How to Use Virtual Team Events to Build Employee Engagement

How to Use Virtual Team Events to Build Employee Engagement

What are Virtual Team Events?

A virtual team is a group of people work together, and virtual team events using the best video conferencing software encompass all kinds of events and activities to engage employees to build harmony. These virtual team events encourage teamwork and boost morale. Virtual team events are mostly held on platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

Virtual team events can range from icebreaker questions to fitness workouts. Virtual team events boost employees' creativity, innovation, and participation if managed effectively. Virtual team events bring people closer to working together despite geographical and cultural restraints. Sometimes national diversity may also lead to poor communication, but virtual team events can help cross this bridge and make things smoother.

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Why are Virtual Team Events Important?

The different types of virtual events and team events have many benefits, but to jot down some of the important ones, they are the following.

Improved Relationships with Remote Workers

Working remotely might feel like you’ll be left out and not appreciated, but virtual team events help you connect with these dispersed workers to maintain a successful team dynamics.

Enhanced Collaboration Skills

Virtual team vents help in building collaboration and leadership among employees. For any recruit or employee to understand, everything will be complex. Still, virtual team events are a fun way to show them how everyone works together and brings knowledge to your group.

Boosted Morale

Virtual team events are not only fun activities. Instead, they take the stress off the employees and boost their morale. Virtual team events help build trust between people and increase a positive workplace atmosphere. 

Improved Accessibility

Virtual team events have the great benefit of accessibility. All you need is a good internet connection and a specific time to engage with your peers and have a good time.

How to Use Virtual Team Events to Build Employee Engagement

Virtual team events play a vital role in employee engagement when you follow virtual event best practices. You can make a difference in your employee's life bu hosting beneficial virtual team events.

Health and Wellness Programs

You are using virtual team events to prioritize your worker's health because if they get sick, they won't be able to work correctly. Many virtual team events can be arranged, from a seminar on cooking a decent meal or fixing=g your sleep schedule. This might not make a direct impact, but these virtual team events will make your employees feel valued and that you care about them and bring them closer.

Casual Hangouts

Virtual team events should be kept for something other than business only, such as meetings or work assigned. There should be days when you create a virtual team event and give your employees the to engage and just bond with each other. Let these virtual team events be a source of fun conversations where employees don't have to dread everything they say and don't have to be so tense all the time.

Employee Appreciation

Use these virtual team events to make your employees feel heard and valued. Do not let miscommunication happen, as it is the primary source of dispute among remote workers. You should always be available for one-to-one meetings. Use these virtual team events as a source to celebrate your employees as often as you can.

Personal Connections

Use virtual team events to recognize your employees' strengths, weaknesses, and happiness. These virtual team events should be a source for your employee to know you care about them not only as a worker but also a s a human beings. Communicating with them about their experiences or struggles will foster a good working environment.

Communication Channels

Sometimes your employee might feel they need help to talk to someone. While no one can always be available 24/7, virtual team events are a source of comfort for them, knowing they can reach out to their colleagues and stay in touch with these online meet-ups. In the long run, much of what keeps steam together are these banter or deep conversations.


To encompass team loyalty and engagement well, virtual team events can add the game tactic to a typical stressful working environment. This can also hello you standardize performance evaluation. This would lead to ensuring the employees that they are taking advantage of all ample opportunities how.

How to Choose the Best Virtual Event Platform

The best virtual event platforms for enterprise cater toward:

  • Industry Conferences and Presentations
  • Webinars
  • Professional Onboarding and Training
  • Customer Training
  • Recruitment Fairs
  • Product Demos
  • Workshops
  • Online Courses
  • Hybrid Learning
  • Q&As
  • Team Meetings 

There are many areas to consider before choosing a virtual event platform, but the three key areas should always be as follows:


Your platform should be used for any case. It should have different customizable plug-ins so you have a smooth and more sociable event. 


An excellent virtual platform should have in-room engagement features to create core memories to help people communicate and contribute.

User- Friendliness

An excellent virtual platform should be a web-based platform as well. It should be convenient for the users to join through a link. It should be all-in-one for small-scale meetings to fully-blown seminars.

Free Plans

An excellent virtual platform should have a good free plan and unique perks. They have subscriptions to engage users and give them the best offer in a free program.

So keeping in mind all the versatility of a virtual team event, the top picks are:

Use virtual team platforms as a tool, not an obstacle. They provide more enrichment and extra comfort and experience all on their own. A virtual working platform is far more economically suited if managed to perfection.

Comparing the best video conferencing software can help ensure you pick the best virtual event tools for your company. This is now in, and after the pandemic working space and strategies are drastically changing. Upgrading your office space to a virtual collaborative fun space may skyrocket your progress and increase employees' innovation and creativity.

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