, you may have to pay to break that contract. There could also be connectivity disruption as voice and data services are transferred to a new provider. 

Factor in the costs versus the potential risks and weigh these to determine if a bundled SIP trunking is the right choice for you.


The second choice is Bring Your Own Broadband (or BYOBB). This is not a bundled package. You use your current broadband configuration, and the SIP trunking will ride on that. If you have sufficient broadband and SIP trunking that can sit on your existing Internet services, this could be your better choice. You can move to SIP trunking without disruption to existing data services. 

You also have a bit more negotiating power with this choice, as you’ll have a wide selection of SIP trunking services to choose from. You’ll also be able to use the equipment of your choice. 

On the downside, will the provider be able to guarantee their service level agreements with the broadband circuits you currently have? Will your broadband connection be able to handle your traffic as your provider adds more customers? Ensure your provider supports built-in monitoring capabilities to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Which SIP Trunking Package Should You Choose?

Some providers will only offer you one type of package or the other. Some will offer a blend of both. Most likely steer you towards the bundled service as these are easier for the vendor to sell, install, and service. These questions will help you choose your package:

  • Are you under contract with a voice or data provider? Determine the costs of breaking those contracts and decide if it is worth it.
  • Do you care how much control you have over the equipment and services? If not, a bundled service makes sense for you. If you want more control, go with the BYOBB.
  • Do you like having one vendor to contact if something goes wrong? If so, a bundle is what would work best for you. If you’re comfortable working with multiple service providers, select the BYOBB.
  • Do you have enough bandwidth that can it handle VoIP calls? If not, the bundled package will provide you with what you need.
  • Are you comfortable with possible disruptions in service during installation? Go with the BYOBB and your current broadband provider if you’re not.

Compare the best phone systems to determine which vendor is going to provide you with the smoothest transition. 

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